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  1. You will need the corrupted pokeball from the underground railnet, then bring it to the obsidia pokeball shop, where a guy will fix it for you, which contains a ralts
  2. Turn right, and you should be able to see this room. Enter it and turn left
  3. Yes you can. Enter from the goldenleaf entrance, and turn left once you’ve reached the main chamber (the one with gastly statues before you enter). Climb the vines and you can enter wispy ruins again. For the 2 badge chamber, here’s a walkthrough, video time is around 11.00-11.30
  4. According to the item guide, it’s in wispy chasm (2 badges treasury room). https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/57296-item-guide-v13-vague-clarity-v1-where-love-lies-complete/
  5. You can revert back to a previous save file (where you haven’t started the battle). Specifically, select the ‘Save Folder Shortcut’ in Rejuvenation’s Folder, and it will direct you to the saved games folder. From there, you should see a ton of saved files with the format ‘Game - 123 - Player - 100h 30m - 15 badges.rxdata’ AND the latest save file named ‘Game.rxdata’. Just delete the latest save file, and rename one of your previous save files (that you want to start from) to ‘Game.rxdata’. For safety you could also make a backup of the saved games folder first. Hope this helps!
  6. Here you go! I’ve also defeated the maid in the labyrinth just in case. Game.rxdata
  7. It’s at goldenleaf town, morning and afternoon, not sure about night
  8. I would say that having some knowledge about natures and EV training would be very helpful in the game, since most bosses have mons with optimal EV spreads and natures, and you need to have trained your own to make the battlefield even imo. And rejuv makes EV training and changing natures fairly easy to do, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time and resources on it. If you just want to enjoy the story, then casual mode is the best, but even then bosses have EVs on their mons. And if you need strats, you can always watch youtube playthoughs or ask in the forum. Good luck and enjoy your run
  9. I think you’ll have to go to kristiline museum to interact with Reina first, if I’m not mistaken
  10. There’s one in zone zero (after u beat ryland/flora, iirc), one is underwater at route 6. The last one is still unavailable, I think it should be from wandering trainer novae.
  11. Xatu would be very helpful as it knows air slash which is powered up by the field. You can catch a natu at amethyst cave
  12. The door to the building is locked, so I can’t access the gym at all
  13. But IIRC this happens after the quest starts right? I’m starting to think that it’s a bug
  14. But so far I can’t access the mirror because her gym is locked…did I get what you meant?
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