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Found 6 results

  1. I totally forgot to upload the Insurgence videos I already put up on YouTube sooo… I'm gonna put them here now. And any new ones I put up will be put onto here as well. Because I promised you all.
  2. So I'm doing my run of Reborn and I randomly think of Insurgence and how I never finished it. So, I plan on starting a new playthrough with that sometime in the near future. (Probably when my 2 runs get done battling Serra) But, I'm gonna do this a little differently. Just like how the Gym Leaders of this region basically use dual typings, I too am going to be doing a Dual Typing run. So, I want you all to get on here and vote for your favorite type or whatever and in a couple of days when I decide to do this, the 2 most voted types will be the ones I use in this playthrough. So say for instance that Bug and Ghost get the most voted and 2nd most voted votes, then I'd only be able to use Bug and Ghost Types. So have fun voting!
  3. Hello everyones , welcome to my Pokemon Insurgence run ! I saw that nobody has already did a run based on Pokemon Insurgence , so i told myself : why not ? I will try to illustrate my run as best as i can , focusing on the advices i recently received. This will be a normal run ( no randomizer , no nuzlock etc ). Sooooo , let's begin First of all , before the game begin , we ask me the question : a " light " story or a " dark " story ? Based of what i love on a pokemon game , you can easily guess what my choice is The story begin when a strange man do a speech in front of many peoples. He said that the previous protector of Torren Region ( called the Augur ) died recently , while he was fighting the differents cults organizations ( 4 cults ) , then he promised to protect the region himself now. After this speech , we wake up on a cult base. Based on theirs uniforms , it's the cult of Darkrai ( dark cult ) , and they want to torment our poor Suzaku ( code geass reference ). But , glad for us , a mysterious guest will save the day ! While i'm trying to escape the cult base , i receive an information about mew special ability : Then , while walking , we found blood on the floor , so we tried to use this ability annnndddd : Now , we are facing a human ritual sacrifice... And finally , we reached the exit. I hope you will enjoy this run , if you want to give me mores advices about it , i will do my best ! Stay tunned !
  4. Hello friends! The final update of Insurgence will be coming out soon (according to Suzerain's Twitter), and as such, I will be starting my first run through. I prefer not to use any deltas or custom mega evolutions, as I personally gravitate towards the normal designs. As such, here is my question to you: What are some good suggestions for my team? I am planning on using either Sylveon or Espeon as my starter, and will definitely be using Mega Gengar and Gigalith. However, after that, I have no ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys , do you know that recently "the_suzerain" has leaked new megas like mega haxorus(Last leaked mega before the release of the game soon...he said ) and released some updated mechanics about the game and has basically verified that the completed version is about to be released very soon. He is also trying to build up the hype again . Personally i think the game would be released within the upcoming 2-3 months. What do you guys think ?Are you excited ?? Visit his twitter account and you will see.
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