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  1. Hey. Could I have some help in fixing the wall bug glitch in West Gearen City. I posted a question on the wall bug forum

  2. you have to sprinkle it with spice powder to "wake" it up and then try to catch it, there might be a chance that it doesn't disappear afterwards cause it's bugged. Should this happen catch another Vileplume outside of the Safari Zone and retry it, it should work properly then
  3. Hey there, this is a known bug, try leaving the Safari Zone to catch another Vileplume, this should fix the Vileplume in Jeminra Woods I hope this helps
  4. Hey there, you can find Wimpod if you pass through the Cave in the Safari Zone, you'll have to purify said cave beforehand in the subarea which is accessible from Route 5 to reach Wimpod's Nest. I hope this helps
  5. Hey there, I could give you your desired Larvitar, but due to the fact that my online trading doesn't work currently for some reason, I'd ask you to upload your savefile here, so I can give it to you nonetheless.
  6. Hey there, I presume my work is done, have fun continue playing Game.rxdata
  7. Hey there, unfortunately my trading stopped working some time ago for some reason, so if you would upload your savefile I could give you that Egg regardless Thanks for your patience
  8. Hey there, I could give you your desired egg, if you still need it.
  9. Hey there, it seems to me you haven't solved the "Missing Miltank" Problem at Yui's Ranch yet, once that's done he should come down there once you try to enter the castle I hope this helps
  10. At the entrance to Mt. Valor, where Zetta left your group behind, after the question if Melia is "Shore about" it
  11. Hey there, if you've refused to give the whole Magma Stone to Cera, you have to unfreeze the TM-Shop in Kristilline first to recieve the TM for Magma Drift so that the story continues. The way you intend to go is only available if you sacrificed the Magma Stone to Cera. I hope this helps
  12. Hey there, if you upload your savefile here, I could give you a Balm Mushroom, considering you still need one
  13. Hey there, I could give you a Whismur, unfortunately my trading doesn't work properly currently, so I implore you to upload your savefile, if you still need a Whismur
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