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Found 15 results

  1. How do I get the Poison Memory In Rejuvenation?
  2. I am currently facing Adrienn and I dont hv any poison type pokemon and I spent almost 10hrs trying to level up my other pokemon which i thought will be good against him. thn i learnt that poison types do well against him, but i dont hv any. So, a bulbasaur would do good since it has a grass type as well, or any other high level poison types please. i'll trade what i can.
  3. Helloooo Rebornians! Tonight we have the most toxic guests possible for our Gym Leader Interview: Poison-Leader Rando! Sylveon: Hello Rando, I see you're an alien. Rando: Hey Sassy, yeah I am. Who told you that!? Sylveon: I can tell just by looking at you your definitely no ordinary person or pokemon. Rando: Hmmm, I see. What gives it away? Sylveon: I don't know you do look like a shiny Articuno but that certainly wouldn't explain the helmet your wearing. Rando: Oh this thing *Throws helmet away* I can assure you I am a normal bird. Sylveon: Ok then...... Regardless let's get on with the interview. Seeing as your bird how can you speak English? Rando: My lawyer taught me, of course! Sylveon: That's very interesting care to give us some more backstory? Rando: Well to make a long story short, I met Kasuza, *Points at a Gengar in a suit* in my travels, she for the longest time helped translate for me, but eventually taught me cuz it was getting annoying for her having to translate almost every interaction I had with others. Sylveon: Interesting does this mean she's your ace or you're her ace? Rando: >:0 Neither, she is a lawyer, not a battler! Sylveon: What is your ace then? Rando: Hmmmmm, let me see *Starts eenie miney mo* It seems it’s Liz the Salazzle. Sylveon: Care to tell us how you met? Rando: No. Haha I’m just kidding. I don’t remember, I think I was eating some wild mons or some at the time, it’s kinda hazy, probably enslaved her colony, and she happened to be the most loyal of the group Sylveon: Well that's certainly a way to acquire your ace. Anyway moving on from that time for a question from a viewer. "What's your favourite 6 digit number?" asks Yeet the Psychic Reserve. Rando: Well, since I’m sure this is a family friendly show And my lawyer is telling me that I shouldn’t answer that I’ll ignore that. Sylveon: You're right we try to keep this as family-friendly as possible so another question from Ice Leader Dream Catcher this time: What's ur favourite meme? Rando: I don’t really have a favorite meme, I like a bunch of different ones. Sylveon: I see you're not picky when it comes to memes then. Anyway do you have any idea why someone would ask you that question? Rando: I don’t have the slightest clue. Perhaps they’re a fan. Sylveon: Hmmmmmm. I won't press any further but I will ask a question from a viewer that might be highly offensive. Are you okay with me asking you it? Rando: Sure, can’t be that bad. Sylveon: Grass Leader Sage asked: Rando how did you get your position? And to be fair the question is one we always ask no matter who's in that seat your sitting in. Rando: When I first arrived in this universe, I crashed unto some people, I think doing test battles, and crus.... *Is told by Kasuza not to finish that sentence.* Well anyways, let’s just say I may have eaten... *More scolding* Hmmmm, I beat up everyone there, and because of my green and purple feathers, assumed I was trying out for the poison position. *Gets a thumbs up from Kasuza* Yes, that is what definitely happened. Sylveon: Well whether or not it happened what does it feel like to be a gym leader? Rando: It’s hella fun! When I feel like using something, I just use it, doesn’t matter if I win or lose! And I usually lose : ( Sylveon: Well that doesn't matter but still how's your relationship with other gym leaders? Rando: The muffin man is cool, he brings me muffins almost every week! I like ghost mans singing. Pierce is ok, more cuz of the fact he is KG, otherwise he’s meh. I really don’t like the bird lady, she apparently hates birds and children! Two of the least hateable things in the universe! Other than those four, I don’t think I know the other leaders. Sylveon: I'm not sure who this muffin man is but these guys sound like a quirky bunch! Anyway looks like were out of time any closing remarks? Rando: Join the KG, we offer free food! Watch my critically acclaimed show, Bird and Potato! And remember kids, if there’s someone you should worship look up to, it’s me! Peace yall! Sylveon: Peace Rando! That's it for tonight folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you around with the hottest news of the Reborn Devolved League! Sassy Sylveon, over and out!
  4. Gnarlier! Also a Poison Mono: Introduction This monorun will be drastically different than my others. I figured I'd tell it from my character's point of view, with a little bit of my commentary (Example of my commentary here. It will be done like this.) I'll be using the choose your starter mod, as well as the TM mod. Link here: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e171/ I will be choosing Croagunk. Hope you all enjoy, and it's good to be back.
  5. This is a team I've made, containing some of my fav. I hope I mange to balance it out, but willing to hear some improvements. Decidueye, Ability: Overgrown Item: Big Root Nature: Bold EV: hp 252/ def 4/sp.at 252 Moves: Nasty Plot Leaf Storm Giga Drain Shadow ball Sylveon Ability: Cute Charm Item: Leftovers Nature: Calm Ev: hp 252/def 4/sp.def 252 Moves: Baton Pass Calm Mind Wish Moonblast Luxray Ability: Guts Item: Toxic Orb Nature: Jolly EV: HP 4/At 252/Spd. 252 Moves: Wild Charge Super Power Fire Fang Iron Tail Charizard Ability: Blaze Item: Charizardite Y Nature: Modest EV: hp 4/sp.at 252/spd. 252 moves: Air Slash Solar beam Flamethrower Focus Blast Drapion Ability: Battle Armor Item: Black Sludge Nature: Jolly Ev: hp 252/def 252/sp.def 4 moves: Crunch Cross Poison Whirlwind Toxic Spike Flygon Ability: Levitate Item: Choice Scraf Nature: Adamant EV: hp 4/at 252/sp 252 Moves: Earthquake Dragon Claw Rock Slide Crunch
  6. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction and poisonous rules! (Current Chapter) Chapter 2: Poison in its natural habitat [vs Julia] Chapter 3: Through Grass and... Desert?! [vs Florinia] Chapter 4: Revelations and Poison clashes! [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gym Leaders are easy... What about the others though?! [vs Shelly] Chapter 6: Rivals, trick cyclists and... omens! [vs Shade] Chapter 7: Volcano or beach? [vs Kiki] Chapter 8: Dragonslayers and Poison overload! [vs Aya] Chapter 9: Destiny cannot be evaded! [vs Serra] Chapter 10: Return to normality! [vs Noel] Chapter 11: Strengthen your mind... Om...... [vs Radomus] Chapter 12: Cultists, gangs and a Dark Dreamer! [vs Luna] Chapter 13: I hate clowns. [vs Samson] Chapter 14: I hate barbeques. [vs Charlotte] Chapter 15: Snow White and antivirus system installation. [vs Terra] Chapter 16: So much suspense! [vs Ciel] Chapter 17: In the end... [vs Adrienn] Chapter 18: Death is only the beginning [vs Titania] Chapter 19: Love and Sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: Introduction and poisonous rules! Alright! How do I start? Well, from the beginning, I guess! Welcome everyone! I'm Jess, some of you know me from my Bug Monotype playthrough of Reborn and some of you don't know me at all (just a handful of people don't know me). In this topic, I will do yet another monotype run of Pokemon Reborn, a Poison Monotype! No bets with friends force me to do it this time, I just want to do it! Firstly, because I like Poison types. Yes, I have a thing for underrated Pokemon with designs that most consider awful. Also, in my three previous playthroughs (Original, Shiny and Bug Monorun), I've caught many shiny Poison types that I just had to get boxed with misty eyes, for various reasons. Either my team was already full, either the Poison type spot was already covered, or I just couldn't be a$$ed to train another pokemon at that moment! So, I thought to myself, why not trade them to myself at a new playthrough and actually use them?! Additionally, I tend to feel guilty when my 'mons stay boxed... Especially when I had bred some 'mon, then I encounter a shiny version of it in wild, catch it and replace the initial member of my squad! This is another thing we will come to, as this is actually an introduction post! So... I decided my run should be an homage to Pokemon Rejuvenation character, Venam! So, my character will be a female, called Venam, and have her sprites replaced by Venam's sprites taken from the Rejuvenation folders! I'll have to never bike and fish during recording, and keep Surfing and Diving to a minimum due to the lack of those sprites, but who cares. Don't ask me why Venam would travel to Reborn City, maybe she wanted to meet her fellow punk enthusiast, Aya and wait for the beats to drop together! They could share their experiences of getting launched for a roof-piercing trip by their bossy mothers! Or she could try to seduce Cain and get him straight again. Or just catch new variations of shiny Grimers and Trubbishes in the filthy-as-hell Reborn shitty City! Ahhhh, but this isn't the point! The point is that Venam gets her new starter and some 'mons traded from me, her alter-ego in our demention. Ooops, dimension I mean. Poison already is taking its toll on my clarity. To avoid getting drowned by the hallucinogenics emitted from my mons, lets get to introductions! Character: Name: Venam Gender: Female In a final note before introducing the starting squad, some rules! 1) Every 'mon that I got traded will only be available for me to use AFTER the location where I can rightfully acquire it in-game is accessed (or the respective event is triggered and can be completed). 2) Because I'm Greek (and inspired by @Orasha, who uses Japanese-mythology themed names for every squad member), every Pokemon in my squad must be named after a monster/deity/person of the Greek mythology! So, without further ado... Our squad members after clearing the first casual fights vs Cain and Victoria quite easily are the following! Starter: Narcissus, the Bulbasaur (Male) Shiny: No Hardy/Chlorophyll Tackle Growl Leech Seed Name origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_(mythology) Traded in by my other save files: Typhon, the Trubbish (Male) Shiny: Yes Jolly/Aftermath Pound Poison Gas Recycle Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhon Medea, the Grimer (Female) Shiny: Yes Timid/Sticky Hold Pound Poison Gas Harden Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medea Achlys, the Stunky (Female) Shiny: Yes Adamant/Aftermath Scratch Focus Energy Poison Gas Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achlys, http://greekgoddesses.wikia.com/wiki/Achlys Cerastes, the Ekans (Female) Shiny: No Docile/Intimidate Wrap Leer Poison Sting Sucker Punch Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerastes Harpy, the Venonat (Female) Shiny: No Hardy/Compound Eyes Tackle Disable Foresight Giga Drain Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpy Charybdis, the Tentacool (Male) Shiny: Yes Relaxed/Liquid Ooze Poison Sting Supersonic Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charybdis Dryad, the Bellsprout (Female) Shiny: Yes Lonely/Gluttony Vine Whip Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dryad Myrmidon, the Skorupi (Male) Shiny: Yes Quirky/Keen Eye Knock Off Leer Poison Sting Bite Name Origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrmidons So, here they are! Starter and old-familiar faces (to me) which I was sad to box and will now reclaim their rightful position in a squad! And, of course, the links with their name explanations, as I don't expect from all my readers to know every tiny detail about Greek mythology! And so, the journey begins... Feel free to join, give me feedback, and as always... Till the next chapter, enjoy everyone!
  7. Hello guys. and today i'm try to begin my first monotype run. At the beginning, I choose a Poison type decause on start you can catch many poison pokemon. Soo, fisrt chapter will appear soon. It's my first monorun, do not judge strictly) CHAPTER I: Booming Lady Julia! CHAPTER II: Slums 'nd Vines! CHAPTER III: Onix Trainer School!
  8. Soooooo I've done a couple of monotype playthroughs already, including poison, dark, and an in progress bug one. I don't want to start posting the bug one because I'm already rather far into it, so I thought maybe I would join in on the hype and start another fresh one to post on here too! One problem, I have no idea what type to do...so I'm taking suggestions. I'm pretty open to anything except Posion, Dark, Flying, and Bug. I tried a flying one, got pretty bored of it, the others are already done/in progress, so leave me some suggestions please! If it wasn't one of the water/fire/grass/ground/psychic/normal ones that are already going on that'd be cool too, but feel free!
  9. Greetings, I'm new to episode 16, lost my save from episode 15 due to hardware failure and now I started over from begining on EP16. At the moment I am going to battle Aya, the 2nd poison leader. I want to add a Crobat to the team, I'm willing to grind and look for it, but I found out it can only get evolved, but I never saw zubat in EP16. Looked somewhere in this forum and mentioned Byxbixosidjsobfdjsifb tunnels, where is that location? Or is there an easier way to get Zubat? Thanks, and sorry if this was solved before, I didn't find anything I needed. Keep up the good job with the game. Best Pokémon RPG I played so far.
  10. Well, gather round, males, females, and none of the above, as I subject myself to Monotype Hell. Today, with the full Episode 16 release of Pokemon Reborn Hardcore looming, I revisit my ill-fated attempts to complete the game using only Poison-type Pokemon. However, to make things more interesting, if there is an alternate version of the fight available in Hardcore, then I have to complete it. Will I make it, or will I get bored and start twenty new projects? Wait and see! So, first things first, here's the team: Here's the Pokemon in the PC: Here's the major bosses we have to beat: And here's this run's theme song, I guess. Wish me luck!
  11. I would like to use team which can abuse corrosive field effects. This is my team so far (episode 16): I'm waiting for your responses and advices
  12. Hello, this topic may have been solved already, but I can't seem to find the answer so I'm sorry if it's a duplicate. (I'm also sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.... not used to forums) I went to Corey's gym before I did the missing police officer mission, and the back door was open, without me having to do the puzzle. At the time I didn't even know it was a puzzle. Any whosies, when I go into the back room, Corey isn't there. I accidentally skipped over the missing police officer mission in Beryl Ward, until after I had defeated zEL and Taka. I'm not sure if that's the cause (or even a problem to begin with). So I went about my business, did the missing police officer mission, came back to Corey's gym, and the door to the back is still open, and he's still not there. And even when I did the puzzle to turn the switches blue, it didn't change anything. He's still not there. I've checked out some threads, and an updated walkthrough, but it looks like everywhere I go, people did the police officer thing at the same time as they were saving Beryl Ward, it triggered a scene I didn't see (where the Police chief is unmasking the third bad guy that battled Heather), in my game. Instead I just saw a scene with Heather whining about wanting to run away. I'm just unsure if I maybe caused a problem in my game, or if I'm missing something. I've checked the power plant, the graveyard, back tracked, but I can't seem to figure out what I'm missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you~
  13. For the last two Gym Leaders, I tried my normal approach: have a "make it up as I go" strategy and accordingly matching my opponents Pokemon based on type and level. So far, I've nearly been beside myself with anger and frustration. Any tips on the third Poison Gym leader, who I assume is Cain's Dad?
  14. Hello guys. I'm a new player here, and have never been deep into the Pokemon world. I'm used to the regular games and the easy gyms! Anyways, I'm having some trouble defeating Aya. Here is my team: Meowstic - Level 45 Modest Nature Moves: Disarming Voice, Shadow Ball, Covet, Psychic Magneton - Level 45 Lonely Nature Moves: Spark, Flash Cannon, Metal Sound, Electro Ball Marowak - Level 45 Docile Nature Moves: Bone Rush, Rock Smash, Bonemerang, Thrash Drifblim - Level 45 Hardy Nature Moves: Gust, Shadow Ball, Cut, Ominous Wind Dusclops - Level 45 Naughty Nature Moves: Hex, Shadow Sneak, Pursuit, Will-O-Wisp Flygon - Level 46 (Will use common candy on.) Serious Nature Moves: Dragon Tail, Dragon Breath, Earth Power, Sandstorm Some pokemon in my PC that I have: Kricketot (5), Pachirisu (30), Shiny Ratticate (26), Swirlix (39), Hariyama (39), Solrock (25), Skorupi (34), Emolga (35), Spritzee (20), Ursaring (40), Ampharos (40), Toxicroak (44), Muk (44), Lotad (43), Numel (15), Vivillon (43), Pansear (5), Yanmask (32), Klink (32), Skuntank (44), Pidgeot (44), Meganium (45), Roselia (44), Swanna (44), Shiny Arbok (36), Noivern (45), Pumpkaboo (25), Shuppet (20), Growlithe (45). Thank you for your help.
  15. So, I decided to do also a topic about my Monotype Challenge. So far I beat Julia which wasn´t really so bad because Acid Spray is OP at the moment. Even so I think I could have outstall her with Oscar, Blommer and PepéLePew and Toxic would have killed her. My Team so far: Plisken (Ekans) Level 15 Lonely Unnerve Wrap Glare Poison Sting Bite Oscar (Trubbish) Level 17 Brave Stench Pound Poison Gas Acid Spray Toxic Spikes Bloomer (Ivysaur) Level 17 Bold Chlorophyll Take Down Sleep Powder Leech Seed Vine Whip PepéLePew (Stunky) Level 15 Mild Stench Scratch Smoke Screen Poison Gas Screech For some reason I thought you can get Grimer before Julia but there isn´t any water where you can use your Old Rod. Btw: Where do I ge those 3d Pictures of my Pokemon and put them in my post?
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