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  1. ShadowQuilava


    O-O Release on the 27th?
  2. Well ok then. Cain, Shelly and Fern look expensive as hell. PARTY SHOWING WAT
  3. They all look so pretty!!! I wonder what the rest of the wards will look like. NO SPOILERS
  4. Just like cass to add some charm to updates. But Ice beam and EQ Before Saphira. Mk yall. Sit yo asses down. We starting a debate with this chick. WE HAULING ASS AGAINST HER.
  5. I can kinda see Anna there, its faint. but with how the Fool Arcana looks, as well as Anna's name being a play off of Arcana as well as the very comet esct thr card itself has and Anna having the Jirachi 'Doll' its just too on point.
  6. This is hurting my head, im trying to figure it out but nothing is coming to mind.
  7. I picked a card, now what? Ehhh. Confused.
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  9. You know, this is perfectly fine. People have been going overboard and honestly quite toxic towards Intense Mode. Like bullying others when they are not playing on Intense Mode, I say go right ahead with this plan.
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