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  1. Regarding Charizard, you could replace Brick Break with Solar Beam, especially if your Charizard has its hidden ability and you plan on using a Sunny Day themed strategy.
  2. You're welcome. :) I used Alolan Marowak before and it is very powerful and useful, even later in the game. Watch out for its low Speed stat though. The Thick Club doubles its Attack stat, so it almost always OHKOs everything. Rock Head is preferred as its ability because of Flare Blitz, but Lightning Rod can be useful against the Electric type gym leader(especially because of his broken signature move he likes to spam). Other useful moves in its movepool are Shadow Bone(STAB) and Stomping Tantrum or Bonemerang/Bone Rush. Stomping Tantrum is accurate and reliable, but the latter two have
  3. Seismitoad is not that bad, but it's also not the best Water type to use. If you plan on keeping him, Swift Swim is definitely the better ability to use, mainly because of Rain Dance being included in its moveset. Dusknoir with the crest as a held item is good. It is more of an offensive Pokémon and the crest boosts its weaker moves(like Technician does). Shadow Sneak and Shadow Punch are boosted, so I would keep those two in its moveset. Other damaging moves that are boosted are Bulldoze and Rock Tomb and both TMs are available in the current version. An Impish nature is suitable becaus
  4. Like chamomomile said, it's obtainable in the Chrisola Hotel casino. You need AP(achievement points) instead of coins or money to buy it though. The best way to farm those APs is by walking a lot, using items, evolving Pokémon, breeding and hatching eggs, and increasing the happiness of your Pokémon.
  5. It's a tricky and time consuming puzzle to complete, but the reward is worth it.
  6. More people had an issue with the pyramid section where you need the help of Ren and Aelita. Are you playing the latest version? There's a patch(I think it's patch 2) that fixes this problem.
  7. Volcarona. I will probably lose against Amaria or Hardy though. At least I'll have a pretty and majestic Pokémon.
  8. I think you won't be able to get Grookey easily because of its very powerful hidden ability(Grassy Surge). It will probably be an encounter very late in the game. Scorbunny is also quite good, but Sobble is just okay.
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