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  1. You’re telling me I can’t just throw a quick ball at it and be done? Fuck.
  2. Absolutely 100% Pachirisu. Probably one of the most reliable Pokémon I've used in difficult Pokémon games like this one and rejuvenation. It just gets so much done! Pickup, is tanky so it can use Charm and Nuzzle to weaken tough Pokémon on your opponents' team and then you can either let it faint or switch into another Pokémon to get some setup before something else comes in. It's just way too good. There's a reason why it was on one of the Worlds' champions team. I'm surprised these games left it as an early game Pokémon with how amazing it is. I haven't played much of Unbound so I don't know
  3. EZ! I'll beat it in a minute! (I'm ready to eat those words. I'll probably be hungry from the salt overload anyway.)
  4. EZ! I'll beat it in a minute! (I'm ready to eat those words. I'll probably be hungry from the salt overload anyway.)
  5. If that's the PULSE putting people to sleep, it's going to have a difficult time with Mimikyu if it doesn't have Mold Breaker. If it's physical, it's going to have a difficult time with Garchomp. Then again, it might be a fast one that just puts all your Pokemon to sleep first turn, so scratch that (it'll still have a difficult time with Rocky Helmet Rough Skin Garchomp if it's physical, though).
  6. Does anybody know how to get the Metal Coat? I got the Link Heart, but I still need the Metal Coat for Scyther.
  7. Yup, you go straight to the desert. i also have a question. So it seems like I've been everywhere, but I can't figure out how to progress.
  8. I just got wonder traded a Torchic with perfect HP, Attack, Sp. Attack and 30 Speed IVs. The defenses are terrible, however. Sp. Defense is zero and Defense is two. It also had Hardy nature and Blaze as its ability, but those are already being remedied. EDIT: Kept getting Modest, but in the end I got a nature that's -Sp. Attack +Sp. Defense. Oh well, gotta make up for those terrible IVs somehow.
  9. I have a theory on this: Remember how Anna said you appear to glow or something at the orphanage? Maybe the more of those timeline decisions you make, the brighter your aura is. Seeing that your aura is super bright or good or whatever could make her like you more. I think Shade is the more mysterious one in this regard, though they are both very bizarre and unpredictable. I was pretty shocked when I noticed that their variables were similar. I didn't see it coming, even though Anna being a psychic trainer with a powerful position should've tipped me off about that. I'm not quite
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