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  1. I'm lucky this is my run where I was able to get all prizes from Bee regardless. But I'd still like to complete the dex. Will it be possible in the post game?
  2. Does anybody know how to move the bishop into it's spot in the E19 chess gym? It glows but it doesn't actually move or only moves in the direction I don't want it to. How do you get passed the puzzle when it doesn't move right? EDIT: Figured it out, you're supposed to use the arrows to move it after it glows.
  3. I can’t wait! That reminds me to get back to playing now that I’ve completed Reborn!
  4. After finally getting Arceus yesterday, that got me thinking about the rest of the legendaries and forms of existing ones being in the Reborn universe. Where do you think the remaining legendaries would land? The ones I can think of are: -Zacian -Zamazenta -Eternatus -Calyrex + forms -Glastrier -Spectrier -Enamorus Also: -would origin form move Dialga up? -would origin form move Palkia up? Hope I'm not missing anything on this list. Since we might not get a Reborn with these I thought a little creative exercise would be fun. I imagine you'd find Zacian and Zamazenta in the castle. Makes perfect sense and maybe the Eternatus portal would be in the spot that you fought the legendary dragon before obtaining your badge. There's a lot of potential in this expansive game for more legendaries and plenty of unused locations for them.
  5. I think you can't get it until someone mentions a LCCC location in Calcenon. That's when I found the path so it might be locked before then.
  6. OK I figured it out! You have to take the long route to the Aegir drop where you have the jump on the one rock to get to. Took forever to find it but I'm so glad I'm not locked out of getting Ultra Necrozma.
  7. I went there but it’s gone. I beat Necrozma and went back after Pheremosa reminded me that I need Buzzwole but the portal is not there anymore. That’s why I’m having trouble.
  8. Is there another entrance besides Victory Road? I went but didn’t see a portal from either of the 2 drops I went through.
  9. I forgot to get Buzzwole but now the portal in Sugiline Cave is gone. Where do I go to get Buzzwole?
  10. I've searched everywhere in Ametrine Mountain and I just can't find it. Intuition tells me it should be down the large waterfall up the rock climb area but there's nothing anywhere. Are you supposed to complete the Zygarde quest first? EDIT: Ok so what Maxwell said is not the best. It's the place where you evolved Eevee to Glaceon.
  11. Fly to Amaria's house and head to route 2. From the bottom you have to throw rage powder at the Crustle in front of the cave.
  12. Thank you. I’ve tried not going up the stairs yesterday but had no luck regardless. I will try what you instructed and see if it works after I get out of work. I think I might’ve done something wrong in the process
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