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  1. Stand on the tile with a marked indent on the edge of the cliff. If done right, Emma will call her Togekiss to fly her to the other side.
  2. The Carotos Mountain vendor now sells a Mimikyu.
  3. I'm in Grand Dream City now and I haven't found Meditite at all so far. Does anyone know where you can encounter Meditite in v13?
  4. Wispy Ruins. You need five badges to enter the room where the candle is located.
  5. Starting from the Route 2 entrance, go right to the lower floor. There are two paths you can take: the lower path which leads to the area where Melia 'died' and where you fought the Rift Galvantula and the upper path which leads to a Rock Climb spot. Take the upper path. Use Rock Climb and enter the newly discovered area. You'll notice some weird sounds and you can explore several rooms, one of the rooms contains the moon dial. You'll have to fight a strong foe to obtain it though.
  6. You have to confront Gardevoir; if you go back to the mansion without witnessing the police cutscene no one will be there and the storyline won't progress. I also haven't found the toilet paper, so it looks like the black sludge was pushed back or entirely removed because of balance issues. The only interactable book in the apartment is the weird diary; looks like the other book was removed.
  7. In the Wispy Ruins. Make sure to let Yamask take 49 HP or more damage without fainting. It should evolve afterwards.
  8. I found Boldore in Valor Mountain. Lycanroc appears on Route 9(the route with the theatre), but I haven't found Rockruff as a wild encounter.
  9. Kristilline Town. You can get it from a guy in one of the houses if you have the aquamarine ore.
  10. Apparently, it's a bug. There's a patch that fixes it on the Reborn server on Discord. Edit: You can also download patch 2 for the game to fix several bugs and glitches. It's on the development blog in the Rejuvenation section.
  11. Exposing Flora gives 20 points towards the bad ending? I always thought exposing Flora and helping Florin/Erin was the right thing to do.
  12. I can confirm this. The evolution method is almost the same as in the mainline games: let Yamask take 49 or more HP damage without fainting while in the Wispy Ruins.
  13. Akuwa Town. I can't stand high temperatures, so it would be the perfect place to live. It's also a rather quiet and peaceful town, which I prefer.
  14. Have you been to Axis High University already? It's north from the Central Building in GDC. Erin should be there and a little cutscene will play out. After that, go left to the District of Hope and go north to find the hospital.
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