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  1. Where are the best spots to grow berries? Best would be multiple spots and getting there fast with fly.
  2. it's a bug that happened to you, me and like 5 other people on the forums I already entered it into the bug report form but it probably won't get fixed before 13.5 One of the others that had the problem said it works with 13.0.2 and before but as I don't have those versions anymore I can't test it myself
  3. it seems to be an unfixed bug that appeared in .0.3 easiest way to check is to see if you get stoutlands or herdiers according to the walkthrough after 8 badges only stoutlands should appear if you are like me you only get herdier even after 12 badges and for me that means it's still stuck in the state it should be in before 8 badges
  4. same happens to me and I already made a thread about it but no one else seems to have this problem they always just say I'm at the wrong den
  5. yeah i know about that i also looked at the walkthrough where it says I should meet stoutlands there instead of herdier but i only meet herdier so I think it's either bugged or I missed doing something
  6. so from what I've seen the encounters in rift dens are supposed to change after amber. Is there anything specific that you have to do to trigger the change? Because I'm after Amber and don't get abra/ditto for example I'm on 13.0.3
  7. at this point you can catch pansear in gearen park every additional pokemon will probably help but I'm not sure if this is actually beatable. fletchinder doesn't have any moves that actually deal dmg till lvl 40 or so and 3 of his pokemon have rock tomb that oneshots it hondour and litleo are both weak to his stab moves combusken doesn't learn bulk up till 31 which could maybe have helped cheese it so yeah good luck with that
  8. From what I've read they get to keep the best of both worlds They get the level up set from gen 7 but are able to learn the moves from gen 8 in another way If that's from move relearner or only from TMs I can't say
  9. 1% In case you want to look it up yourself I recommend this guide. It shows the mons with percentages and on which daytime the pokemon are catchable
  10. yeah for me this was the first time i was stuck a really long time on keta1 I think I grinded an hour or so to get some mons to the level that I can even try fighting him and then I found out that some of the mons I used weren't good bc their stabs were stuff like peck and ember Never understood why the audino trainers only start at goldenwood and you don't have them by the second gym
  11. really love these changes i played through this game several times but often I'd only switch out 2-3 mons bc grinding was just too tedious hopefully I can now switch teams up a little more often
  12. So am I the only one who didn't see through Darkrai's scheme and only rejected him because he seemed kind of evil? I actually feel kind of dumb when he tells the twins off, because their scheme was too easily seen through lol
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