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  1. So there are a few ideas I like (added more) Krookodile Crest: Give Krookodile strong jaw and keep the other ability it has, (like moxie or Intimidate) also increase attack by 10% and accuracy boost by 20% This has a lot of Pokedex entry inspiration, but that isn't all, I like krookodile Excadrill Crest: Make all contact moves be supereffective against steel types and increase speed by 20% The Pokedex entry shows the metal on him can bore through steel plates and he can go 90 mph underground, so it would make sense for the speed up Primarina Crest: Make sound based moves deal extr
  2. I am trying to get through the game after a little while after the 5th gym
  3. where would i use the items and find impugli so I don't miss it
  4. What do the note and data of 839 do, because I don't want to miss something that might be important for the story and that pokemon might be really cool
  5. [/spoiler] I think the hippowdon is the mayor's in hiyoshi city, it makes sense I am trying to maker spoiler tag but it seems to not be working
  6. Based on how many gyms there are in v12 is it going to be v16 that plans the end for rejuvenation
  7. I wonder, do you guys take about 1 - 3 month break before starting on the next version, because it seems that happened during v12. You definitely deserve it and it seems to be a good schedule, and also does jan ever take a break because it says that doesn't know how.
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