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    Watching anime, Playing Pokemon, Watching VGC, Science, and playing old games like the mystery dungeon side games, playing strategy games like command and conquer, Chess ya know the stuff

    I can also solve the Rubik's cube if that's impressive

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    What the fuck is Skype?
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    Facebook I'm not saying my name tho
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    Wait I have twitter as well

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  1. @SinjiI can give you one username is DelRad just send the request
  2. I know this might sound weird but..

    I laughed at my dog earlier when I was looking at him because I was thinking about giving him a Choice band when...

    Surprise! This isn't Pokemon anymore

  3. Alright well just message me if you wanna trade. I have lots of steel type available in the cage pc
  4. I have Mawile and Pawniard do you want 'em? I also have an Aegislash and a link stone and metal coat for your onix Wait this isn't online play...shit
  5. @Gastronely Well not anymore. Wait nevermind its a draw again
  6. I just woke up but yes username is DelRad and thanks
  7. I can't seem to find them anywhere I was going to use them for filling up the Pokedex and use them for my team as well.
  8. It's time to answer the question about which of these two is better. I guess, both are good.
  9. Alright I currently have all starters with the exception of Litten, Chikorita, Tepig, Snivy, Turtwig, Chespin, Piplup, and Chimchar I can trade you the eggs if they can be traded if not then I will trade you hatched starters and you'd have to breed them yourself You can give me any Pokemon. I already have the Alakazam line registered for the Pokedex.
  10. @SoggyD I can breed one for you but you'll have to wait the male to female ratio of starters is troublesome
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