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  1. If I remember correctly, you have to go to the lower part of Route 9(where the gate to Grand Dream City is). Erin should be there and you should be able to access the Scholar District after talking to her.
  2. Piplup is available later on. Also, Empoleon is currently not very good in Rejuvenation, sadly. TM Flash Cannon is not available and that's Empoleon's only option as a special Steel STAB move. A physically oriented Empoleon can work, but it is suboptimal.
  3. There are also several Pokémon with the move Water Sport available. Water Sport seems like a useless move, but it can stop the effects of the burning field. If you use Water Sport before Vulpix uses Flame Burst, the grass field will not catch fire. Magby also knows Flame Burst, so keep that in mind. As for your possible Fire type counters, Buizel is available if you have a Poké Candy(you can buy one in the Pokémart). Surskit, Poliwag and Lotad are available, and Numel is also a possible option. Numel can learn Magnitude which sadly doesn't deal a lot of damage because of the grass field,
  4. You need Strength and Dive to completely explore Honec Woods. Like @RoyChaos said, you have to defeat the Grass type Gym Leader to progress. Go back to the train and a small cutscene should play out. Afterwards, go back to Darchlight Woods, to the place where it constantly rains(it's the area before the place where you met Flora and Florin and fell through the ground). After obtaining the badge, it should be quite clear where to go next.
  5. Pichu evolves into Pikachu when Pichu's happiness is high enough. You can raise happiness by using certain berries, using vitamins, walking around a lot and levelling up the Pokémon. A tip: Pichu learns Nasty Plot at lv. 13, so it's best to wait with evolving till Pichu has learnt Nasty Plot.
  6. That's a good point. There are not a lot of decent Water types available in the beginning, so your best options for Narcissa are Floatzel, Basculin, Seaking and possibly Vaporeon if you got the Eevee from the help centre. Also, Quagsire and Lumineon can learn Flash to change the field. I remember it was doable, but still quite hard to beat her.
  7. I did a similar run recently and I chose Froakie as my starter. Yes, its stats and movepool are very average and not impressive in the beginning, but it gets better later on in the game once you gain access to the TMs for Dark Pulse, Grass Knot and Surf. Also, all other Water type starters are available as overworld encounters or gifts.
  8. Sorry for my late reply! The TM for Grass Knot is actually located in the Garufan Ruins where Groudon is. It's in a room close to one of the puzzle rooms, you have to climb down some vines to access it. A lot of Pokémon can learn Grass Knot, even non-Grass types. Other options to beat Groudon are stalling it with Protect/Detect/Spiky Shield/etc to let it faint from the poison, or using a fast Pokémon with Destiny Bond.
  9. Did you already beat Groudon? If not, you should try to teach one of your Pokémon Grass Knot. Groudon is a heavy Pokémon and weak to Grass, so it should do a lot of damage.
  10. Definitely Claydol. The Psychic type is one of my favourite types and Claydol is such an interesting and well designed Pokémon. Its movepool is very diverse, but Claydol is usually a very passive Pokémon. Its crest changes that and turns its fantastic defensive assets into a threatening offensive moveset. Cosmic Power to further boost its Defense and Sp. Defense stat and Hyper Beam as mandatory beam move has saved me more than a couple of times.
  11. She's in the room with the red speakers, directly next to the room with the beds and the healing station in the ranger HQ.
  12. Hello everyone. While replaying Rejuvenation recently, I noticed two interesting things I hadn't noticed earlier. Spoilers ahead for certain parts of the game, so don't read further if you haven't finished version 12 yet!
  13. There's also a Shiny Charm available in the current version of the game, but you won't be able to acquire it until you have at least obtained the Strike Badge from Samson.
  14. You can evolve Swirlix into Slurpuff by using a Link Stone and the Whipped Dream. Equip the Whipped Dream to Swirlix and use the Link Stone on it.
  15. Nocturne93


    Correct, if you decide to give Blake the ring Ciel will be lost in The Void. It's currently unclear whether the people who are lost in The Void are dead or still alive. There's probably a replacement for the Flying type Gym Leader, as is the case for every current Gym Leader. Fern tells you this in a small cutscene after you earn Shelly's badge and return to the Grand Hall.
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