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  1. hi, i can get you a tropius if you still need one, just chat me in private and i'll try to get back to you as soon as i can
  2. you can delete the saved files and make the previous save file which you haven't trade the exp share into your current save files ( rename it into the same thing as the deleted save file)
  3. you can still fight corey without saving the cops. But you'll miss out on some thing later. did you expose Corey infront of Heather ? that needs to happen for the cops to appear on Corey's gym
  4. I got froakie, dont need anything. i also got bounsweet, mimikyu and bulbasaur if you guys want. Just pm me (will try to reply ASAP)
  5. you can breed the purugly to get glameow. other than that, i dont think there are other ways to get bounsweet in the game
  6. i forgot to update this, already got all the pokemon i'm searching for. But i'll give you a bulbasaur
  7. There are many good poison type/ steel type you can get at that point of game which can be used against Adrienn. I played the game a few times and i find that nidoqueen is really good in that battle. I personally recommend you to try on your own since its definitely beatable and the challenge is good to improve your own skill but if you really want a high level poison type pokemon like venusaut, i can get you one. I got all poison type in the game, so just message me if you still need one.
  8. Zabre

    LF Natu-Xatu

    none, ok i"ll be on
  9. Zabre

    LF Natu-Xatu

    i'm available right now, my online name is Zabre022. sry i just on now
  10. I just need few more pokemon to finally complete the pokedex quest. Looking for 1. Anorith or its fossil 2. Amaura or its fossil 3. Spiritomb or odd keystone I'm currently finished the story so i can probably try to give anything in returns. Thanks in advance
  11. Zabre

    LF Natu-Xatu

    hi, i can get you one. Give me 5 minutes to breed one. Just message me when you're ready. I'll try to respond as quick as i can
  12. its a key item tho. i dont know how to give it since it cant be equipped to pokemon
  13. i'm ready, my online name is Zabre022. i'll be on. Also, is there anything you want ? I'll prepare it you want something
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