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  1. Huh. Cool. But is it REALLY the truth if we cross our fingers? Ever think of that one, puppet master-sama? I just went big brain on this whole establishment.
  2. Trooperk

    v13 and MKXP

    Even if it works or doesn't work for me, this seems like it's a necessary shift. There's no way I'd ever blame you for trying to make the game run smoother and better Cass! Hoping things can get working for everyone so that they can enjoy the new version, and I appreciate you taking the time to write this message and recommendations.
  3. I've gotten more packages from this delivery person than my parents. I feel a special connection to Delivery Guy. Up there next to Truck Guy
  4. I will nominate @Adam. and @Kingoflife24 for Ember King. Adam is best streamer, beta tester, and person. Also loves Rowlet, and who can't like a person who likes Rowlet? King has been an amazing friend to interact with. In every interaction I've ever seen King in, he's been kind and supportive. Very fitting of a king, indeed. For Midsummer Queen, I'll nominate @Cad for telling people to evolve over 9800 times. That kind of commitment to people's evolution is truly a show of love and care for the community. I will nominate @Alex for Sunlit Sovereign. They seem a pretty caring person who works hard, and I can't ask for better qualities in the human race. LIke many have said before, everyone I've met and interacted with in the community have been awesome. Can't be stated enough that everyone is a king, queen, and ray of sunlight in their own way . Love you all!
  5. Waves of strength and determination are being emanated in your direction Rejuv dev team (and noble testers). I'm rooting for you all!
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Trooperk


      Ah, I totally missed this! Thank you very much friend! I appreciate it.

    2. LykosHand


      Don't worry! You're welcome 🙂

  7. You're a good guy, Jan. And Zumi is amazing and Alex is awesome and the whole entire Rejuvenation squad is spectacular! This post isn't about the game or pokemon in general. It's just to say that you're all appreciated and hope you all have an amazing New Year! Much love.
  8. Honestly I feel like this is a better course of action then just slamming us with all of the content! This works out to be more of an opportunity over anything. We get the main content and it keeps us invested until version 13.5. That way, the sole purpose of the 13.5 update is for us to 100% appreciate the work you've all done on the 7 major character quests and other side quests. Either way, would still support the rejuv team throughout the entirety of the process. I'm sorry to hear of the stress levels have been high for y'all. Make sure you all take some deep breaths and smile! Rooting for you all!
  9. I think that's a pretty unique idea to be honest! I like it.
  10. What if you made an Archeops crest that does the COMPLETE opposite of what its ability does? Archeops crest - when below 50% hp, its stats are increased by 1.5%. The same could go for Wishiwashi ^^^. Make the SOLO washi sweep more than just a dream. Make it a meme.
  11. Y'all already know that my boy Charbock (AKA. Big Snek AKA. Big Chungis AKA. The Purple Menace AKA. Arbok) needs that buff. Hear me out here: Arbok Crest - Double whatever stat change it does to an enemy (for example, intimidate is a -2). It also gets a 20% increased chance for additional effects on moves (like crunch lowering defense, poison sting poisoning, etc.) That's RIGHT! I'm making my boy Arbok a support mon! He will be in my party forever!!! AHAHA!
  12. Hearing you enjoy yourself on Zumi's stream was more awesome to see than the dev update tbh. You two are a superhero team of entertainers! You keep truckin at your own pace, mate. We'll continue to do our job as fans and introduce your masterpiece to the whole world. I'll also be starting graduate school this coming Monday, so let's suffer through school together! Woohoo! Go team! Yay..... For a complete summation of this entire message: Much love Jan. Don't have much more to say than that. Much love.
  13. Aelita woo! Too bad my boy Huey couldn't grab a W. You'll get your time, buddy.
  14. Yay I was super curious about this! Really cool how much detail is required to turn these pieces into something so artistic. I appreciate your post! Mad props to Ekat.
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