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  1. So yeah, i'm currently stuck before the final battle, well to be precise the final 3 battles. I don't use items in battle and somehow managed to find a way for each battle, but now i'm out of ideas. My team currently: I know this team is kinda boring, but when you try to do the postgame fights itemless, especially the last ones you kinda have to use pokemon like these. To get through the first fight i kinda have to sacrifice my Landorus-T, and in the second fight i will loose 3 or 4 more teammembers. I also have to use Xerneas Geomancy. So for the 3rd battle (which hopefully is the last!!!) I'm almost out of pokemon. I really wish to not use a Sacred Ash or something, because it would leave a sour taste, so if someone has any ideas, which can me through the first two battles relatively unscathed, please share them with me! :)
  2. So been trying to solve the Turtwig puzzle for a few hours, can't seem to get it, anyone know how to do it and have advice or a solution?
  3. So, after beating Abra, I went to the museum for the first time and the grunts there told me to visit them in the mountain, but where? Did I goof something and if so what did I kiss out on? Really confused right now.
  4. Bug buzz is supposed to hit all pokemons in a double battle from my understanding (bulbapedia states so) as it is a sound based move. however it only hits a single target durign a double battle. in this case the rodamus gymfight as i planned to use helping hand bugbuzz to wipe the gym. is this because it was changes specificly for reborn or not?
  5. From what I've seen, E19 changed A LOT of the early game, for the better, adding interactions and characters (Ace is a treat btw) Anyway, instead of fighting Tangrowth three times, you get to fight 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS Does anyone have the stats/types/abilities/movesets of the other 2? 05-B has two eyes and seems to be a ground/grass type. 05-A has three eyes, stemina ability, and maybe a rock/grass type?
  6. Can you buy more weakness policies anywhere?
  7. I think the title says it all but after I updated my game my pokemon kept leveling over the level cap even though I used the hardcap passwort and it worked before. I was just wondering if it got removed or something? thanks in advance
  8. I can't really decide on which would be better as both have their advantages and disadvantages. For one, a silent MC allows you to project yourself onto the character and story a lot easier as this is supposed to be a role playing game after all. Additionally, it can be considered a "safe" option as you couldn't possibly create a horrible character if the character is literally blank. On the other hand, a character written by the writer could potentially be better for the plot and overall story itself if done well. It might also be good to note that the silent MC is quite honestly overdone at this point and I'd love to see a fresh take. I remember playing Pokemon Red Adventures a long time ago and although I haven't played the recent updates, I remember liking Red pretty well, so I think it definitely can work. What do you guys think?
  9. Hello strangers I was just wondering how people make those team sprites showing their team from in-gam reborn and rejuvination like this random one I found: was just curious how they're done.
  10. Hey I've been playing reborn memeforms and rejuvenation memejuvforms together using the shared pc mod in order to expand the pool of available pokemon and making the game a bit easier (and also because both games are really fun, well made and I don't want to make two different teams). But I've been wondering if there are other games I could add if someone ports shared pc mod so that my adventure becomes a trio.
  11. I've been having fun with Pokemon Reborn and I finish what the game has to offer right now, and I'm replaying it. I'm at the Onyx Ward and I've been grinding for a shinx for about an hour now. I was just wondering if there is a mod that lets you change the outcome of the slots or voltorb table. I saw a YouTuber Tyranitar Tube have it multiplied so I was wondering if there's a Mod for that or just a way to do it. Thank you in advance.
  12. I was wondering if anybody knows how to enter the passwords in pokemon reborn?
  13. I've been replaying reborn for the past few days. I have never been active on the forum so I don't know if this is a dumb post. But now something weird was caught by the corner of my eye. I think I saw Luna walk away from the scene where Corey his corpse gets found by Shelly. I was playing on speed up mode, because I have played the game multiple times. But I never saw Luna here. I couldn't reload my save because I had a save point before I beat Corey and didn't want to fight him again. Now are my eyes deceiving me, or was she actually there...? And if so, why? Has this any implications on the lore? I am not that well read up on it.
  14. New user here, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to put it in General Discussion or not. Anyway, I’ve looked at the relationship points variable guide and made it my quest to make best the girls and Shade happy; noticed that you can get a maximum of 8 points for Terra and losing 4 upon defeating her but I got 5 points? Oh, and I’m using SWM Modpack to see their points.
  15. Hello a while ago, andracass made a mod that turns of the flashing in Pokemon Reborn: I was wondering, if this is still compatible with Reborn 18.4 (I suspect the maps probably are, but I'm doubtful about the script since so much changed). The mod she made there was the perfect solution to my issue and I've enjoyed playing a lot (it's basically the only game I haven't dropped now that live has gotten so hectic) and would like to switch to the newer Reborn version - but only if that means I won't lose the no-flashing-mod (again, thank you for making it back then!). Best regards, Avallyn Edit: umm. apparently, there's been another update since the last time I checked. (wow! you guys are on fire!) I'm basically asking after the most current release and would like to update to that, but not after the game-z thing because my old laptop doesn't like it. it does like what I downloaded yesterday(?) very much though (I actually forgot that I needed the flashing mod until it started thunderstorming just now)
  16. i'm on the house raid on Amaria's gym/Titania's house (Right after the water treatment center) and to my knowledge if you beat Solaris on the top of Pyrous Mountain then you're supposed to fight Solaris with Julia however I beat him on the top of pyrous mountain and i'm fighting Blake and Fern instead, anyone know why?
  17. Hi, I'm trying to get a shiny litten, and I've tryed exchanging my Stantler for the Litten that is offered, but I've gone through way more soft resets than I usually have to. I understand it can be chance, but I started to wonder if it even is possible to get one from an exchange. If it is, I also wanted to ask if, when the pokemon comes out of the pokeball in the exchange animation, if it is shiny, does it appear with the shiny sprite or do you have to go to look at the summary to check? Just to see if I can hasten the process by not having to check every single time. Thank you for your answers and help! P.D.: I'm not too sure if I'm doing this the right way (first time posting a question) so do tell me if I should pose it somewhere else.
  18. I'm currently at the part of the game where you're locked out of reborn city and have to fight team meteor at the tanzan mountain. I don't have any common candies and my best pokemon is about to pass the level cap. Is there any I can find/buy in this area?
  19. Hey everyone, I was discussing the Reborn Speedrun route with @bloo123 Earlier in practice I came across a significant problem in the speedrun route. It has to do with the Stickers we collect during the run and the weather patterns. If someone could explain the weather patterns in more detail that would be great. From my understanding the weather patterns shift every 8 hours. Is this from 00:00 - 7:59, 8:00 - 15:59 and 16:00 - 23:59? I also understand that the weather patterns vary for different regions. If it's clear in Reborn City, it can be raining in Spinel Town, snowing in Ametrine and hailing in Agate City. This is where the problem arises. In the speedrun, we pick up 6 stickers in order to gain access to the 8th floor and buy X-items. The time investment to get the stickers is definitely worth it as the x items make later fights much much better. The stickers we pick up are: 1. Jasper ward girl 2. Apophyl Academy tv girl 3. Lost guy in underground railnet 4. Injured teleported woman from spinel town in Chrysolia Forest 5. Agate city ice cream/pokedoll/air ballon boy 6. Ametrine city MissingNo The issue lies with the 4th sticker: the injured woman Chrysolia Forest. She is in need of medicine, which we give her after beating Serra and collecting the medicine that's meant for Anna. Afterwards she goes back home in Spinel Town and waits outside before the pokecenter. You can talk to her later and collect the sticker. But if it's raining, she will not appear. This is a huge issue as you cannot collect the sticker and you cannot change or manipulate or influence the weather without breaking the speedrun rules. (you'd have to mod the weather using mods, cheat, set your PC time or date differently, all of which is banned) I have had this happen in practise once and now Bloo123 also had it happen. We are wondering if this could be fixed. We were thinking maybe the women can be moved to the pokecenter if it's raining or altogether so you can collect the sticker at anytime. The weather doesn't seem to play any part in this event. It is not like the windy event where the boy from the lapis ward gets lost to the beryl bridge and is attacked by the drifloom, which is an event specifically triggered by the weather so we're not asking to change that. Just the injured girl event. If this were to happen in a speedrun, it would occur like 3 hours in, which would be very sad. You'd have to either do the windy weather event, which is unlikely to be possible, or the route 1 sticker event, which means a 20 minute time loss not to mention money spent on honey and repels, or the final sticker which is only available before Hardy basically so it wouldn't be realistic. I hope a simple fix can be made to make the injured women appear at any time. either in the pokecenter or in a different house in Spinel Town. I realise that it is very likely to be not a priority whatsoever, but we wanted to bring this up anyway. Thanks for reading!
  20. Any reason why the move Close Combat doesn't get boosted by the ability Iron Fist? Feel like I'm getting cheated out of my ability with my Infernape and Mach Punch just isn't that great of a move IMO. Also, what are the chances that the move get that buff since CC literally has fists in the animation?
  21. Can you get an EXP All in Pokemon Reborn because I know you can get in Rejuvenation. So I'm just wondering if you can get it in Reborn.
  22. I need HELP!!!! I cant get into 7th street and im pretty sure I already finished all of the team aqua quests but the lady wont let me in. what am I doing wrong?
  23. So, how old is actually Reborn City? Not the actual game, but the titular city itself. I'm kind of confused about some points of Reborn's internal timeline: We know for sure Reborn City is at least 10 years old, because that's the time Adrienn spent trapped in the Citae and the time the Fairy Gym was abandoned. But then, even before restoration, Reborn was known for being an old glory, like before it went bad it was like an oasis in a desert, and that Character!Ame restarted the Gym League (so there was something before, with Adrienn, the Belrose parents...) and there are a lot of npc talking about how marvelous it was back when they were young (I recall some old npc in Peridot who said something about looking at the lake or taking some strolls). So Reborn is a pretty big city in the middle of nowhere, with a lot of inhabitants, and even some big buildings (the Orphanage, the library in Lapis, all the shopping places on Obsidia...) by wich I get it has to be pretty old, or maybe standard old, for it to have reunited and built all the standard features of a big city. Damn, it even has super old ruins at the bottom of the lake and legends about how legendary mons changed the temperature of the mountains. But then, we get to know Team Meteor's backstory and Solaris' and they tell us that there was an ancient tribe which guarded alone the old meteor which is presumably inside the Citae Sanctum when Solaris was young, then... All of Reborn happened, they covered the place with a whole city and forgot about the altar's actual existance, all way before Adrienn's disappearance (because xe didn't know about any sacred places at all). So there's the problem: Is Solaris (& Elias) way older than he appears, or Reborn City way younger than I think it would be realistic, or maybe I did mistake something inbetween?
  24. Is he in the game and if he is then when does he become available. hes my favorite Pokemon and i need to know when to get hype. side note: he is the first Mon i shiny hunted for in the game full odds in Pokemon Emerald back in the day and still have him in my copy of ultra moon
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