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  1. Fourth gym in rejuv done, here's the team.

  2. Third gym in rejuv done, here's the team.

  3. Second gym in rejuv beaten once again, here's the team.

    1. Faustin


      a fellow cherrim user? nice.

    2. Siewek


      Cherrim is great, using it for the helping hand mostly.

  4. Back to playing Rejuv, I lost my old save file, so starting from scratch, Here's the team for the 1st gym


  5. Hi, Happy birthday bud! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. I am still looking to archive the old reborn clients, if by some miracle you have a copy of episodes 3-8 saved locally, I would be forever grateful for a donation to this project.

  7. Paldea Pokedex completed!

  8. Alright, I'll give it a go: 1.Passwords are a great way to customise your experience, they range from quality of life as: a different starter, not having to worry about IV's, even more difficulty, monotype run helps. I think realistically speaking, only you can decide what kind of experience you're looking for. Passwords are not mandatory by any means, and without using any you can have an amazing experience too. During the gameplay, you can add passwords you might want with a consumable item called Data Chip. 2. Okay, so whenever a pokemon is generated, it has it's own Internal Values, or IV's, they are static and normally can't be changed (There's a limited amount of items in post game that can though, but that's post game). Those values range from 0 to 31 in each stats and you can check them in the EV/IVs menu in summary. You can manipulate those values with breeding, but that's a whole another topic, EV's on the other hand are effort values, basically, whenever you defeat a pokemon, the pokemon you use will get like 1-2 points in a stat assigned to the defeated pokemon, let's say I defeat a machop, for every machop I defeat I am getting +1 EV in attack, Ev's cap at 255 in one stat and I believe at like 512 total I think. Evs are much easier to manipulate and you can decrease and increase them using items, or just raise them fighting pokemon. 3.it depends on a pokemon, but generally almost in every case, maxing out speed and attack/special attack will do the trick, unless you're going for a specific build and obviously maxing out speed on a base 25 speed pokemon will be a waste, I would recomend checking Smogon for some builds for pokemon that you're interested in. 4.There's forecasts on tv, as far as I know, weather can't be manipulated anymore, so check forecasts frequently. 5.I assume you mean about pokemon like teddiursa that runs away if you interact with it, those are event pokemon, they don't require pokesnax, sometimes though when conditions are met, you may find pokemon standing in seemingly random questions, if you have pokesnax, you will be prompted to give it to them, if you do, you have a chance to catch it, it's a good way to get some good pokemon early on. 6.Numel is a pokesnax pokemon that stands near Grandview station in peridot, during rain. 7. The best advice, is to have fun, there is no wrong way to play this game.
  9. Sir, this is Starlight Divide forum.
  10. Chapter 7 of Rejuv done, and boy what a fight that was.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Ah remind me again which fight that was? I'm guessing the Mt Valor one?

    2. Siewek


      It was Angie.

    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Oh yeeaah angie! She's been the hardest leader for me so far this playthrough. I spent like 7 hours fighting her.

  11. Chapter 6 of Rejuv Done

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Ah yeah you are. How was Crawli for you? He was giving me issues lol, I had to unbench Vivillion and grind him up so I could actually win lol. But it was a good last hurrah for vivillion's career I guess. 

    3. Siewek


      Surprisingly easy with a bit of planning and overpreparation. I am proud of this  fight, I made a stupid mistake which costed me my Feraligatr, but Im really happy with how this battle went. I had my Coalossal set up stealth rocks and get rid of the sticky web while Froslass was chipping the health of Galvantula, I had Raichu with Lightningrod in case Galvantula wanted to Thunder my Talonflame, I set up Sunny Day with Cherrim to get rid of the rain , from that point on, Feraligatr and Talonflame swept everything with Acrobatics/Flame charge and Rock Tomb. Here's the team after the fight.

    4. Monochrome_Complex


      Wow niiice. I didn't have any weather control  at the time or rapid spinners/defoggers, so the speed drops and rain were kinda rough to deal with lol.

  12. I never suspected I would love using Mantine so much.

    1. Q-Jei


      I feel you! Back in the days when I played Reborn for the first time (Episode 16) and tried to prepare myself more seriously, Mantine was one of the mons I used the most alongside Flygon, Drapion, Arcanine, Florges and Purugly. She was a great tank and a very fun roadblock to use against opposing teams thanks to Aqua Ring, Toxic and moves with a semi-invulnerable turn. Mantine double weakness against Electric attacks didn't hold me back from making her a permanent member of my squad even after I beat Adrienn! I hope you'll keep enjoying it as much as I did 🙂

    2. Siewek


      I am very much into wall pokemon, and currently in Rejuv Im trying all kinds of new things, I wish I had a larger roster in Reborn too, but I plan to do plenty of challenge runs in the future after Im done with Rejuv and Deso, so I can't wait to find out even more hidden gems like Mantine :D

  13. I passed all my finals, Im freeeeeee!

    1. Q-Jei


      Congratulations, it sounds like the last big wall of stress has fallen today for you! 😄

      I hope everything went smooth on your side during these last few days!

    2. Magus


      Naisu, now you can play pokemon like a responsible adult

  14. Can we all agree that Ame, Cass and the rest of ChasingSelene studio are really awesome? Okay thanks.

  15. Finished Chapter 5 of Rejuv, after a short break.

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