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  1. I've tried countless times and it won't spawn, all I have are Vanillites and Rhyhorns. I've heard you need to be able to spawn Stoutland to know if you can get Ditto, but all I'm getting is Herdier.
  2. Bless you, now I know I'm not just going crazy. I tried implementing the files from 13.0.2 and I was still getting Herdiers. I guess all that we can do now is wait
  3. I have the version 5 patch and it's still causing Herdiers to show up and no level 2 blue beams.
  4. I currently have 14 badges and I'm pulling my hair out trying to get Ditto. I had read somewhere that you need to be able to spawn Stoutland in the Den above Wispy Ruins to get Ditto, but I'm still only getting Herdiers. Is this a glitch? I'm refreshing the game on blue beams and the only results are level 1 raid Rhyhorn, Purugly, and Vanillite. I saw a video that showed Ditto was in a level 2 raid, is there some other way to get level 2?
  5. Update: I went back after getting thirteen badges and it worked perfectly! Thank you!
  6. In Chapter 14 (I think? it's the one where you're going to the Pyramid), when you switch between Aelita, Ren and the Player to progress, anytime you switch to Ren or Aelita it deletes all of your money. Is there a way to fix this? EDIT: I just gave up and spent all my money on things I needed anyway. I'm leaving this post up though just to make sure everyone keeps an eye on their money during this part. It also happens at the end of the chapter when you're actually in the pyramid too, so maybe go spend your money with the Xen grunt outside.
  7. Yeah it's apparently only in the one above Wispy Ruins with a blue beam only, but it is literally impossible to find. Even when I reset
  8. 12. I'll try coming back when I get my next badge. Hopefully that thirteenth badge will make it easier to find Ditto.
  9. Espeon and Umbreon are Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon (I think Teddiursa is supposed to be Luna too) Female Aipom and Ambipom might be a reference to Delta Aipom and Ambipom from Pokemon Insurgence (I think it's a bit of a stretch though) Tepig's line might be Piglet Scraggy is a Team Skull Grunt and Scrafty is Guzma Type: Null is Gladion Swanna is Miles Edgeworth Keldeo is Steven from Steven Universe Vivillion with the Monokuma design becomes Monomi when shiny Crabrawler is Little Mac Grooky is Diddy Kong and Thwacky is Funky Kong Also, there's a few swapped palettes: Aron's line is Giratina Omynte and Kabuto's lines switched palettes Zangoose and Seviper switched palettes Feebas is Magikarp Starvia's line is Unfezant's line Crobat is Zubat
  10. I feel like I must be doing something wrong because I've had several side quests just...not work for me. If anyone knows how to help, please let me know. 1. Narcissa quest: I've met young Narcissa in Phasial Cave and she said I need to find her future self. I go to Forlorned Cavern but there's no cutscene where older Narcissa appears and the time stone isn't responding. 2. Kimono girls quest: I finished the quest and I had heard that you were supposed to get a stamp for it, but I didn't. Do I need to beat the harder version of them to get the stamp? Also, I doubt this, but is there anywhere else to get a Poliwag for the Goldenwood Park quest? I already evolved mine, it's male so I can't breed it, and I am having the hardest time in the world finding a Ditto.
  11. Any info on how to get Ditto easier? I read that it only shows up in the blue beams, but does it only show up at one certain den?
  12. Besides just having the Pokemon, is there really any reason to catch the shadow Pokemon that appear in the raid dens? Do you get more karma points or is there a special anything if you purify all of the different varieties that show up?
  13. I've made it to Terajuma and I decided I wanted to go back to the mainland and fill up some Pokedex slots, but once I used the guy on Terajuma shore to go back to Gearan, I have no idea how to get back. Anyone know how? I know that later in the game you get a ship in the upper left hand part of Oceana Pier, but I didn't progress that far yet.
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