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  1. Who is rem? more seriously good job will look into it
  2. Wow thanks for making this i wanted to but got sidetracked It s not confirmed for sure but maman s husband went to work outside gdc to get money for their child While neved claims he does work for team xen for his daughter So it s a possibility Also ana has an unknown "grandmother" though her being an android suggest she was made
  3. well damn you pull no punches You certainly gives good argument for that old theory(it has never been a bad one but it sounds so easy it could be a red herring) there s also this line though there are some i feel looks off I reckon madame x said her mother died protecting her similar to nancy.now i don't believe mc=madame x if only because mc can be a male, but that makes one difference between them But the point that conflict the most with the theory is an off comment madame x says
  4. there used to be one but i think it was too buggy and the creator prefer waiting for v13 if redoing it at all
  5. I think what amanda meant by "mc has already been to aevium is that one or many of their previous incarnation as interceptor did roam the region before(like adrest was probably) It s possible that the current mc used to be in aevium and either didn't tell anybody or have faulty memories(probably the latter) but if they did wharever notable thing they did then is not related to the big picture, or is but in a way we have no way to know yet
  6. Your opportunity to read the books start some time after you meet garret and the two of you go to the private section of the library Those books are laid across the floor of both the library and of shiv's mansion(not the one in silver forrest, it you are at the right point in the game you will know which one i m refering to) and are differently colored:none of them are particularly hard to find(not locked behind any kind of puzzle) and just require wanting to explore the two place. You don't need to read all 9 of them: if i m not wrong you only need to read 5 of them an
  7. I guess the unown dimension is still linked to earth or it was an illusion so our body never actually left the library
  8. It sounds good! It makes me think of a cave so i assume it will be a background for some puzzle
  9. I never had this problem in my own game Do you have rejuv latest version?
  10. So before i detail anything i must say that i liked the game! I do play a lot of fire emblem as well as devil survivor(playing=/=good) So to me trpg is a genre i ve come to like a lot I only played once so far(i will try to do so one more time to try and get a better turncount) but the map design seemed good to me:The map is very big for the 4 characters we do have but there s not much moment where all we do is walking:the enemy count seems on point The demo is also a rescue mission and it really did succeed in that regard since the map size+handling the enemies i
  11. I think he really is just a dead man, but on the offchance that he is a character that we know?maybe vitus, puppetmaster or but i really don't think that s them. A funny answer would be that xenadin was a previous interceptor(not adrest since he sounds like he lived a long time ago) and that when he died the interceptor became the mc Though this theory really has absolutely no basis
  12. I know rejuv is an anime but your japanese translation made me chuckle a bit(in a good way) Nothing much to add as i don't think we have any element to discriminate an answer over another, though i never thought that xenadin could be the yvetal.Though it would seem odd since when you dive in the sheridan wetland laboratory that talks about how yvetal is in a cocoon now, madame x note speaks of it with hostility, as if yvetal or the person that gave it to her is her enemy, yet if she is defeated she will say "i m sorry father" so it seems quite contradictory
  13. If you listen to her about half the operation we see xen doing are supposedly unauthorized, but since we have no clue what exactly their rules are it s hard to get the purpose behind that. Well Anthony tried.And at least it seems he is not too restrained by the almighty cutscenes. Can't wait to see how he adapts to gearen
  14. you forget that sakitron follw comic toon logic, therefore orbital or 4 story fall are mere fake death Everyone could guess that there was no way we would get paid that much, but still it hurts(also how low value is the pokedollar/filthy rich are the blakeori that hundred of billions is pocket change?)
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