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  1. Kixur


    Thanks! Enjoy!
  2. Kixur


    Alright! I'll be getting on then!
  3. Kixur


    Alright. Let me know when you're on and want to trade!
  4. Hey! I'd be happy to grab that Eevee and Flareon off of you. Are you looking for any mons in particular? I could breed anything you're looking for, but mons I have available right now are: -Dragalge -Venomoth -Foongus -Spheal -Swinub -Gulpin -Poochyena -Honedge -Misdreavus -Trumbeak -Cyndaquil -Chespin -Larvesta -Chansey -Rattata -Pidgeotto -Aron -Drilbur -Azurill -Barboach -Bagon
  5. Kixur


    Sure thing, give me a bit and I'll breed one for ya!
  6. Alrighty! Just got on, feel free to request a trade. Mine's Kixur
  7. Kixur

    an apology

    Forget legendries and the night club, WE GET TO RIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL!
  8. Nawwww ^///u////^ thanks, that message made my day! Enjoy 'em! As a bonus, all three of the mons you asked for have 5 perfect IVs (since I've EVOverflow trained every mon in the game, makes for some good breeding results). You enjoy 'em!
  9. I don't really need anything in return. Things like heartscales or high-sell items are appreciated, but not necessary. All three are ready and I'm waiting in trades now. Username is Kixur.
  10. No worries! I can help you out! Give me a minuet and I'll have them ready for you :)
  11. I can breed you a Chespin and Meditite, but you're on your own for the other stone.
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