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  1. It always comes with practice, but do you know what I mean about resizing the sprite before you start?
  2. Hey! The sprites look pretty good, but of course always room for improvements, so here are a few tips from me: - First of all, most Pokemon sprites follow a 2x2 pixel format. Some of your sprites break this. (most notably in the hair). What you'll want to do is, before starting your edits, is decrease the size by half, so that you're working with 1x1 pixels. When you're done making edits to your sprite, size it back up to the correct size. - Secondly, there's little to no shading. My best recommendation for this is to look and see how other game's make their sprites. Seeing where the light hits, and how different shades of colors are used is very helpful. This would be the biggest thing, that applies to all of the sprites. If you'd like more tips, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
  3. Looks like me in the mornings 3/10
  4. Regarding the stream announcement I posted earlier: the time has been changed to the next day. something personal came up on that day, i'm so sorry everyone! i'll try to stream it around 2:30 PM eastern time on the 29th. i still hope you all can make it.

  5. ohhhhh yesssss, about that.... something came up and i'll no longer be able to stream on that day. however, i'll try to stream some development on the day afterwards. i'm very sorry! hopefully you can still make it to that stream.
  6. Oh hey Taka.... How u doin? 10/10
  7. Taka’s always been a sexy beast, so 10/10
  8. Hihi. These are just my thoughts, but remember that I don’t know much about Screenplays, so this may not be the best advice. I have, however, written a few books (never published), and I write plot for my current game, so I know a little. Since its a movie, and not a TV show, you have to skip out on a few arcs, and you obviously can’t fit everything in. Make a list of everything you want to happen, and write the estimated time that you’ll think it will happen in. It should total up to be about two hours. Not knowing a lot about your film, I’m going to make the assumption it’s Action and Adventure. Most movies from that genre are about an hour and a half, to about two and a half hours, so try to have your estimated time fit somewhere in there. If it doesn’t total up to be that long, you’ll probably be fine adding a little bit more. If you’re writing for a company, it’s probably always best to have more in your script, rather than less. On the other side, if its a bit longer, it might be best to keep it that way, for the aforementioned reason. Now, when you finally do start writing, keep in mind that a page is about a minute, with just a few exceptions (most action scenes). While I’ve never written a script, when writing this helps me. So, as I’m writing a scene, I imagine it like I’m watching a movie. For a screenplay, this would be character movement, angle, how the dialogue sounds, all of that. Then, you just have to find a way to put it on paper. This is just some of my advice. Take it however you want.
  9. Just remember to credit the original creators!
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