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  1. Vendor Name : @Vanitas Requested Pokemon : Bastiodon Gender : Male Ability : Soundproof Pokerus : Yes Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : Shiny Offered Pokemon : Aggron Gender : Male Ability : Sturdy Nature : Quick Tempered IV Spread : 29,17,27,5,5 EV Spread : 0,0,0,0,0 Pokerus : No Shininess : Shiny Egg Moves : None Item : None Online ID & Time with timezone : WAREN and IST
  2. hi do you play reborn if yes can you please trade me a ralts

    1. W4RR3N87


      Ok yeah sure 
      Tell me a date and time accordingly we could trade

  3. Ok So i'd rather not disturb you then... Seriously get well soon then
  4. It is not that I really delve deep into fanfic or create my own theories I mostly wait to see what happens next rather than give it much thought But such as it is "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" always arises even for the tiniest bit and gives rise to discussion (which I really don't mind)... Also things like those do put ideas into the author's mind Again this is just my opinion which you don't have to regard if don't like it No seriously I'm a nobody........................................................................................................................................................
  5. I was just thinking of how long ago did you formulate the idea 

    of your story and how long did it take for you (idk if with or without the help of others but just mentionin')

    to compile the complete story with out any base faults into the game...

    Again this is something I just pondered over and asked...

    1. Commander


      If you really, really want to know it takes a least a year to make a solid storyline, but it's not uncommon to take two or even 4 years to write one up.

    2. Dylanrockin


      I wrote the story myself, and Symphonic Horizon took me 2 years to write. Then I spent an entire year editing it. The story came out to be 350,000+ words according to the Word Document.


      It was inspired by the Tales series (Symphonia mostly). But, it's all original, with my own ideas, but only taking plot structure into account, from Symphonia.

    3. W4RR3N87


      Thanks for the info...

      No I haven't ever even heard of tales of symphonia

      I should probably go and check it out before ask any further questions to you

  6. Sure why not it'll be fun at-least to have story based game after a long while now (ahem dark rising ahem) with wholly developed characters with really good personalities Like your style (No loose ends, eh) it does remind me of the digidestineds how they get chosen and have single great partner with them... So waiting for the game is going to be the hardest part
  7. So what is the time gap between the 2 games and are you likely to release both the games at the same time or would take time for the 2nd installment and let the tension build from the fans and take ideas from the gamers as to how the story could proceed even further... also while leaving any cliff hangers for us to grab on ??? Please let there be cliff hangers...
  8. I give you a 8/10 for the ridiculous "douche"y chin that you've got
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