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  1. Yeah Happy B-Day!


  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. Pokemon Enigma - Shadows Revealed




    Yeeeeeeeeeeee. It's been so long! But it's finally here! If you'd like, please be sure to offer feedback and suggestions after playing! (if you have an old save file please delete it before playing. THIS WILL CAUSE ERRORS).

    (there may be bugs so if there are please let me know)

  4. Happy belated birthday! 🎂

    I hope you had a great time~

    1. MegaMew


      thanks ^^

    2. SilverAngelus


      You're welcome 😄 

  5. Happy Birthday hope yu had a Mega awesome day

    1. MegaMew


      great pun :)

  6. Happy birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a wondeful day 🙂🍰

  7. hihi bet you didn't expect to see me here you wanna know who you will see next? the person with the pfp you can't see
  8. MegaMew

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    YES! i've been waiting for this! thanks so much jan!
  9. yay! i'm officially a veteran now. i remember when i was a young whippersnapper 

    1. SilverAngelus



      Where have the days gone by...

    2. Candy


      i ate 'em

      they weren't sweet

    3. Raion


      Yay, you did it pal!

  10. aria_fini.png.d3765c38ac39b2175494718ceea7f189.png


    this is a little late, but happy pride month from aria and the rest of the enigma dev team. this is basically a reveal of aria's redesign, that i drew.

    i kinda messed up with some shading on the face, but i hope you enjoy despite this.


    oh yeah, since i'm still practicing art, i traced this image so credits to the original artist.

  11. mega mew = champion charmander     CONFIRMED ?


    okay. reawakened. you may know it, you might not. please, its not worth it. in january of 2018 i entered these forums, posting my idea, pokemon reawakened.

    i didn't like reawakened much. the assets were mostly recolors, the story had no general direction, and i was sort of going with it as i went. it was buggy, and i felt a need to deliver new content every few weeks. i drove myself to anxiety, thinking no one would continue to like the game if i couldn't get another episode out. i pretty much ghosted the site for a while.


    i stayed pokemon free for a few months, until i picked rpg maker back up. i had an idea, and began work on it. pokemon enigma.


    i knew that if i uploaded it as champ. most people would ask 'what about reawakened', and other stuff like that. and i really couldn't deal with that. so i came up with an alt. mega mew.

    everything's fine, i just figured that i should reveal who i am sooner rather than later.


    in case, somehow, you are still unsure: pokemon reawakened will not be continued. i am focusing on enigma

    and everything's better now. i no longer have stress forcing me to get enigma out. i am doing okay.



    oh and here's proof, in case you think this is a joke:




    see you later


  12. hey! i'm a mew! raion, where'd you gooo
  13. image.png.35e39cff195583ee4ae18b16d8d375c2.png

    We Were on the Verge of Greatness | Know Your Meme

    1. MegaMew


      thank you, random citizen!

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