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  1. Good now time to purposely fuck up(though personally was fine to have the surprise hanging) Seriously though nice udaptes, the quest card especially.Are they part of a quest log or do they just replace the old text explanation of the help request?I think the former would be nice although not essential
  2. If we're talking of old reliables, it will have to be "Poterie" the bronzdong and Fashionhood the Chesnaught, for being The shield and botcher of the team always ready. For clutch victory and for his raw power "porkpiece"(translated) the mamoswine was my Hero in the Solaris fight for tanking an earthquake from his garchomp and finish him off after having seen him tank a blizzard. And of course never forger kricktune for being an invaluable clutch
  3. Interested to see how it will turn out, and to see romiren's character
  4. Will our valiant warrior and his fellow braves manage to overcome the iron red knight? Will his heart's blood flow as well as his cape? Stay tuned to find out! In all seriousness thanks for this. Even if its just a sketch its cool to see those scene like that. Hope you do more!
  5. Who would you hand the bomb-setting maid to anyway? The Police?! If those that Gardevoir corrupted are any indication, they are a combination of dumb and incompetent and might even get conviced to do her bidding(if she has any) You could kill her but it's a kid friendly game after all. Although Spacea and Tiempea/Crescent might do it.Plus heroes let problems fester sothey can solve them later. Good job remembering the fog, i didn't. But then why did they forcibly send the gang to Hell Terajuma(actually came to like the place through exposure effect and the map remodeling)? Making you (and maybe Melia) through physical and emotional suffering? Such benevolent goddesses would never do such a thing! I too expected a Melia tug war but the game had mercy for your soul. I actually like the arc, if only because it's a nice point to have things slow down a bit.
  6. Curious to see how it will turns out. The lower number of badge(comparatively to rejuv/reborn) might leave more space for story/side activity and make it less drawn out Since you seem to go for numerous alternate choices/focus on character I look forward to how we interact with the cast
  7. Just caught up with the run. You should not underestimate this region ability to create mind bogging attitudes, and with time travel being a thing, we might get a glimpse of advanced techniques of stupidity I still think the Marianette we've seen is from a timeline where Vitus had his "start of darkness", but differently, mostly because what we see doesn't look like the mansion in the prologue/Indriad arc(even tough he could have had it rebuilt/changed house). I see that exposure effect can start wearing down even the deepest disgust...If she weren't put on a bus maybe this could have happened with Braixen
  8. I like your Fern and Florina, mainly because it still mesh well with their personality(sunglasses for the "swag jockey", glasses in place for "flobot"), and the wider pupils makes them look a bit more realistic Julia look a bit strange, it looks like another character entirely and is a bit out of place with the other Bennet has a wiser look to him and nice touch for the acnea. Both version are fine imo. Cain and Victoria look younger and for the former it makes him look a bit more friendly.I still prefer cannon though Overall I think they are okay: they feel different than cannon but that's not necessarily bad.
  9. Nice read What do you mean by " So far, she had lost two people in her lives from the very moment she stepped into the region. " I can only see Nancy, unless you meant since she arrived and count Melia in it. Other than that everything was clear and you get your point across without dwelling too much on it. Although maybe you could add some details about the hanging out in the sewers(I know it is jus t a small part of the game but since here it took days and was important for Alice it might not hurt)
  10. humble challenger, journeying thorough this lovely wasteland

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