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  1. Another Milestone passed.


  2. Shiny eggs just might be the best thing I've ever heard.
  3. Im gonna say it. I'm grateful for the conveniently placed healing machines and PCs, I appreciate them and whoever put them there.

  4. Nooo, I wanna keep playing...


  5. Team after defeating Hardy


    1. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      Love the Hydreigon, Lucario, and Crawdaunt!

    2. Siewek


      Thank you! Believe it or not, Im an old PVP veteran, and I never got around to using hydreigon before for some reason, I love him here. Can't wait for the shiny icons so he can be appreciated in the menus in his full glory.

  6. Not exactly a gym leader, but team after defeating Solaris


  7. Volcarona is straight up insane.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      It was a big reason I was even able to beat the Gauntlet in the Glass factory first time I did it.

    2. Siewek


      Yeah same, it carried me through that almost on its own.

  8. Is that a Fothermucking Danganronpa Reference?!?!


  9. 300 done, a lot more to go


  10. Can't wait to see how it works out
  11. Here's my Character tier list for anyone interested, I decided to slightly modify it after posting the one on Reddit because Im a bit further in the game and my opinions changed. Also bear in mind that in no way Im judging the writing of any characters, just my personal "How much I like x" kinda thing. A terribly written character can be still very enjoyable, and vice versa, 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Siewek


      I wouldn't say Taka scored lower than Fern or Blake, they're about the same, in all honestly, I found Taka to be kinda boring overall, he left no impression on me whatsoever, sure vibing with him in the desert was fun, and we got some really interesting lore, but then he sort of died on my route, maybe if I gotten the Zekrom route I'd feel different, but then I wouldn't get that sweet sweet lore about TM.

      Tania might be my favorite character, not only she has one of my favorite locations in the game, I love the drama and the edge, the edgier the better, also Im a sucker for steel types and fairy tales. With Amaria it's a mixed bag, I love how she was written, and I love the fact that indirectly, but definitely planned, Lin caused the entire reshiram route Amaria fiasco. She insisted that I keep the saphire bracelet and Titania had to agree. Amaria reminds me a lot of 



      from OMORI, where the stuff she did overshadow the part where Im supposed to feel bad for her, at least to me, I was happy when Tania decided to leave.

      I certainly can't say I dislike Lin, despite what happened in the plot, she's interesting, I can't wait to see even more of her, I read that she's actually pretty nice on Zekrom route, her appearance in the Never After was amazing, my opinions tend to slightly shift with time so idk about Lin, at this moment I'd say she's either OK or amazing, probably the latter.

    3. doombotmecha


      Like, I understand why people don't like Amaria, and I consider her arc with Titania to be one of the biggest barriers in me recommending reborn to people (leading off your pokemon game review with TW: suicide isn't exactly gonna persuade anyone), but despite that I still find their relationship...funny, almost?

      Like, there's a sort of inherent comedy to two people having the worst breakup of their life. twice. while you're just trying to get the magic cd rom or shiny medal that lets you get back to worldsaving. 


      Saphira I think is different to Tania in that she just has a family-centered morality. Her siblings, blood and otherwise, are the only thing with any real value to her.

      Titania on the other hand is just. Chaotic Lawful. She has a massively complex moral code but nobody knows what the hell it is.

      That said, she's definitely one of my favorite characters, even if she's a terrible person. Extremely compelling. I want to study her like a bug.


      Taka...Taka I actually like a lot, but I can see why someone else wouldn't. Just kinda going along with your shitty parents and their shitty ideas because you don't think there's another choice is something I relate to.

      Lin is hysterical. Team meteor has a leader who does zero actual leading because she's too busy flying around making her bizarre philosophical point. Her true nature is unknown. Anna can't see her. She's completely invincible. She skipped the elite 4 because she CBA to deal with them. She's Terra's friend. I'm very very excited to find out more about her but if she left the story after being beaten and vanished from the story without any answers I think that would be funny as hell.

    4. Siewek


      Honestly, the thought that Titania might be one of the biggest barriers for recommending reborn has never even crossed my mind. The four Iconic girl friends dynamic of Julia Amaria, Florina and Tania has been one of the biggest selling points to me from the time Shofu played it back when Radomous, Luna and Terra were the last leaders (Those are the parts I watched). Also damn, now I kinda want to do an alignment chart for them.

  12. Team after beating Amaria


    1. Monochrome_Complex


      I just gotta mention how great the name Clawdia is lol. And dude good luck with the "boss" of the next segment...it was an absolute nightmare for me the first time I did it.


      Between Amaria and Titania, who gave you a harder time? 

    2. Siewek


      I may have stolen the name Clawdia from ShadyPenguin, back in the X/Y era he made me fall in love with Crawdaunt and his was called Clawdia. 

      Tania, hands down, though both of them had me do similar amount of preparation before, I just had natural counters against Amaria with Serperior and Magnezone. Im pretty satisfied with how the arc turned out so far too, I'm on the Reshiram route. Titania's fight also was the only one that I had to switch up my strategy completely, and I liked that, there was not a lot of cheesing that could be done there, just good ol preparation and well designed team, with Amaria I just happened to have Serperior and Magnezone that wrecked her.

  13. Team after beating Titania


  14. Team after beating Adrienn


    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Curious did you find Adrienne one of the easier leaders or harder ones? I feel like a lot of people say xe's one of the easier leaders but I'd put Adrienne around mid-tier at the least because some runs I had a difficult time with them.

    2. Siewek


      Oh no, xe was not one of the easiest for my team, even after spending the whole day doing trial and error, research, some side quests I missed and grinding to get Cypher and Clinky ready, it took a good few tries. The misty terrain messed with my team a lot, cause it disabled rest for my snorlax, and toxic on my other mons, and then there was no hope for a setup on my Moxie Scrafty because fairy moves, and somehow the Gardevoir was faster than my Gengar too, so no 1st turn hypnosis. In the end, electric terrain on Magnezone until I got rid of the Mawile did the trick, rest was fairly simple to deal with.

  15. Team after beating Ciel


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