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  1. Datman

    please help

    i completed 9 gyms already
  2. my save file was corrupted i cannot find game.rxdata i tried so much please help Game.exe
  3. i want a nidoking or queen to beat aya please someone any tips to beat aya i am trying from 2 weeks i am being tortured this is the first gym leader i have faced DIFFICULT as hell
  4. my team jynx-lvl45 heart stamp nasty plot sing avalanche swoobat-lvl45 psychic calm mind air cutter attract gothitelle-lvl 45 embargo feint attack psychic psywave donphan-lvl 45 rollout earthquake magnitude fury attack camerupt-lvl45 lava plume flame burst yawn earth power ampharos-lvl 45 discharge t wave power gem confuse ray strategy- sing on nidoqueen discharge on toxapex bring in gothitelle and psychic nidoqueen bring in camerupt and lava lume the venasaur bring in donphan and earthquake the scorpion that was the most i could get i always die for that scorpion aqua tail then game over i am trying from 2 weeks to beat her but always the same result
  5. then what is the best team for that girl
  6. do you have a network problem???????????????????????
  7. why is this this late [my first time trading]
  8. thank you soo much now i can beat aya
  9. oki will give you my arcanine @Sleepy boy
  11. i need a magnemite to evolve it into magnzone to beat that fricking aya i will give you a emolga, arcanine ,ponyta ,skitty, noibat ,migteyana, THE BIG BOMB IS I WILL GIVE ANYONE MY BLAZIKEN IF THEY GIVE ME A MAGNEZONE WITH GREAT MOVES AND STATS [THE BLAZIKEN IS LV50] PLEASE AND SOME TIPS FOR BEATING AYA
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