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  1. Please, the only reason I downloaded reborn is for its story, I liked its challenges too. But, grinding pokemon becomes a pain in the ass, once its above lvl65
  2. These are the errors that are popping, if someone knows how to fix it, I'll be happy.
  3. I am currently facing Adrienn and I dont hv any poison type pokemon and I spent almost 10hrs trying to level up my other pokemon which i thought will be good against him. thn i learnt that poison types do well against him, but i dont hv any. So, a bulbasaur would do good since it has a grass type as well, or any other high level poison types please. i'll trade what i can.
  4. Thanks a Lot!!!
  5. I got rowlet. Thx
  6. I'm Waiting for Litten now...
  7. I'm Waiting :)
  8. Which pokemon are you trading? Litten or Rowlet?
  9. Is it ready? I'll give an A.sandshrew.
  10. So, How about now?
  11. You have a Growlithe, correct? So, I think it's good for Doublade since doublade is steel and ghost type. And, I recommend buying Cotton Candy from Sweet Co. Because it revives your fainted pokemon and you can revive toxicroak. And, try to convert the field to Factory Field so that his ghost type moves wont hv any effect. Hope this helps.
  12. Are you Free at 11:00 AM? That is 2 hours after I send this post?
  13. Really!!! Thanks a lot!!! In Pokemon Reborn, my Online name is also Afran. And would you mind telling me what time it is? It is 8: 45 AM here now, and what time will you be free? And what pokemon would you like?
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