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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are no plans to include Gen. 8 into the final Episode of Pokémon Reborn. But maybe, just maybe someone makes someday a mod for it.
  2. Hey there, I could give you both, if you want
  3. I could give them to you,do you want them as eggs or hatched? I'm only available during C.E.T. Daytime hours
  4. I'll trade you over the Eggs of Shuppet and Nidoran (f).
  5. I'd be willing to help, if you want. Don't need anything special in return
  6. Welcome to this wonderful community. I hope you'll enjoy every minute here
  7. I promise to take good care of Hariyama. Take care
  8. Give me 5 Minutes, I'll be ready by then
  9. Hey there, I could give you one, if you want
  10. Use the Search function to look for a document called game.rxdata, this is your savefile.
  11. I'm definitely going to take care of the little guy, I love dark types Take care
  12. Exactly, my online name would be Hyena2305, I'll go online now and wait for your request
  13. My time zone is C.E.T. and I'm always available when I'm active on this site ^^
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