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  1. I haven't used forums much in the past year so I didn't think of that lmao. I have an inkling of what your role is, but I'm not sure if what I'm thinking is right. Oof don't vote for me too. Honestly, I don't want to go, so I'll reveal what I know. I'm Lori, the Dreamer. I was visited on N0 so I didn't receive any info. On N1, I had received these names: Evi, Astra, Bean. On N2, I received these names: Anti-Loser, Castiel, Bean.
  2. LMAO (1) this isn't a vongola xD and (2) please don't vote me xD
  3. My thoughts on earlier events, I think Astra claiming the Miller sort of role is a good town move because it's definitely more dangerous to keep that, especially with this whole insanity mechanic, that we don't know much of. Nano's playing an aggressive game, I agree, but the claim makes him more town-ish. I have to check his other posts more to get a better read on him. On the other hand, Falirion's been very contributory. It's a good town sign, but I've seen a lot of mafia players succeed by doing that too. Don't have enough reason to vote anyone yet.
  4. My initial thoughts are that Amber was targeted for being instrumental in the Evi lynch. Other than that, I have a few reads on some people: Lia - Most likely the Loudmouth, there's no other explanation otherwise for her announcing role Anti-Loser - I don't get why he self-voted last phase and I haven't seen him contribute as much as he normally does Castiel - I find the vote on Bean weird, especially if Bean's town and he isn't Bean - Hard to get a read on him. Doubt two mafia members would gun for the cop but maybe his randomness offsets any suspicion on him Lykos - Voted by Evi last phase. I feel that Evi wouldn't bus a mafia member to survive last phase Alekii - Inactive. Going meta here, probably town because I doubt mafia would let someone be inactive for like two phases unless if that's a strategy Astra - Likely town based on thoughts going in both phases, has been contributing Cherry - Seems genuinely town from the last post she had made Nano - Mostly remember him roleplaying high school, could be chill town or mafia blending in For now, my vote will be on [Eliminate] Anti-Loser I want to know why you self voted last phase and your thoughts thus far
  5. I actually have barely read any of the role text and what has been said yet xD as Anti said, there's so many role interactions I'll be going over everything later and share my thoughts more
  6. This is wild. Guess we can't get any info from both Bean and Evi. [Eliminate] Evi Crystal What are drugs
  7. Could you both give us an explanation on your vote on Newt despite his cop claim?
  8. Mood Both of them have not given a concrete explanation of why they voted for Newt. It could be that one of them is mafia because of the way they're deflecting. Also I agree that 1 kill was the mafia kill (Aldo or Nicki), 1 was a vigilante kill (Drago, most likely as he could not have visited anyone, except for if he performed the mafia kill), and the last one was probably a town external kill or a third party killing role.
  9. From what has been said, I think Newt is indeed a cop despite the early claim because I don't think he would really benefit from doing that except in the case if he tried to perform a mafia kill on Lia but failed. For now, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I think Lia being loudmouth is true. There aren't really many roles that could do such an announcement. On the other hand, Aldo's post seem weird. It's kinda similar to AL's posts in Whoville. I feel like he might be a third party. I don't have enough reason to lynch anyone, but I would prefer to lynch someone who's inactive atm. [Vote] Alekii
  10. This is reasonable, but wouldn't it be better for him to visit someone who isn't confirmed on a Night Zero, in case he gets targeted by the mafia?
  11. Hmmm I'm not sure, but it sounds the closest atm to any of the characters. I was reading some of the descriptions and here are my initial thoughts for some: Clay the Napper - Sleep related role like Sleepwalker Delilah the Mom Friend - Has leader in her description, could be the Leader/Governor Rick the Bully - Godfather? Sonia the Bookwork - Intelligent role like Cop/Detective Timmy the Normie - Normie implies he's a Villager/could be Mafioso because it states he's suspicious I doubt some of the roles would be obvious though so I might be wrong.
  12. I think the announcement is something that could be related to a Loudmouth role or something similar to that
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