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  1. Happy belated birthday! 🎂

    I hope you had a great time~

  2. Happy Birthday hope yu had a Mega awesome day

  3. Happy birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a wondeful day 🙂🍰

    1. MegaMew
    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄

  4. hihi bet you didn't expect to see me here you wanna know who you will see next? the person with the pfp you can't see
  5. MegaMew

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    YES! i've been waiting for this! thanks so much jan!
  6. yay! i'm officially a veteran now. i remember when i was a young whippersnapper 

    1. SilverAngelus



      Where have the days gone by...

    2. Candy


      i ate 'em

      they weren't sweet

    3. Raion


      Yay, you did it pal!

  7. both! thanks! here's your chance to make your character you!
  8. figured i should show these off. these are the new player characters! each of them can be fully customized, with shorts, shoes, shirts, hair, eye color and an optional hat, along with three skin tones for each; white, black and tan. they don't have particular genders per say, but they have been classified as masculine and feminine, but you can choose your pronouns. sorry if that didn't really make sense. tldr; these are the bases, and you can customize them.
  9. try either checking in the options, and seeing if you turned off the BGM. if that doesn’t work, press F1 on your keyboard and recheck the box BGM.
  10. aria_fini.png.d3765c38ac39b2175494718ceea7f189.png


    this is a little late, but happy pride month from aria and the rest of the enigma dev team. this is basically a reveal of aria's redesign, that i drew.

    i kinda messed up with some shading on the face, but i hope you enjoy despite this.


    oh yeah, since i'm still practicing art, i traced this image so credits to the original artist.

  11. this is such an awesome idea! well, this is what i have: @Raion thanks for being one of the best people to talk to, and always being there for me, no matter what. @riddlemeree for being another one of my closest friends, and also the best pixel artist in the entire world. @Edo for also being a great person to talk to, and always making the best shiny pokemon. @J-Awesome_One for having so many cool ideas and story inputs. @dnjdndf for being the best bot of them all. @Xedron for consistently being amazing, and always being so helpful. @Amethyst @andracass @Ikaru for building up the reborn community as it is now, without which i never would have met some of my best friends.
  12. well uh, i'm sorry you feel this way. the level gap, in my opinion, is actually more generous than reborn. in reborn, the level cap allows you to pass it, causing your mons to disobey you, and thus you need a 'common candy'. in rejuvenation, you can't even pass the cap, meaning that, while yes battles become slightly useless, they don't become god-impossible with your mons refusing to attack. think about it from a gameplay standpoint, if you could buy the golden surfboard, and use it, you break the progression of the game. the time surf is handed out is planned. all the locations, items and more locked behind surf have been cherry picked for precisely the time in the game you obtain surf. so naturally, it's needed to be restricted to the same standard. and besides, some AP points are pretty easy to farm. and most certainly, again this is my opinion, but i love rejuvenation deeply for its fantastic story, beautiful character progression, plot twists and more. i understand game difficulty isn't everyone's forte, myself included, ad most certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion. so i really hope you inevitably decide to continue through the game, because it would really be a shame if you never did. additionally, i'm sure it means the world to the devs for you taking the time to craft your response and criticism to their game, as it does help them out, by getting various opinions. whether you decide to continue the game or not, i wish you good luck, because nim's v12 battle is a bitch.
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