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  1. This is basically an excuse to show my appreciation of all of my friends. So hell freaking yeah! Ember King: @Glowing Distortion (I love you), @Adam.(For being the coolest Streamer around), @Seal (For being the hottest, most perfect painter, most sexiest sir, most moviest man I know), @Mike (For being a good mod, friend, and this gives me an excuse to come visit him when I eventually move), @smeargletail (For showing me that goshdarn CAAAARRRRRLLLLLLL video series, had me dying), @MatthewRatford (For being Matty. Ain't nothin more need be said), @HydroJudas (For being the future hero of the entire server), @lucadea ( For being the nicest man on the planet of Earth), @Joker (For being the toughest mother fucker on the planet. Bud Lite Brother!!!) @Storm (For being my oil tycoon companion), @MintMan(For having the (tied for 1st with Azzie!!) coolest Pokémon story around!) and last, but certainly not least, @Kingoflife24(For being the one who first welcomed me, and will continue to be a homie for life) Midsummer Queen: I will happily nominate @Caimie (For being the snapchat homie, the league of legends companion, and the coolest cat around), @FelicityWivani(Because she is the most queenly of all the people in the world... I think she would maim me if I didn't nominate), @Cad (For being able to benchpress a car and encourages me to accept my magical girl nature), @Starry Knight (For ACTUALLY introducing me to some amines I enjoyed), @zervixen (For being patient, caring, and an ever-watchful eye over the server. Seriously, you're like the best mod ever), @pkchu (for being a cutie patootie and one of my first snap friends), and @hanakibi (For being a badass, job-having, school-crushing academic MACHINE. Love ya sis) Sunlit Sovereign: @BidoofSama (I didn't enjoy typing your profile name in. But you are the only one powerful enough to win this award. You will be the only one that I nominate here, and it will remain as such for the rest of all eternity)... Also @lukatales (YOU ALSO DESERVE IT, you handsome devil! Get in that nomination category!!!) OMG AND @Dreamy (You are the unsung hero, the light in the darkness, the staff of staff, and THE FINAL well-deserved nomination on this list!)
  2. Yo what??? It's Rob's birthday already? 


    Can't actually believe this day came really fast! Happy birthday Rob, i really hope you'll have a wonderful day as you deserve it 🤗🎂

    1. Trooperk


      I appreciate you, Lykos. And thank you for the well wishes!

    2. LykosHand


      I appreciate you as well Rob!! And you're welcome 😄

  3. 1. Member of the Year - This is by far the hardest one for me, because it seems to be the most impactful... I wish I could give it to every single one of my friends here... But alas, I must reserve myself to a select few. I nominate @Glowing Distortion, @Adam., @MatthewRatford, @chxxo, and Dazed (Don't know your forum name Dazed, sorry :(.) Thanks for being the one's to welcome me into the server when I started being more active, and for allowing me to make such cherished friends. 2. Rookie of the Year - It's hard to know who the rookies are. But nonetheless, you all are the members of the year 2.0 in my opinion! Thank you for being so awesome and amazing! I nominate @KyceofIgnisXD, @TheGreninja6227, @LightningDudeYT, and @TheEndgame for being the coolest cats around the rookie corner. 3. Comeback of the Year I nominate @Mike despite this not being a comeback, he's back in the sense that he's a mod again. 4. Carmen Sandiego I nominate @Fractured Angel I miss the emote game being on point for Gard! 5. Sugarpop Sunbeam This without a DOUBT goes to the most positive bros around, @Kingoflife24 and @BlueTowel. Thanks for being such a sparkling aura of positivity this year man. Appreciate ya. 6. K-K-K-Kawaii I n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nominate @Glowing Distortion. You may not think it, but you're a damn handsome man Glow. Thanks for being such a good friend this year, man. 7. Auspicious Auth I nominate @cicada, @Brave, and @Mike for being the most amazingly amazing mods to date. 8. Smelliest Auth I refuse to vote for this. No one on the mod team, who are the champions of keeping the server safe and wholesome, can be called smelly. They are all nothing less than wonderful. But also I nominate @MatthewRatford and @Cerise DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB [NEW!] 9. Most Esteemed Modder (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) I nominate @BlueTowel for not only modding, but STREAMING said modding process for our entertainment. What a homie. 10. Memer of the Year I nominate @G O O S E for being an epic Memer and calling people, and I quote here, "criiiinngggeee" 11. Dorkiest Dork I nominate @hanakibi for being a dork, but in the sense that Albert Einstein's friends probably called him a dork for being so damn smart and awesome. Keep that college grind up, Julia! [NEW!] 12. All Eyes On Me Based on the description of the award, I 100% nominate @Bearadactyl. Whenever she spoke, especially on more serious topics, she held strong in her beliefs, her values, and was an amazing discussion partner. Her presence was strong, and I always was compelled by that sort of emotive power. Also has a KICKASS Youtube channel! 13. Profile Picture Perfection I can't nominate myself.... Hmmm.... I nominate @Cerise cause they MADE my pfp, and their work is up there as some of the best. I also nominate @Lord O Linguine for having a cute kitty. 14. Craziest Conspirator This one is a toughy... I will nominate @Joker for believe that I have some secret grudge against him in Mario Party. Delusions, Delusions..... heh..... Unless? 15. Emoji Excellence As promised, I nominate @HydroJudas for FloRatJam 16. Archbishop of Banterbury I nominate @Caimie for being able to go toe-to-toe with the best of them and still come out as the queen of the conversation. [NEW!] 17. First Class Coach (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) I nominate @LightningDudeYT and @Pikaclone God for showing me how to beat up NPCs real good in video format. [NEW!] 18. Helping Hand I nominate @zervixen for being super helpful and amazing throughout the entirety that I've been here. You da bomb Vix! 19. Pointedest Poindexter It's gotta be @IndianAnimator and @XYZenith for being there to correct me when I make mistakes. Thanks for forcing me to look over my shoulder for the rest of all eternity!!! 20. Hippest Himbo I nominate @BlessedBudew for being the Hippest man I know. The Himbo part I'll just throw out :) [NEW!] 21. Beaming Boomer @Brave For probably aging and extra 25 years from having to teach kids. Stay strong buddy <3. 22. Coolest Clown in Town The only person that needs nominating here is @Jan for being the coolest cat around... Oh it says clown... Well... You know, the name will stay anyhow. 23. Most in Need of a Hug @ArcaneArceus Just seems like such a huggable friend. I send hugs to you Arc! 24. Supportive Cinnamon Roll I was waiting to do this one. By far this goes to @lucadea, @Amethyst, and @ARandomName These three have been the backbone of Reborn' s supportive squad this year. They've been there as friends, as mentors, and as an overall positive force in the community. You all are the bomb. [NEW!] 25. Celebrity Pet Superstar I nominate @Adam. for his kitty. [NEW!] 26. Crowning Chaos Gremlin I nominate @CrystalStar I don't care how tall you actually are Star, you deserve the crown of chaos! 27. Loveliest Lurker (used to be Wonderfullest Wallflower) I believe this goes to two very special men that I wish I could talk to more <3, @LykosHand and @Hat'n'Clogs. I'm going to make it a New Year's Resolution to talk to you two more! [NEW!] 28. Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss @the_phantom_eyes no brainer for this. Keeping being an absolute boss, Phan! [NEW!] 29. Manipulate Mansplain Malewife I nominate @Jan Cause he said this is the dream, and also @ARandomName cause he seems like he would be a good husbando. [NEW!] 30. Enchanting Challenge Run I nominate @Etoo for being the dopest of challenge runners. 31. Most Likely to Become Auth I gotta give it to a guy I think is one of the most mature and well-mannered individuals I've had the pleasure of interacting with, @Wilder. If anyone deserves the responsibility to enact justice, it should be you. 32. Most Likely to Take Over The World Is this even a debate? OF COURSE IT'S ME- *Shot in leg* OKAY! OKAY IT'S @Zumi I'M SORRY! No cap, she holds the iron will, fortitude, and progressive attitude to not only take over the world, but make it a better place. I will vote for Zumi! If there is a vote! I guess if you take over the world, there probably isn't much of a vote? 33. Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult @Iamteehee. Gaming. That is all. That is the name of the cult. 34. Most Likely to win the Reborn Hunger Games No brainer here, @MintMan. The primal nature of the most notorious outlaw in the wild west. Not to mention a future author in the making, so he has the brains, brawn, and dexterity to CRUSH the competition! The only one that could be close to matching him would be @Dragoknight. The power hidden within this man is not to be trifled with... Nor underestimated. A clash of titans indeed. Kyle vs. Drago... WHO! WILL! WIN!? 35. Most Likely to win Third Place @FlygonFreak is nominated for third place. But if you look at the letter that make up Third, H, I, and T, MEANING I'm actually saying you're a smash HIT... Alright maybe that's a bit of a stretch. 36. Most Likely to Never Give You Up @Khrona because despite the odds, I would never give up a stud like you for anything. You the man, Khrona! 37. Most Likely to be Impostor Really? @XYZenith and @justinn721 of course! They both said they were in electrical, and there's a vent there! 38. Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member I nominate @hanakibi def next on the list of people who will be adopted by like Ceri or something. 39. I-It’s Not Like I Wanted To Win Or Anything I nominate @Glowing Distortion because he doesn't like it when I compliment him :(. I just want love, Glow. I want love Q___Q 40. Cna’t Spel Awrad People have the edit button in discord. So how can you spell something wrong? I nominate no one for this award, and we'll be moving on >:( 41. Award Award Award Award Award I nominate the final and juiciest award to @Awesome Takos for being named Tako Bell at some point in this lifetime. Thank you all for coming. Even if you weren't nominated, know I love and respect you all! Thank you for being such a positive force in my life, and I hope that we can all continue to be friends for years to come. Trooperk is OUTTA HERE!!!
  4. For those who want a condensed version of all the awards to view, here you go! Make sure when you nominate that you check the original post for who can't be re-elected for that award! Happy Holidays, and I'm excited to see you all at the party next week! Much love: (i've hijacked this post to update the noms so that it's easier for you guys to reference them) -scythe 1. Member of the Year Nominees: @A¹¹ @Trooperk @Storm @Caimie @crimsoncrim @Beaufils @RoySolare @ARandomName @Kingoflife24 @Jan @Fractured Angel @XYZenith @Glowing Distortion @Adam. @MatthewRatford @chxxo @BidoofSama @Vinnie @lucadea @Brave @Bearadactyl @cicada 2. Rookie of the Year Nominees: @hanakibi @Dumb @LightningDudeYT @TheGreninja6227 @lucadea @KyceofIgnisXD @TheEndgame @the_phantom_eyes 3. Comeback of the Year Nominees: @Neo @Nyah @Mike 4. Carmen Sandiego Nominees: @Hat'n'Clogs @lilyawaka @Reignited'Light @MegaLiontamer @Ojama Yellow @Vinnie @Fractured Angel @ZEL @Felix~ @Cad @Ice @Ironbound 5. Sugarpop Sunbeam Nominees: @Trooperk @lucadea @Candy @LykosHand @Dragoknight @Starry Knight @Ice Cream Sand Witch @Kingoflife24 @Wilder @BlueTowel @Caimie @Seal @ARandomName 6. K-K-K-Kawaii Nominees: @Dragoknight @yume @hanakibi @Cerise @Kingoflife24 @MatthewRatford @cicada @Glowing Distortion @Caimie @Ruby Red @Seal @CrystalStar @crimsoncrim @Dreamy 7. Auspicious Auth Nominees: @Azzie @Trooperk @Hellscythe @crimsoncrim @MatthewRatford @Brave @cicada @Mike @andracass @Cerise @Ikaru @Marcello 8. Smelliest Auth Nominees: @cicada @Mike @MatthewRatford @Ikaru Hopefully none of them @Marcello @Trooperk @Amethyst @Cerise @Hellscythe [NEW!] 9. Most Esteemed Modder (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) Nominees: @Moto @BlueTowel @Pyrolusite @Aironfaar @TrekkieGamer359 10. Memer of the Year Nominees: @Cerise @Adam. @Scrublord 5000 @XYZenith @G O O S E @Storm @Cervys @crimsoncrim @MatthewRatford 11. Dorkiest Dork Nominees: @Glowing Distortion @Caimie @Mercury80 @Mindlack @Kingoflife24 @cicada @MatthewRatford @the_phantom_eyes @G O O S E @hanakibi @Glint @Amine @ARandomName @Marcello @Felix~ @Hat'n'Clogs @CrystalStar [NEW!] 12. All Eyes On Me Nominees: @Caimie @Brave @Starry Knight @andracass @Bearadactyl @Huggyboo @cicada 13. Profile Picture Perfection Nominees: @crimsoncrim @Cerise @Zumi @ARandomName @Starry Knight @Cad @Amethyst @Clutterfunky @Lord O Linguine @BlessedBudew @Nyah @Cad 14. Craziest Conspirator Nominees: @BlueTowel @Shinyrio @TheRK9 @chuckles @Scrublord 5000 @Joker @RoySolare @Brave @Caimie 15. Emoji Excellence Nominees: @Ruby Red @chxxo @justinn721 @G O O S E @Azeria @Evi Crystal @Clutterfunky @crimsoncrim @Cerise @HydroJudas @XYZenith @yume 16. Archbishop of Banterbury Nominees: @Joker @Glowing Distortion @Ali_Chan @Kingoflife24 @HydroJudas @Bearadactyl @Rottems @Barcey @ARandomName @cicada @Caimie @Glint @Posty @MatthewRatford [NEW!] 17. First Class Coach (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) Nominees: @Ice Cream Sand Witch @Lostelle @Vinnie @MisterEcksYT @BIGJRA @LightningDudeYT @Pikaclone God [NEW!] 18. Helping Hand Nominees: @Posty @Starry Knight @Azeria @andracass @Candy @MatthewRatford @Beaufils @Storm @Hellscythe @Bearadactyl @cicada @CosmanCosmin @zervixen @Starry Knight @Amethyst @Toothpastefairy 19. Pointedest Poindexter Nominees: @MintMan @Bearadactyl @Mercury80 @Brave @Kingoflife24 @ARandomName @CrystalStar @hanakibi @indiananimatoralt @XYZenith @crimsoncrim @Seal @BidoofSama @Hellscythe @Hat'n'Clogs 20. Hippest Himbo Nominees: @Huggyboo @MelonLord @ARandomName @MatthewRatford @Joker @BlessedBudew @Mike @Caz @Brave [NEW!] 21. Beaming Boomer Nominees: @Q-Jei @Trooperk @BlueTowel @Mike @DemICE @Brave @Huggyboo @Amethyst @Nyah 22. Coolest Clown in Town Nominees: @Awesome Takos @G O O S E @Khrona @thisgameishard @Cerise @XYZenith @MintMan @Jan @LykosHand @Zumi @crimsoncrim @Marcello @Hat'n'Clogs 23. Most in Need of a Hug Nominees: @Azzie @Brave @andracass @Seal @BlueTowel @Bearadactyl @hanakibi @ArcaneArceus @Caimie @LykosHand @yume @Ruby Red @Kingoflife24 @crimsoncrim @Khrona Everyone who has exams 24. Supportive Cinnamon Roll Nominees: @crimsoncrim @Kingoflife24 @Trooperk @Amethyst @hanakibi @lucadea @andracass @ARandomName @BlueTowel @familiarfawn @lukatales [NEW!] 25. Celebrity Pet Superstar Nominees: @the_phantom_eyes, Nyx, Merlin and Ollie @Starry Knight, Perseus and Prince @Posty and Jess @BlueTowel, Tiger and April @browricer and Liza @Hat'n'Clogs, fat cat (Snowball) and tiny cat (Monet) @Amethyst and Kyra @Adam. and his kitty @Azzie and Bella @Huggyboo and Izzy @Nyah and Boone @cicada and Lady @Brave and Tiger Lily @crimsoncrim and Raja @zervixen and Jade [NEW!] 26. Crowning Chaos Gremlin Nominees: @Walpurgis @ARandomName @Cerise @Caz @Cad @Brave @cicada @Caimie @CrystalStar @Zumi @Seal @Khrona @Jan 27. Loveliest Lurker (used to be Wonderfullest Wallflower) Nominees: @Hat'n'Clogs @Evi Crystal @ZEL @LykosHand @Ice Cream Sand Witch @BlessedBudew @TheGreninja6227 @lucadea @Kingoflife24 @Shadow Angel @Hellscythe @familiarfawn @Morogreeneye [NEW!] 28. Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss Nominees: @Ruby Red @justinn721 @cicada @Clutterfunky @andracass @crimsoncrim @chxxo @the_phantom_eyes @ARandomName @Dragoknight @Evi Crystal @Zumi [NEW!] 29. Manipulate Mansplain Malewife Nominees: @Posty @justinn721 @MatthewRatford @Trooperk @chxxo @Jan @ARandomName @Mike @Caz [NEW!] 30. Enchanting Challenge Run Nominees: @J-Awesome_One @MatthewRatford @Beaufils @DerogatoryTrainer @G O O S E @Etoo 31. Most Likely to Become Auth Nominees: @Quinn @thisgameishard @TheRK9 @Dragoknight @ARandomName @Storm @Ikaru @Lenny_Is_MidKnight @Wilder 32. Most Likely to Take Over The World @Brave @Joker @crimsoncrim @Glowing Distortion @Godot @Amethyst @Bearadactyl @Cerise @Zumi @LykosHand @Ruby Red @ARandomName @Posty @Khrona 33. Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult Nominees: @Ruby Red @BlessedBudew @ARandomName @Cerise @G O O S E @Amethyst @Iamteehee @Seal @Brave @Pyvetal 34. Most Likely to win the Reborn Hunger Games Nominees: @Cerise @andracass @Seal @Glowing Distortion @Wilder @Kingoflife24 @LightningDudeYT @G O O S E @Nyah @Shadow Angel @MintMan @Dragoknight @cicada 35. Most Likely to win Third Place Nominees: @Joker @LightningDudeYT @BlessedBudew @Brave @Dumb @Clutterfunky @Rottems @Trooperk @Dumb @Lenny_Is_MidKnight @CrystalStar @BidoofSama @FlygonFreak 36. Most Likely to Never Give You Up Nominees: @MatthewRatford @Storm @Jan @Caimie @Arkhi @Wilder @Kingoflife24 @Starry Knight @CrystalStar @BlueTowel @Brave @chxxo @XYZenith @Khrona @Caimie @LykosHand @cicada @Trooperk @Nyah 37. Most Likely to be Impostor Nominees: @Khrona @ARandomName @TheGreninja6227 @chxxo @Posty @Jericho1730 @andracass @Awesome Takos @G O O S E @XYZenith @justinn721 @Cad Atrium 38. Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member Nominees: @Kingoflife24 @Hat'n'Clogs @hanakibi @Evi Crystal @lucadea @chxxo 39. I-It’s Not Like I Wanted To Win Or Anything Nominees: @Kingoflife24 @Posty @BlessedBudew @Glowing Distortion @Dragoknight @hanakibi @Cad 40. Cna’t Spel Awrad Nominees: @Alex @LykosHand @chxxo @cicada No one @Lenny_Is_MidKnight 41. Award Award Award Award Award Nominees: @Bearadactyl @the_phantom_eyes @Kingoflife24 @MatthewRatford @Amethyst @Ikaru All of Reborn All the Reborn pets @andracass @Flash Fire @Awesome Takos @Trooperk @Posty @Nyah @Cerise @Alex
  5. Huh. Cool. But is it REALLY the truth if we cross our fingers? Ever think of that one, puppet master-sama? I just went big brain on this whole establishment.
  6. Trooperk

    v13 and MKXP

    Even if it works or doesn't work for me, this seems like it's a necessary shift. There's no way I'd ever blame you for trying to make the game run smoother and better Cass! Hoping things can get working for everyone so that they can enjoy the new version, and I appreciate you taking the time to write this message and recommendations.
  7. I've gotten more packages from this delivery person than my parents. I feel a special connection to Delivery Guy. Up there next to Truck Guy
  8. I will nominate @Adam. and @Kingoflife24 for Ember King. Adam is best streamer, beta tester, and person. Also loves Rowlet, and who can't like a person who likes Rowlet? King has been an amazing friend to interact with. In every interaction I've ever seen King in, he's been kind and supportive. Very fitting of a king, indeed. For Midsummer Queen, I'll nominate @Cad for telling people to evolve over 9800 times. That kind of commitment to people's evolution is truly a show of love and care for the community. I will nominate @Alex for Sunlit Sovereign. They seem a pretty caring person who works hard, and I can't ask for better qualities in the human race. LIke many have said before, everyone I've met and interacted with in the community have been awesome. Can't be stated enough that everyone is a king, queen, and ray of sunlight in their own way . Love you all!
  9. Waves of strength and determination are being emanated in your direction Rejuv dev team (and noble testers). I'm rooting for you all!
  10. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Trooperk


      Ah, I totally missed this! Thank you very much friend! I appreciate it.

    2. LykosHand


      Don't worry! You're welcome 🙂

  11. You're a good guy, Jan. And Zumi is amazing and Alex is awesome and the whole entire Rejuvenation squad is spectacular! This post isn't about the game or pokemon in general. It's just to say that you're all appreciated and hope you all have an amazing New Year! Much love.
  12. Honestly I feel like this is a better course of action then just slamming us with all of the content! This works out to be more of an opportunity over anything. We get the main content and it keeps us invested until version 13.5. That way, the sole purpose of the 13.5 update is for us to 100% appreciate the work you've all done on the 7 major character quests and other side quests. Either way, would still support the rejuv team throughout the entirety of the process. I'm sorry to hear of the stress levels have been high for y'all. Make sure you all take some deep breaths and smile! Rooting for you all!
  13. I think that's a pretty unique idea to be honest! I like it.
  14. What if you made an Archeops crest that does the COMPLETE opposite of what its ability does? Archeops crest - when below 50% hp, its stats are increased by 1.5%. The same could go for Wishiwashi ^^^. Make the SOLO washi sweep more than just a dream. Make it a meme.
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