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  1. Hey there, I could give you your desired Houndour if you still need one
  2. Hey there, I could give you a Ditto if you want
  3. No problem at all, always happy to help. P.S. should you wanna test your talents against one of my teams just PM me so I can tell you more about it Until next time, take care
  4. We could do it now if you want, my online name would be Hyena2305. Tell me once your ready so I go online
  5. Hey there, I could give you your desired Riolu. I don't need anything special in return, since you can keep it
  6. No problem at all, always happy to be of assistance Take care
  7. Huh, due to some circumstances I believe it to be best you upload your savefile here so I can give you your desired Electirizer that way. You know where to find it?
  8. still nothing, should I sent the Trade offer to you instead?
  9. I didn't recieve any message about a proposed trade
  10. Hey there, I bit down from where the Train started all the way back during the escape is a breakable wall which brings you behind the iron gate. I hope this helps
  11. Sorry for the Tardiness, I would go online now if you're ready as well My online name is Hyena2305
  12. Alright, we could trade today at 7 p.m. C.E.T. if that's okay with you
  13. Hey there, I could give you an Electirizer if you still need one
  14. Hey there, I have the same problem, some acquaintances of me presume that the graphic card is simply to old too/weak to depict the new graphics. This might not be the solution but it's the best info I could find
  15. Due to the upload limit here's the last member. Due to the fact that Laura's Gloves are either green or pink depending on if it's her VS-Sprite or her Trainer-Sprite, she decided to go with pink gloves.
  16. Considering my last post here was almost half a year ago since I asked my artist friend for her reinterpretation of the missing 5 Gym Leaders, I wondered if she'd be willing to give Reborn's Elite a go. She accepted and the results are even better then the last time.
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