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  1. No need to rush, Jan Take your time, we are all kinda effed because of this pandemic anyways so I'm sure we all feel ya.. Just work on it when you feel better, it's not good to work on something while demotivated both for yourself and your own work, it's OK to take breaks every now and then. Just stay safe and take care of yourself, for more than I am itching to play your game I can, and will, wait for as long as necessary.
  2. The fact that Truck Guy got to be top15 bring me joy! Tho' I am disappointed Venam didn't got higher..
  3. I. Am. SHIVERING!! I must, I need, I gotta play it!
  4. Ah yes! Braixen! The Pokemon who literally in it's debut get matched against two opponents that can OHKO it, nice!
  5. This is not really the thread to ask for this, my guy.. Anyway, try loading a previous save file before that scene, if you have backups ON then you can just get an old save and try again Here's a guide of how to do it: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/
  6. IT'S HEEERE!! Call me an absolutist but I am going with Ren, Venam and Nim, EASY!!
  7. Aevis got a "little" bit of a cowlick there
  8. It's possible.. Reborn got MAC support so it's possible that Rejuvenation might get one since the engine will change as well but only Jan can answer that for sure but I am hoping the answer is yes
  9. I love this! Yes! V13 is shaping to be an amazing game changing version indeed!
  10. Boy I- Don't know why but.. SUddenly after seeing Adam I am starting to sweat a lot, oof, why is it so hot in here all the sudden?
  11. Anyway let's just not get things get very heat up, yeah? Is just game @Jan Also, another question that isn't exactly for V13 but actually when the game is done and the story complete, do you intend to allow the player to do rematches against every single gym leader again but this time they all would had Lv100 teams? Just something I always wish I could do in the main series tbh Also, congratulations on getting the game at 63%! Oh boi, oh boi!!
  12. Damn, guys.. Calm down.. Listen, Gyarados for a game like Rejuvenation IS quite OP, Gyarados has a very strong sweep potential and since this isn't online matches and the AI can be abused (I sure done that a lot..) it's easy to set up a Gyarados for a quick sweep, I mean, most players see that coming but AI trainers? Nah.. About the terrain, I don't think anything need to be changed, it's true that most of the difficulty of fighting a gym leader is fighting his team on a setup that is advantageous to them like Crawli having a Forest Field AND infinite Rain (weakening Fire Types, nullifying one of his team's weakness) but honestly speaking we kinda already can manipulate fields to our advantage even before those moves.. My strategy against Souta is basically start with a Steelix with Smack Down to turn the Air Field into a Mountain Top Field and then Dig to turn the Mountain Top Field into a Cave Field and just sweep with Lycanroc afterwards, so I don't think anything needs to be changed tbh
  13. Don't know why we need a reward for capturing every pokemon tbh.. The journey to get to it is already enough for me, I am pretty sure some of these pokemons will be tied to pretty cool sidequest like the Goominck one I would think it actually be pretty funny if Jan pulled a Gen1 and just rewarded you with a text box saying "Congratulations! You got'em All!!"
  14. And, AND, the ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE of being able to say you Got'em All!
  15. Adding, you gotta play it and get the TRUE ending in order to obtain the code BUT if you aren't interested in that I will give you a spoiler bellow with the code but I really, REALLY, don't suggest you skip Where Love Lies, it has a pretty good story and tie some loose ends on the main game related to Keta and Aelita, anyway.. Here's the code, please consider playing Where Love Lies anyways: You redeem this code in the central building on GDC, during the day there's a NPC there that asks for a code, that's her.
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