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  1. Hi, I'm a newcomer to Pokemon Rejuvenation & Reborn and haven't even gotten passed Venam yet, let alone have a considerable amount of hours to consider myself a fan. However, I recently beat Pokemon Insurgence, Infinity, and Soulstones, and have been desperately looking for another fan game to play. When I stumbled upon Rejuvenation, however, no offence to the artists for the protagonists as they're all designed really well, but I couldn't find a character that really resonated with me. As a Pokemon fan, I didn't mind at first because the game was so well made, but the roleplayer in me just wouldn't let me continue and I quit before passing Venam. However, as I was looking for another fan game to play, I found artwork for Aevis' legacy sprites and it sparked my interest for the game again. But as I was playing the intro as Aevis' legacy sprite, when Aevis' mom (sorry, I don't know the lore yet) teleported Aevis away, he reverted to his old sprite when he hit the floor. When I looked up why, as it turns out, the legacy sprites aren't updated to the current game version. This almost made me give up entirely, but Rejuvenation was way too good so far to give up. So without any prior knowledge in pixel art and sprite making, I followed a guide from DerxwnaKapsyla, and made my own custom sprites for legacy Aevis. To make a long story short... Am I missing any sprites, or should I be able to play seamlessly with what I have? Just to be absolutely clear, I will list all of the sprite sheets that I've replaced As for the outfit change I've heard of, I just replaced his outfit files with a copy of the replacement as I am lazy. trchar000 trchar000_1 boy_run boy_run_1 boy_fish_offset boy_fish_offset_1 boy_surf_offset boy_surf_offset_1 boy_fishsurf_offset boy_fishsurf_offset_1 boy_dive boy_dive_1 boy_bike boy_bike_1 PlayerKnockedOut PlayerKnockedOut_1 PlayerHeadache_0 PlayerHeadache_0_1 vsTrainer1 vsTrainer1_1 trback001 trback001_1 mapPlayer001 mapPlayer001_1 Thank you in advance!
  2. I'm trying to complete Bee's pokedex quest but I think I made a mistake (it was a few badges ago so I don't think I can go back and redo it), I'm currently at 725/734 on the pokedex and the only 6 I have left are Rowlet and Chimchar, I did the starter egg quest but since you get Rowlet and Chimchar as eggs and I didn't know this quest was a thing until after I had donated them, I don't think I have a way to get a Rowlet or a Chimchar. If there is another way I'm not aware of please let me know, and if not if someone would be willing to trade me a Rowlet and/or a chimchar that would be great
  3. Whenever I start playing reborn, I notice my total play time is constantly going down, it went from 71 hours to 69 hours a few times, and now after not playing for awhile, it’s down to 60 tots hours. Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it? This only started recently. Just for reference, I have the weather modpack(I forgot it’s exact name) and debug enabled.
  4. Hi guys, I updated my game to 19.0 but upon loading my game it tells me that there is an update to 19.6, the instructions (package contents > contents > game and hold alt to merge and apply the files) doesn't compute with my brain, I have the patch folder on my desktop, how do I actually apply this to update the game?
  5. So wanted to ask how do I make the banner this where the character stands with your team of pokemon. sorry if it isnt called a banner new to this game and first time using this website:P. Like this(this is not mine it belongs to someone else) just tell me how to get one pls
  6. So my question is fairly simple, does anyone knows what's the name of crim's battle theme ? (in the seekrit room) Thanks :)
  7. How can I support the game Devs?? I have a real good time playing the game and I would be happy to make a contribution to the dev to keep the good work.
  8. What determiners what ending you get out of the two? Am I right to assume to diverges at the Taka Water plant fight or is it elsewhere?
  9. So yeah, i'm currently stuck before the final battle, well to be precise the final 3 battles. I don't use items in battle and somehow managed to find a way for each battle, but now i'm out of ideas. My team currently: I know this team is kinda boring, but when you try to do the postgame fights itemless, especially the last ones you kinda have to use pokemon like these. To get through the first fight i kinda have to sacrifice my Landorus-T, and in the second fight i will loose 3 or 4 more teammembers. I also have to use Xerneas Geomancy. So for the 3rd battle (which hopefully is the last!!!) I'm almost out of pokemon. I really wish to not use a Sacred Ash or something, because it would leave a sour taste, so if someone has any ideas, which can me through the first two battles relatively unscathed, please share them with me! :)
  10. So been trying to solve the Turtwig puzzle for a few hours, can't seem to get it, anyone know how to do it and have advice or a solution?
  11. So, after beating Abra, I went to the museum for the first time and the grunts there told me to visit them in the mountain, but where? Did I goof something and if so what did I kiss out on? Really confused right now.
  12. Bug buzz is supposed to hit all pokemons in a double battle from my understanding (bulbapedia states so) as it is a sound based move. however it only hits a single target durign a double battle. in this case the rodamus gymfight as i planned to use helping hand bugbuzz to wipe the gym. is this because it was changes specificly for reborn or not?
  13. From what I've seen, E19 changed A LOT of the early game, for the better, adding interactions and characters (Ace is a treat btw) Anyway, instead of fighting Tangrowth three times, you get to fight 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS Does anyone have the stats/types/abilities/movesets of the other 2? 05-B has two eyes and seems to be a ground/grass type. 05-A has three eyes, stemina ability, and maybe a rock/grass type?
  14. Can you buy more weakness policies anywhere?
  15. I think the title says it all but after I updated my game my pokemon kept leveling over the level cap even though I used the hardcap passwort and it worked before. I was just wondering if it got removed or something? thanks in advance
  16. I can't really decide on which would be better as both have their advantages and disadvantages. For one, a silent MC allows you to project yourself onto the character and story a lot easier as this is supposed to be a role playing game after all. Additionally, it can be considered a "safe" option as you couldn't possibly create a horrible character if the character is literally blank. On the other hand, a character written by the writer could potentially be better for the plot and overall story itself if done well. It might also be good to note that the silent MC is quite honestly overdone at this point and I'd love to see a fresh take. I remember playing Pokemon Red Adventures a long time ago and although I haven't played the recent updates, I remember liking Red pretty well, so I think it definitely can work. What do you guys think?
  17. Hello strangers I was just wondering how people make those team sprites showing their team from in-gam reborn and rejuvination like this random one I found: was just curious how they're done.
  18. My fps is always around 44-45 and I’ve tried the rm fps control thing but for some reason, It doesn’t do anything, is there a way to fix this or just another way in general to up the fps cap and just performance of the game?
  19. I was wondering if there was any means through which to use the teams I've built in Rejuvenation in a multiplayer format. Maybe trading, maybe battling (I feel like battling is more likely, as that wouldn't necessarily need to be built into the game itself and could exist in some other format). Anyhow the question is: "Multiplayer?"
  20. After the Hidden Library 3 mission, you get the choice of either a Banettite or a Heracronite. Are you still able to get the mega stone you didn't pick, or is it a choice like the fossils in the Hoenn games where you lose out on the other permanently?
  21. Good evening! Not sure if this is the right place to put this; I considered Troubleshooting, but I presume that is more related to game bugs which is not what this is about. I'm not sure if anyone here in the board can help me, but I find myself stuck with what I presume is a small issue with modding the game and was hoping someone could give me a couple of pointers. After playing through V13, I was hoping to mod in a couple of moves from the Sword & Shield DLC. I succeeded... except for one particular point: the text. When I compile the data through the debug menu it works fine, yet after I turn the game off and on again, it recognizes the move yet not its name or description. A similar problem occurs if I try to create a Trainer Type -- the name of the class is not shown, even though everything else works. I presume (perhaps incorrectly) that this is some issue with the text not being saved in Message.dat, yet I haven't found a way to do so; I tried to Extract, edit and Compile the text, yet the intl.txt file obtained via the Extract Text option from the Debug Menu always gives an error when I use the Compile Text option, so I can't edit it to add the new text. Similarly, if I delete the message.dat from the Data folder to try and force a rewrite when I use the Compile Data option, it still does not contain the new text I added. I was hoping for some quick advice on how to proceed, if it's not too much of a bother. To anyone who took the time to read this, thank you for your time.
  22. So currently I'm trying to fight Souta and he always gives me a lot of trouble; so one tactic I usually go to beat him if using an offensive team around electric terrain to counter his OP Sky Field. However (and I don't know if it is a bug or they actually nerfed terrain moves) when I use electric terrain with my Togedemaru it doesn`t remove the Sky Field. I still get the bonuses from it but the Sky Terrain is still there. Is this intended? If this is intended how the hell to you beat this guy in ep13?! Any help would be appreciated.
  23. I just got the Vespiquen crest but I'm kinda confused about its effects. The wiki says that every time I use Attack or Defense Order I gain a 50% bonus to attack or defense, I can understand that but i don't get the part where it says that it switches... Is the effect similar to aegislash stance swap? I'd appreciate any info, thanks in advance.
  24. Hi there - so i recently downloaded rejuvenation again for the first time in 5 years or so and was wondering if there rare random starters are still a thing? Have been resetting for them for a while and don't want to keep it up if they've been removed lol
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