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  1. Hii! I'm hosting a Mafia game that will take place entirely on Discord. This game is thematically based on Fire Emblem Heroes and you will be given the opportunity to choose the character you will be playing. From the characters that have been submitted, I will be creating the roles that will be essential for the game. https://discord.gg/bM8nmeE
  2. I stand by my case. I want to play this game and not be yeeted over someone who hasn't been really contributing to the group. I aim to contribute as much as I can in the coming days and that's why you should keep me.
  3. Yeah, but I guarantee that I will not whisper to anyone to try and coordinate something and I have no intention of siding with the Coven.
  4. Oh I forgot to send in my vote. I don't want to potentially die yet so [Trial] Hypurr
  5. @Dragoknight I just need to get my target lynched or if my target dies, get lynched myself. Tbh I've gotten an evil role God knows how many times in Nano's Town of Salem games and for once, I got a role that actually wins with town, so I just want to survive this If you still don't believe me, feel free to block/investigate me, I just want to at least get a chance to complete my wincon rather than being backed in a corner just because a series of circumstances somehow lined up against me.
  6. Also, I feel that Hypurr might be evil because of being on both lists, though the possibility of him being town is not unlikely because the way the Psychic works makes it more or less equally likely for him to be town or evil
  7. Ding ding ding Of course, I'm evil. As always in Nano's Town of Salem games HOWEVER, you should not vote me out because I can win with you. I'm the Executioner, a Neutral Evil role that wins with town by either lynching my target or if my target dies, I can avoid that. I'm not going to tell who my target is yet but I will help you as much as I can. Also, I got roleblocked last night.
  8. I'm kinda stressed out from other life stuff =_= but I'll try to be active more within this 24 hours cycle
  9. Season 4 Reborn Mafia Awards Voting Thread It's been around 2 years and 4 months since this club has been first made. We now look back on some of the Mafia games that were played over the last season. We will remember how club members deduction and analytical skill brought a Town win or how some others deceived us with their fake claims and convincing arguments as Mafia or Third Party aligned players. Now that we're at the end of the season, we will recognize the efforts given by the hosts and the players! Rules for Voting: Eligible Games: Award Descriptions: Voting Sheet:
  10. I feel like Bean has that insanity mechanic probably. Unless if he's just meme-ing
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