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  1. Random sugestion, but.... if you ever add any more eevee some paradox ones to go with the eventual gen 9 would probably be adorable....
  2. Looking around at the sprites it seems has an alt-form now, may I ask how to obtain it it looks super cool.... or is that a mega? To which I guess the same question would apply.
  3. Maybe it would be possible to talk to them about distributing a version that patches the mod like how there is a patch for the base game? That way one would still have to download there mod originally, and no redistribution of there work would happen.... just a patch for said work, you would have to go to them to get the original. Sorry if suggesting this is too much, I am just thinking about how mods for mods work over in some of the other communities I am in, sorry.
  4. If I had to guess, based on a post that showed up in the Plates of Arceus thread at the same time the links went down.... The lack of accreditation was related to them and not the Pokemon uranium team... Which does make me a bit sad that pokemon reborn doesn't seem to have a way to use mods together, or combine them yourself.... because I would if I could.
  5. Not the best with english, does "next week" in the context of the above post mean? 10-17 or 18-25? sorry.
  6. will there be a version that works with radiation reborn?
  7. Disapointed in the missed peak pun for the fighting type..... Champeon.
  8. Other dumb question then, do nuclear pokemon take continious underwater damage? Or do they actualy know how to swim.
  9. Whats the earliest location that I can pick up a nuclear pokemon? Started with an eevee using the pick a starter mod and would like to go down that route of evolution...
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