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  1. Nope, you just need to keep trying. It's absolutely possible. Be sure not to use speedup!
  2. *Ooooooohhhhh* these look nice. I'm so hyped for the next episode, I can't wait to try these out for myself!
  3. Walrein's not the best, but I wouldn't call it bad. Vaporeon's my tried and true for that role, but since you're looking for Pokemon you haven't used and aren't keen on Walrein there's Lapras, Wailord, and Starmie. Though Ice Beam/Blizzard aren't available as a TM yet unless you're modding the game, you've still got options for Ice moves with all of them. Though, I do think Walrein's your best bet to fit the role - especially if you're looking for stuff you haven't used before.
  4. It's fine! We can try again! On Waiting again.
  5. It's fine! I'm here! Ready when you are!
  6. Sorry, was a bit busy! On Waiting now, so you can get on request trade. The username is Kixur
  7. Aww! It's lovely, thank you! Let me know when you want to trade!
  8. It's fine if it's not shiny. I feel a bit bad that you're putting so much time into this ^^;
  9. Good IVs are a plus, but I use EVOverflow so in the end it'd be more to save me time perfecting it. Nature isn't too important, since I can change it later, but if it's Jolly it'd save me a few heartscales down the line!
  10. I'd be happy to trade you a Ralts! I don't need anything special - I'd be looking for any wild-caught mon for my new run, though I'd love a Fletchling if you can get one. EDIT: And here's a decent shiny one for you! I also bred two, if you want one for yourself as well!
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