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  1. my name is just Yooommeee#2450
  2. whats ur number thing? idk how to pm
  3. I was wondering if anyone had a really good ditto for me. I can give some stuff but I don't have a lot. You can ask me if you want something.
  4. Yea i look at the fandom, and i'm kind of basing my team off of it
  5. It wasn't working for me. I'll just have to try and beat her some other way
  6. Im in waiting for the request
  7. my name is the same as on here
  8. But im ready to trade when u r
  9. I do not have the lunatone i dont think sorry
  10. Yea the solrock was in tanzan But id be good for a torchic or a rowlet eaither would be good. Preferably a rowlet
  11. Aw dang i have the solrock. Im not sure where to get lunatone
  12. i can check for a lunatone too
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