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  1. Doing an Ice monotype, what ice starter should I give myself

  2. Can someone tell me where the Agate CITY soundtrack is from? I know it's from the gen 4 games but I can't place my finger on it 

    1. Mindlack


      I'm not really sure, but I find that Sinnoh's Route 209 sounds at least somewhat similar... 

    2. Burning Bright

      Burning Bright

      that's the one that I think it's based on as well ?haha, nostalgic

    3. andracass


      you're looking for this one here

  3. Is glutttony bugged?

  4. Adrienn is one of the best characters 

    1. Gastronely


      Xe's good, but not one of the best. That title either goes to Titania, Amaria, Shelly or Solaris

  5. Is going back to older versions to breed down TMs still a thing?

  6. how is a sleeping pokemon going to "avoid my attack" 10 times in a row

  7. POG they added protect TM into the game!

  8. Why does the game force you to read Titania's diary? Can't you just wait there like she tells you?

    1. Dreamy


      You don't have to read it, but she'll think you did anyway because she's that sort of accusatory person.

  9. the fact that Machamp doesn't learn close combat is infuriating

    1. Logan_the_balalaika


      It learns close combat through breeding tho 🤔

    2. Burning Bright

      Burning Bright

      not good enough, it's a failure of a pokemon

  10. lmfaooo sometimes you just need good Moody rng instead of strategy

    1. Burning Bright

      Burning Bright


  11. I think my trainer card is bugged. It only shows the first gym badge, even though I just beat Shade?


  12. holy shit just found a shiny spiritomb https://imgur.com/dtfmfj0

  13. I haven't played this game in a super long time, and I have no clue what to do next. A few things: I can use Fly now Reborn city still looks crappy The house near the waterfall is all flooded, the electric gym leader is sleeping on a couch I went to Calcenon, Cain mentioned something about Anna and Noel being missing? and says "any luck on your end" ?
  14. @NickCrash You mentioned you liked Marvel, and said that Venom was your favorite superhero. Do you have a favorite DC superhero and villain?
  15. I have not played for a year, and I'm in the forest with the Heracross puzzle. What comes after that?

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    2. Burning Bright

      Burning Bright

      Hmm, I'll check the number of badges ASAP, and see where to go from there. Thanks for the help

    3. Burning Bright

      Burning Bright

      I have 13 badges, where to go next

    4. Dreamy


      13 badges means that you can fly back to reborn city now. it sounds like E15 was the last version you played, so you probably need to go back to agate circus and into the back room with the computer to trigger the transition, then fly anywhere within the city itself and start looking around, going to the grand hall when ready

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