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Found 16 results

  1. If possible is there someone willing to color do a recoloring of some Aegislash sprites. I'm a novice artist and I don't have the proper tools to do it myself. The color scheme would primarily be black and silver.
  2. I'm want to make my own trainer sprite for reborn and other fangames, but I don't know how. Would any experienced spriters please consider telling me a thing or two about spriting, or link to some tutorials about spriting for trainers?
  3. hey it's something at least! So recently, I've gotten back into spriting and stuff, but I decided why not have a thread? It'd be great for me since yknow, i'd have a place to refer to the sprites I make time to time. Pokemon: Upsized Pokemon: Trainer Sprites: Note (7/23/16): I should probably put this here just in case, but if you want to use some of these sprites, please ask beforehand. Thanks! Note (7/19/20): I'm much more active on twitter and discord but I'm somewhat back (?) ready to do more, a heads up, I don't usually do back sprites but if you make your own for mine thats fine, or if I feel like it i'll eventually do backsprites, whooooo knoooowwwsss i still relevant?
  4. Hello Guys! I was getting bored in the current situation we're in, so I thought of coloring sprites in my leisure! I've just started using GIMP for coloring some sprites of Pokemon, I'm just a beginning noob in this, So please comment your honest views on them!
  5. Second post ever on this site, here with my first and second sprite edits ever!^^ My first one ever was an attempt at a Shiny Noivern, since I've gotten super attached to my Noivern, Echo, in Rejuvenation and also like to play with colors. My SECOND attempt, however...was Absol. See, Absol is always MUCH fluffier in my head then Absol is portrayed, and I remembered that a beta concept for Absol was that the female Absols would have smaller horns, which looked better after adding the floof for balance... I could use some thoughts/advice/critique from anyone willing to give it.^^ Edit: Imgur link stuffs failed to embed the images correctly... so I'll just attach the larger versions of the files; Edit2; Third ever sprite edit since the first two were so much fun! This time...a Sugary trash panda! Edit3: Adding Possible Fluffy Absol Shinies I made today.^^
  6. Hello! New member here~ I've always enjoyed sprite-splicing, so when I started playing Reborn a few months ago, I quickly got the urge to try my hand at "cleaning up" some of the original character sprites. Now don't get me wrong: Amethyst's originals are perfectly fine! This isn't me throwing shade: I just feel as though many are a little too over-detailed to look like the sprites from the canon games. So since I've been sick the last few days, I decided to edit a few of the ones that look more awkward to me, and figured that I might as well post them on here for feedback. Let me know if y'all want to see more~ also, feel free to use them too
  7. Decided to try my hand at making custom shinies. Okay, fine, it was just an excuse to make a Neopolitan Cinncino How do you think they turned out?
  8. So I wanna do a playthrough where I am a pokemon I chose teddiursa and was wonder if someone could make me a running,diving,biking,etc. for it if you can please reply to me!
  9. Hi, new member. Inspired by a previous post from @motherhenna, I decided to have a take on making my own edits on the reborn trainer transition sprites. I agree with motherhenna that some of the original sprites can be over detailed yet they still work fine! I am giving my own kind of eyes (wider iris and pupils unlike the canon's narrow) so I hope it doesn't stray too far from what we're used to seeing. Give any feedback if you got any and feel free to use these.
  10. Hey there People ! it's me , TheUntitled Again ! Today i'm posting my latest WIP on sprite customization : Aries Shion from Saint Seiya - HADES arc Hope you All like !
  11. Hi everyone! I picked up spriting this week and I decided to do the entire Torterra line through all 4 seasons. Thank you to those on the Discord for giving me feedback and advice. Here are some of my favorites, but you can find the entire collection in the attached zip file. Autumn Turtwig: Spring Grotle Summer Torterra: Winter Torterra: Torterra Through The Seasons.zip
  12. Welcome to my madhouse Sprite Shop. Here I will slaughter create a sprite that you request for free. I mainly do this because I have too much time. The more complex it is, the longer it will take. I mainly do trainer sprites, but I might also do other sprites(although I'm not skilled at them) Don't be a stranger, feel free to request a sprite
  13. Hi, Peanuts here. Those of you that follow the art forum probably know that I have been working on high resolution sprites for reborn. I'll probably reserve this thread for any feedback I want on sprites, but continue posting notable Pokemon on the original thread started by @Bazaro. If any of the other spriters working on high res sprites want to post here for feedback, you are welcome to. To start, which charmeleon tail looks better? I was going for a more detailed flame look and it turned out quite different from the original.
  14. Greetings and welcome to a random scribble board. Here I share random loads of shit I made. It varies from what I am interested in at the time, although more may be added. All comments are welcome! To come: Traditional Art (Maybe) Previous graphic work (Maybe) Aim: To determine whether sprite making is an interest of mine or not. Especially animated sprites. See if I am any good at doing stuff maybe.
  15. Yea so I'm Makki I'm pretty good with pokemon sprites I'm really mediocre with trainer sprites I do recolors Especially recoloring things into pastels I also splice thats maybe my thing hit me with the requests but a few rules No Mimikyu splices No Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Groudon anything Don't request more than two things a day Don't request more than ten things a week I can decline anything I can change these rules whenever witness me i am fully qualified to make these rules as seen here given that lay it on me ; )
  16. (Alright, for now the shop front aka this post is a work in progress, but here it is!) Welcome to Angel's! ~Temporarily closed to catch up on orders~ First of all, I should put a few rules regarding commissions. Well, rules is a little strong, how about guidelines! -Of course, the forum rules apply. As long as the content in your request stays PG-13, I'll do it. -I can take up to 5 requests at one time for now, I will keep a waiting list at the bottom of the post. -If you have a new idea for a kind of sprite I can do, by all means pitch your idea! Just make sure to either put it in the Other section of your form or keep it separate from the form. I'll also keep a poll for my own ideas to see what people want! -Constructive criticism is always excepted, as I can always improve! -If you need a redo of your sprite, for example you want a color changed, feel free to ask! -The easy stuff is free, but complex things are very time consuming, so I will ask for a small fee (in rupees, not real money) for those. I will occasionally change prices based on how complex orders can be, the demand, and customer input. This will happen as I get a better feel for the demand and time required. -I can do 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen sprites for all the sprite types listed below And with that, here's what I can do! (Please note, I will add more as examples are made/people add ideas) Pokemon Sprites I can do recolors, fusions, custom sprites, backsprites, and more. It's all in the spoiler below~ Trainer Sprites I can do custom trainers, VS sprites, overworlds, and more, all of which are below~ Thank you for your patronage! Come again sometime! ~Waiting List~ 1- WSGreen 2- Karasu 3- TheDW66 4- Trevore 5-
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