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  1. Hey there, I have the same problem, some acquaintances of me presume that the graphic card is simply to old too/weak to depict the new graphics. This might not be the solution but it's the best info I could find
  2. and that's a wrap, have fun continue playing Game.rxdata
  3. Alright, unfortunately my trading doesn't seem to work properly currently, so I'd ask you to upload your savefile here so I can give it to ya nonetheless Thanks in advance
  4. Hey there, I could give you one if you still need one.
  5. Hey there, you don't need the Ditto to get out of the prison cell, you only need mons that can make the metal bars brittle in order to escape. Ditto only appears in the top left cage when you've done the Day Care Mission beforehand. No worries if you didn't do it, you can get it soon after recieving your 8 th Badge if you didn't do the afromentioned quest as well as didn't help it escape it's cage. I hope I could be of service
  6. Hey there, Staraptor can only learn U-turn through TM which isn't available yet. Sorry that I can't deliver better news
  7. Hey there, I'd be willing to give you your desired mon, if you still need it.
  8. You know, just because you might not like my answer doesn't mean you have to "mock" me right away.
  9. Hey there, sorry to burst your bubble but Ash-Greninja will never happen, so you'll have to get along with Ash-Radomus instead.
  10. For reaching the npc who gives the Mining Kit out he needs to beat Shelly though.
  11. Hey there, sorry that I'm responding so late, but I got your desired Kitty. Enjoy playing Game.rxdata
  12. Hey there, I'd be willing to help ya, unfortunately my trading doesn't seem to work currently, so I'd implore you to upload your savefile here to be able to give you your Kitty that way.
  13. Hey there, I could give you an EXP-Share if you upload your savefile here.
  14. No problem at all, always happy to help. Until next time Take care
  15. Hey there, after extensively studying the effects of Dragon's Den, I believe that this might be a fitting team for her highness. Saphira Belrose (pokepast.es)
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