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  1. We all remembers the frontliners But one must also honors the fund gatherers!
  2. And anthony never kept in touch for...reasons
  3. Indriad wants to either control or destroy the world.Who knows what crescent want but considering her nightmare city appearace clearly world destruction is not something she vibes with.But i think she helped indriad because whatever the red haired time traveler wanted to accomplish by releasing the seal and killing taelia would be an opportunity for all those that know what it means. i figure they all wish to use that power differently
  4. RIP your inbox I promise it s not intended to make you suffer more: Smeargle:no buff or anything butcosideringt that smeargle whole deal is to learn the moveset of the ennemy, why not give him an item that facilitate it?My idea wouldbe to have him be able to learn one of the four moves a defeated opponent used or a less tedious version would have him learn the lastused move. Porygon:So as we know porygon z is the offensive "bootleg version" while porygon2 is the official defensive version, i would suggest crest porygon who would be the "status" version: minus 20 to all stats in exchange of prankster+sturdy
  5. If flora is captured the judge will suggest to give her a death sentence.Florin will intetject in that case, and himself may or may not be a victim depending of your choices
  6. riped straight from cass mouth A Guide To Finding Your Backup Saves hello, gaymer. did you fuck up? is your save file broken? do you have to go back in time to fix a mistake that either you or rmxp inflicted upon your file? this is the guide for you. Step 1: Go to this location on your computer: C:\Users\Cass\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation more astute readers will recognized that there is the word "cass" in that filepath. they are correct! that is because i took this path from my computer. obviously, you are not on my computer. please do us both a favor and replace "cass" with your username. leaving "cass" in place when copying that filepath will give you an error and, frankly, you would deserve it. Step 2: you will see a lot of files in this folder. it is a mess. clean up this mess by clicking the "date modified" tab on the top. one of these files should say "game" on it. that is your current game. treasure it. but you want to load a backup. yeet that file to your desktop (or anywhere, really, just get it out of the folder.) upon having yeeted said file to your desktop, observe the other files. they should look something vaguely like this: 1263 - Cass - 151h 47m - 8 badges if you cleaned up your mess, they should be sorted in order of when they were made. thus, if you want your most recent backup save, you'll want a save near where the original game file you ruthlessly yeeted was. take this file and rename it to "game". Step 3: open rejuv. rejoice as the game automatically loads your backup save. you have done it. the universe applauds your success.
  7. In amethyst cave after melia "died" Zetta:You...You! It s because of your constantmeddling she died!We would have caught her if you just stayed out of it Ren/Venam:How dare you accuse him!it s all your faults MC: Guys...Before we do that...Do you really believe it?I know she was defenseless, but even if we believe she was...by a pokemon, how could a spider devour her:There s no way it killed her so cleanly only her bag is left in a couple hours Everyone: You re a trainer, not a physician MC:You know what forget it let s just battle
  8. Didn't her parent wanted her to go to a medical school? But i think aevium, much like reborn is more of a wildwest situation: they are a federation of sort but each city owner pretty much does the law: you see this with kenneth and taelia, and also with mattwew and amber: despite being accused of arson, they were simply exiled and are free to go wherever else as they please(to be fair it helps that the city pretty much only wanted a scape goat and didn't really seriously looked for a culprit, not that they could have found the true perpetrators).Narcissa was also able to lock out her village for years with no external opposition whatsoever, even if we know that they blocked the land way to akuwa town. Meanwhile, GDC is free to uphold death sentences, and no one but the bad land citizen did anything about the team xen attempted genocide.Those variety of situation are incompatible with any centralised governement,even one ruled by psychopaths.
  9. Thanks for the chapter! Don't worry anthony you won't need to hold back for very long It s not a big deal but i thought that Interesting for nancy to be a stern mom. Aevium having actual brochures is surprising but it s not like the region is a mess anymore, and most of those facts should be common knowledge anyway
  10. Curious to see how it will go. Anthony may be a bit of a sore looser but at the same time it s an understandable frustration, and it s not bad to have a mc with drive. Since he is an expert(champion level) i am guessing he will be able to be somewhat at ease in the first few stages, although maybe he will have trouble connecting with others and be even more frustrated when strentgh doesn't change the situation.
  11. Good now time to purposely fuck up(though personally was fine to have the surprise hanging) Seriously though nice udaptes, the quest card especially.Are they part of a quest log or do they just replace the old text explanation of the help request?I think the former would be nice although not essential
  12. If we're talking of old reliables, it will have to be "Poterie" the bronzdong and Fashionhood the Chesnaught, for being The shield and botcher of the team always ready. For clutch victory and for his raw power "porkpiece"(translated) the mamoswine was my Hero in the Solaris fight for tanking an earthquake from his garchomp and finish him off after having seen him tank a blizzard. And of course never forger kricktune for being an invaluable clutch
  13. Interested to see how it will turn out, and to see romiren's character
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