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  1. i recently discovered Archeops doesn't learn Tailwind by level up until gen 8, so that cancelled that plan ;o; but thank you!! i've actually been rethinking my whole entire team but. if i use Archeops still i will definitely teach it Dig!!
  2. took your advice and am currently trying Alakazam since I've never used it before (and have used Gardevoir lots of times.... the change is nice) and I'm loving it!! yeah I was a bit worried about the speed stat but. hopefully I'll be able to get lots of Tailwinds off with Archeops which might help a bit! and cool, I think I'll try it out with your suggested moves, thanks ^-^
  3. thanks so much for the advice!! :3 I've actually been toying with using a different ghost type until I get the Dusknoir crest, and I was thinking maybe Alolan Marowak with a Thick Club. do you think that would be a good addition for the time being?
  4. Will definitely try out Gastrodon, thanks for all the advice!! wow, thanks so much!! im so glad you think so :D
  5. thanks so much all :3 do you think i should keep seismitoad? i'm having mixed feelings about it but i also don't want to use something like Swampert (i love Swampert i've just used it SO many times)
  6. I do prefer Giga drain! I just thought maybe Magical leaf might be better bc of the technician boost? oooh!! I just looked it up and had no idea Lucario learns Swords Dance by level up..... definitely a better option, thanks! c:
  7. hi hi!! hope you're all doing well! so I started a new run of Rejuvenation (ik I should have waited for the new episode but I was too eager T^T) and wanted to know what you all thought of the team I've built, and if there are any changes you suggest! i'm just about to head to valor mountain so I only have half the team I planned out atm. here's who i currently have: roserade - modest nature (technician) giga drain -> change to magical leaf, maybe? toxic spikes hidden power fire venoshock (will be changed to sludge bomb) dusclop
  8. hi there! sorry if this is a dumb question but i'm new to pokemon fangame mods.. i'm using your mods and i'd like to also use aironfaar's mod box. the description says these two packs are compatible, but how do i make them so? it won't work if i put all the mods into the same folder, right?
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