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  1. i looked at a lets play for this event and seems that as soon as i enter the hospital of ruins the cutscene that is supposed to play AFTER you battle isiah starts. so for some reason it thinks i already won against him even though i did not even enter the room where he is. also i loaded a back up from after you defeat adam and played all the wa through to this point with same result.
  2. so after talking to delpha to bust doctor isha the cutscene with erin interogating him and then escaping with a hidden passage plays normally. after that me and huey get called in to chase him (also goes normally). but as soon as i enter the hospital ruin (without being close to the trigger of it since i have go through a hallway first) the scene with doctor isha an isiah talking to themselves start playing of screen no matter what i do. once it finishes or when i'm supposed to be thrown in a pokemon battle, the game just freezes and i can only quick save but nothing else. it also starts when
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