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  1. You're welcome! Good luck with your Ice Mono!
  2. @RebornFan7 I'm ready, I'll send you a trade request.
  3. Great, I'm here too. Quickly breeding your Seel. I'll let you know when I'm ready to trade.
  4. I can't trade right now. Will be available in about three hours (12 GMT)
  5. Hi there! If you want I can quickly breed you a Seel. I also have IV bred Alolan Vulpix and a decent (male) Snorunt (Special Attacker) in my box, so I can send you those too. Don't need anything in return. Let me know whether you're interested~
  6. Sure, I can give you one. DM me to arrange a time.
  7. I also struggled against Valarie in my playthrough (although I faced her in V12 - not sure whether a lot has changed since then). My saviour was a Voltorb I still had in the box, which I got from the vendor on the market in East Gearen City who sells you the overpriced PokéBalls. Also make sure to EV train your Pokémon: that should definitely make things go smoother. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  8. Espeon


    Sure, I can give you a Cranidos. DM me.
  9. I had this too. Pretty sure it's a bug. Not sure whether it has been reported and fixed.
  10. Hi there! I have Beldum, Munchlax and Larvitar, so I can give you those. DM me to arrange a time for the trade. Espeon
  11. I have one for you. DM me to arrange a time for the trade.
  12. @Ayuya I'm sorry, haven't been online since I replied yesterday. I replied to your DM to arrange a time to trade.
  13. I can give you a Bulbasaur and/or a Turtwig. I don't need anything in return though, so you can just give me something you want to get rid of. Let me know when you are available!
  14. Hi there! I have a male Gible you can have. Don't need anything in return. Remind me to nickname it 'Dallas' before trading though. DM me to arrange a time to trade.
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