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  1. If I'm not completely mistaken, she should be sitting by the fountain in the center of the Studios
  2. Generally all Dark Types, but I think I'll stick with the one who started it all, Mightyena
  3. To get Aron you'll need the TMX for Rock Smash and access to the greater Railnet which is after the 6th Gym I could give you an Aron, if you don't want to wait that long
  4. You have to partake in the Safari Zone Game of Kakori Village to gain greater access to Jeminra Woods
  5. No problem at all, always happy to help. Until next time, take care
  6. I'm ready as well and have already send the request too
  7. Like always no problem, until "soon", Take care
  8. Hey there, fancy meeting you here, guess what? I'd be willing to give you your desired Charizard, when you're ready
  9. Hey there, I could give you a Ditto if you want. I'm currently online.
  10. No problem, always happy to help Until next time, take care
  11. Give me max 5 minutes, I'll go online now and wait for your request. My online name is Hyena2305
  12. I could give you Metang, if you want. Is it required to have any specific stats?
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