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  1. This is the topic to ask for pokemons! Ask here, and our mods and leaders will grant your wish! Occasionaly, if i have enough time, i'll grant your wish myself .
  2. Hey! I have been breeding and hatching mons for an eternity (like half a day tbh) and have had no luck with a shiny golisopod. While looking around, I saw that Reborn has shiny eggs when the mon will hatch a shiny, is this also the case for Rejuv? Would help a lot not having to hatch every single egg.
  3. I have completed my shiny living dex with all the available pokemon so far, but someone told me you could get a jangmo-o egg in teknike ridge?? So if anyone can trade me one so I can breed for a shiny and be one step closer to fully completed shiny living dex that would be so nice Thanks in advance, I can give any shiny in return, wanted all my shinies with good iv's so have bunch of rejects
  4. First come, first serve o/ Taught Gible Earthquake and Dragon Claw. EV trained the attack stat.
  5. I just caught one in Obsidia Ward. It's gotta be special, right?
  6. MOVED TO: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/62568-rejuvenation-shiny-icons/
  7. This mod adds several quality of life settings & enables the debug menu. Simply replace Data/Scripts.rxdata with this file. This is actually my first time working with rpg maker scripts, it took about nine hours to make. #IMPORTANT NOTICE When applying this mod to an existing save or applying an update be sure to toggle all new settings as adding new settings to reborn causes them to visually default to 0/first option even if they internally default to another value and this can cause wierd behavior If you have any suggestions or issues please post them. current features (V 1.2.0) Changelogs Scripts.rxdata
  8. I want to trade for a shiny Ralts with any of my shiny you want or anything else.
  9. Doesn't have to have good IVs and can be a fresh file with the Eevee passcode. I don't have a trade partner so I'm just looking to do some early game breeding with one. I'm giving away any of these as a trade so feel free to pick one.
  10. So I've been trying to get Porygon ever since I saw its shiny. Since I am currently doing a shiny-only run, I thought it could be a good addition to the team. I recently completed the quest for it and was ready to soft reset or run away until I find it. However, Rejuv suddenly becomes nice to me and gives me a shiny first encounter. I was pretty hyped but then realized, "could this be guaranteed?" I've searched it up but couldn't find it.
  11. As everyone who's played this game knows, the devs made new shiny forms for ALL of the Pokémon. Some are simple recolors, like Girafarig or Altaria. Others are palette swaps with another Pokémon, such as Seviper/Zangoose or Kabutops/Omastar. Some, however, are clearly references to some other series. For example, shiny Machamp is a reference to the Ben 10 TV series, resembling the alien "Four-Arms" (species name Tertramand). Other examples: -I'm pretty sure Poliwrath's shiny form is meant to reference the anime Naruto, I think specifically Gamaken? -The shiny versions of the two forms of the golem line are references to the TV show Steven Universe. Kantonian Golem is Jasper, Alolan Golem is I believe Malachite. -Shiny Mr.Mime is monochrome like a real mime, I guess? -Shiny Kantonian Rattata and Raticate are white, which either references real lab rats or the TV show Pinkie and the Brain. -Shiny Psyduck and Golduck are colored like Perry the platypus from the TV show Phineas and Ferb. -Shiny Snorlax is clearly based on Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, a Studio Ghibli movie. -Shiny Noctowl is a reference to the comic book version of Hawkeye, from the Avengers. -Shiny Milotic is perhaps Lola from the movie Shark Tale? -Shiny Sawk and Throh are references to Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. -The Swords of Justice's shiny forms I think might also be Steven Universe references? They're sorta colored like the Crystal Gems. -Shiny Greninja has the color pattern of the uniforms of the organization Akatsuki, another reference to Naruto. -Shiny Toucannon is I think a reference to Toucan Sam, the mascot for Fruit Loops cereal? -Shiny Rillaboom is a reference to the video game Donkey Kong, and the previous evolutions are I guess other characters from the same series? Does anyone have any other examples of a Pokémon's shiny form being a reference to something? I could SWEAR that the following Pokémon's shiny forms are a reference to something, but I have no idea what: -Shiny Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking (EDIT - Reference to The Flash from DC comics) -Shiny Dunsparce -Shiny Gligar/Gliscor -Shiny Granbull -Shiny Meditite/Medicham (EDIT - Yet another Steven Universe reference. It's Garnet.) -Shiny Shinx/Luxio/Luxray -Shiny Gothitelle -Shiny Mienshao (EDIT - Most likely Phoebe of the Hoenn Elite Four) -Shiny Talonflame
  12. I sis the trade thing in Sheridan and well...is this meant to be shiny?
  13. Like quite a few, I change some of the shinies to colors I'd prefer. Reborn has excellent base shinies 9/10, but some people don't like certain colors, for example I hate pink, and some people may have favorites or just would prefer a change on playthrough number 245. So I figure I'd start a topic here where people could exchange their own custom shinies, since showing a few of mine on discord have a couple of people interested. I hope this is the right place for it, as it seems like it would be. The idea is for people who are open to their recolors being used by others will post them here, and we can just pick and choose what we like. I've included some of mine. A dianci-inspired shiny Carbink, blue Emboar and Pidgey lines, a few green recolors since there aren't that many, and a couple of gender based changes for more pop. Feel free to pick and choose, and use them as you please, they're available for anyone and should be usable on reborn and rejuv. VensCustomsV1.zip
  14. Will offer Shiny carnivine with pokerus
  15. I have 2 shiny Beldum available for trade. IVs are not great. I also have 9 non-shinies with very solid, though not perfect, IVs. If this post gets some interest I can post details. In return, I am interested in dittos and well-bred dragons. Other offers welcome too!
  16. Heya! I'm new to this, but I recently caught three shiny alolan diglets while level grinding...and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a trade =D I'd love a decent fighting type
  17. I have a female shiny meowth, serious nature and Technician ability. I'm looking for a male shiny grimer, I'd prefer one with a attack boosting nature, but it'sbe okay if it doesn't Ps: got it, but I don't know how to erase it so....
  18. Hi, i looked through the shiny sprites of the pokemons and i fell in love with shiny alolan raichu's sprite. So i went to get a shiny pichu myself on rooftop garden and i actually got one after +100 soft resets, but its ivs are terrible ( 0 in SP.ATK, SP.DEF but 31 in HP, ATK, and SPEED ) :( i was wondering if anyone had a spare shiny pichu to trade with mine. Thank you for reading my post.
  19. I have been restarting the game for 4 hours, is it possible to even get a shiny Buizel?
  20. JackP

    Shiny Type: Null

    I'm trying to get a Shiny Type Null I quick saved just before it attacked the woman and I'm been using soft reset to restart my game. So is Type Null shiny just the same as the other Pokemon or does the soft reset prevent me from getting Shiny.
  21. Hi, I'm trying to get a shiny litten, and I've tryed exchanging my Stantler for the Litten that is offered, but I've gone through way more soft resets than I usually have to. I understand it can be chance, but I started to wonder if it even is possible to get one from an exchange. If it is, I also wanted to ask if, when the pokemon comes out of the pokeball in the exchange animation, if it is shiny, does it appear with the shiny sprite or do you have to go to look at the summary to check? Just to see if I can hasten the process by not having to check every single time. Thank you for your answers and help! P.D.: I'm not too sure if I'm doing this the right way (first time posting a question) so do tell me if I should pose it somewhere else.
  22. WELCOME TO YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG POKEMON DEALER - Da BReedeR!!! PS: POKEMON IS MY DRUG Hi Guya! sorry for the trouble, I will be out for a week, I will try getting to all of you as soon as possible. SO I GUESS I WILL BE OUT TILL NEXT SATURDAY Note: Please Tag me using '@eigengrau' so that I can respond to your messages faster as I will get a notification. HI MAYTES!! WELCOME TO MA PAGE!!! I Have some good IV MONS that I have bred, I generally keep only 5 normal ones and how many ever shinies I get while hatching:- I Generally do not ask anything in return unless you are generous to provide me something nice or something if I am in desperate need of it These are the Current lists of pokemon that I have with their following egg bred moves:- *NEW BUGS and WATER MONS(Shell Smashers) BRED!!!!!* ALSO I DO REQUESTS FOR ANYONE WANTING ANY PARTICULAR MON( Have to be patient for this as it might take sometime for me to breed you your particular mon with items, egg moves and shine) NEWS: Well recently I have come to know of the infamous so called hack where Simipour who can learn Thief, Fling and Recycle is able to steal items from other trainers and obtain them after the end of the battle by recycling it. Anyone who wants a simipour with those moves can ask me for one Riolu (Phy and Spl Attackers Available) and Gible (NEW) GRASS TYPE: FIRE TYPE: WATER TYPE: BUG TYPE: 2 NEW!!! ELECTRIC TYPE: FIGHTING TYPE: NORMAL TYPES: GHOST TYPE: PSYCHIC TYPE: DRAGON TYPES: DARK TYPES: STEEL TYPES: FAIRY TYPES:(NEW!!!) FOSSIL POKEMON:(*NEW!!*) // For people trying to complete the dex or for competitive battling all are perfect 6ivs NOTE: MY DM is cluttered so can you guys please try avoiding sending me DMs and request here please. ALSO if you need a particular item you can request that as well. I shall try gifting it the mon. Click the spoilers to see what type of mons I have:- Your Friendly neighborhood Da BReedeR!!! -MAKE PEACE AND LOVE, NOT WAR!!! PRAY FOR THE FALLEN SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS WHO HAVE FALLEN PREY TO THE EVIL POLITICIANS SCHEMES
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