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  1. Guys, thanks for the replies. I've done some improvements on the team and it really got better! Thanks for the tips
  2. Hello guys, how are you doing? Well, finally the game is finally complete and we're playing it like there's no tomorrow, am i right? lol I would like to know if you guys could help me to organize my team: if you agree with the choices; if there are better suggestions; etc. So, here they are: Bahamut (Garchomp) Platina (Ninetales) Ability: Rough Skin Ability: Drought Nature: Jolly (+spe / -spa) Nature: Modest (+spa / -atk) EV's: 6 HP / 252 attack / 252 speed EV's: 6 HP / 252 Sp.A / 252 speed Moves: Dragon claw, Iron Head, Earthquake, Outrage Moves: Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Solarbeam Galapagos (Empoleon) Mohawk (Scrafty) Ability: Torrent Ability: Shed Skin Nature: Timid (+spe / -atk) Nature: Jolly (+spe / -spa) EV's: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 speed EV's: 6 HP / 252 attack / 252 speed Moves: Flash Cannon, Agility, Scald/Surf, Aqua ring Moves: Knock off, Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, High Jump Kick Gaia (Venusaur) Electivire (Electivire) Ability: Chlorophyll Ability: Vital Spirit Nature: Modest (+spa / -atk) Nature: Jolly (+spe / -spa) EV's: 6 HP / 252 Sp.A / 252 speed EV's: 6 HP / 252 attack / 252 speed Moves: Energy Ball, Growth, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain Moves: Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Wild Charge, Earthquake So, my team looks like this so far. The original idea was to make a team where every pokemon's weaknesses is weak against one or two other team members. Once i get acess to mega stones, i might change this Ninetales for a Charizard Y (because of Draught) and when i start hunting for legendaries... i may get Groudon for the same purpose. So, what do you guys think? Should i change someone? Is there a coverage im lacking? Any tip will be very welcome. Thank you all!
  3. "And then she looked upon her work, might and beautiful, and said 'It is done. Let this be my final masterpiece'. And people all around the world rejoiced in celebration, for the world of Reborn was whole, at last." May you rest knowing all these years of sweat, blood and tears will be forever in ours hearts and will be forever remembered as the best Pokémon game ever made.
  4. From someone who has keeping tabs on this game since 2015, i want to say you guys are doing something awesome! Never have i had so much hype and excitement over any game as i did to this one. Honestly, to me, its not just a game, but more: a masterpiece. Everthing about it is incredible by itself: the music? amazing. The maps? beautiful. The puzzles? Nerve-wrecking (lol). But, to be very honest, the most incredible of all are none other but the CHARACTERS. This game is nothing without them as they feel so alive, so real... Ive read somewhere that this game were created based on a online gaming community, where the players, the gym leaders, the elite four and even the champion were real people. Because of that, Reborn feels to me like a Requiem for them and, if it is so, they pack a whole lot meaning. I was shocked with what happened to Heather's father; i have the exact same feelings Titania has.... In the end, the only thing i can say with absolute certainty is: Thank you. You'll not be forgotten; Pokémon Reborn will NEVER be forgotten.
  5. Wait, it's out?! WHERE IS IT????? WHERE DO I DOWLOAD IIIIIIT?!?!?!
  6. FOR THE LOVE OF OUR LORD HELIX FOSSIL! WHERE IS IT CAAAAAAAAAAASS!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what all of us are asking inside ourselves (dont try to deny it, i know very well) lol
  7. Honestly, i thought you girls were european, you know?
  8. Guys, hold your hype (I know, its not easy, but try to lol)! The thing is: the community release is a beta version which will still be tweaked, specially qoth the help of those who will hunt for bugs and report them. Are you up for this SACRED mission? If so, let's continue the hype train/ship/plane/spacecraft/interdimensional space station
  9. HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is divided: do I wait another month to play the game complete, without any bugs ppl probably will find on beta, or do I NOT wait and play it as it is already? (I might as well help find bugs, though I've never done something like this before)
  10. Well, Cass DID say something about releasing it around May, which gives us a month (give or take a few days), which also has been the average time for beta testers to find bugs and to the developers to fix them. So yeah, i think Pokémon Reborn - Complete Deluxe Ultra Version will be in our hands somewhere around May or even June. Please dont jinxs us! Even for the most patient of all of us, its been long enough lol.
  11. Ah, i have a question: You girls are DEFINETLY going to make a live or something to celebrate such event right? Maybe an YouTube live or something, but you MUST do something to mark this milestone!
  12. OH FUCK, OH SHIT ITS HAPPENING! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!! After so long.... after so many years of hype.... my heart cant handle anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cass, as a good steward that you are of our fine Hype Train/ship/plane/spacecraft/interdimensional station/yo mama, could you bring me a defibrilator to my spot? i might need it when its released lol. Jokes aside, FUCK YEAH! You guys are doing an amazing work and i could be more hopeful to play it! Thats totally me!!!!
  13. As much as i would LOVE to be released already, i think it will be around may/june (which is not bad... its around the mid-year vacations (im a math teacher so yeah, totally agree lol)
  14. HERESY! There is NO one above our LORD Helix Fossil!
  15. This HAS GOT to be Fern's and I dont think its wierd to know the character's personality to such point lol Cass, you MUST install some defibrillators on the Hype Train ASAP. Because the amount of people 'dying from Hype' is just too much! And im among them so save one for me lol!
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