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  1. I think Ice should resist Water the same way Water resist Ice.. Also, why doesn't Ice also resist Grass and Flying is one of these GameFreak decisions you just don't understand..
  2. G-Darmanitan is an exception due to it's ridiculously massive status.. Also when it enters Zen-Mode it isn't pure Ice-Type anymore AND it gets even stronger and even if you don't use Zen Mode the alternative, Gorilla Tatics, is basic a Choice Band in ability form which, when combined with Choice Scarf, becomes a menace as you have now a Pokemon that deals 1.5x more damage AND moves 1.5x faster.. But as a rule of thumb, Ice-Type is the weakest type, resisting only itself while being weak to 4 other types.. Most other types only come out with a net negative when combined with Ice (which is a shame, I like Ice).. Mega-Glalie is one of the weakest megas, heck, G-Darmanitan is much better than it and it's a MEGA.. So here's hoping A-Glalie will be better (Who knows, maybe Jan will even make a A-Mega-Glalie?) but yeah, Grass/Ice will be a TERRIBLE combination which will make it weaker than regular Glalie.. But I guess it fits the theme, I guess..
  3. I just hope A-Glalie will be better than the regular one which gets overshadowed hard by Froslass.. Even the Mega-Glalie isn't that worth it since there are better megas out there, pure Ice is very "meh"..
  4. To be fair, I never actually saw any elitism or shaming (at least not on the Rejuvenation community) but I did see bragging alright.. Tho' this is based on my experience so I could had not seen it but it still happened anyways.. Well, two difficulties anyway, Jan can't get rid of Casual and, frankly, I would go against it if he ever decided that since there's people who are more invested in the story of the game than the challenge and locking them from it because they didn't study on IVs, EVs, Natures, movesets and so on doesn't feel right.. Using myself as an example, I cannot beat Intense for the hell of me and if both Casual and Normal were removed and I had to be forced to go on Intense I would probably quit OR just cheat by watching someone else's strategy and do a play-by-play copy.. Tho' Rejuvenation's casual is still challenging, at least in comparison to the originals anyway..
  5. Mama bless!! A new devlog!! But DAYUM Terajuma be looking fine! Loved the new look, also, A-Snorunt right on time for Christmas?! (I wish)
  6. Removing the Intense Mode was actually a very wise decision, it's much better to just gather intel by seeing how the community deal with certain battles and then figure out how to make it harder later by checking what strategies we use than just going of assumption.. But damn, Zumi be working on those sprites! I'm just glad we are receiving updates on REjuv 13.5 and soon Reborn e19 will be released as well, good times all around! Sadly it won't.. The people responsible for that are Azery and Alex, removing Intense Mode will make their jobs easier but won't make the rest of the team develop the game faster..
  7. I wish Rejuvenation took a month to developer each chapter but Jan would have to hire a full development team of, at least, 30 people.. 13.5 will probably take months if not an year (or more, who knows)..
  8. Try paralyzing it first, one of the things about that statue is that it ALWAYS tries to set up rain, when the rain is out it will set it up again, if you paralyze it so your mons go first the chances of wining become bigger, this is a theme BTW, there will be much MUCH worst pokemons than that Kingdra and just trying to brute force it ain't gonna cut it, you gonna have to exploit status effect to the max
  9. They are different events, Storm9 was when the Nihilegos rampaged through out the continent draining people's life force and turning them into stones, Xenpurgis is yet to happen but all we know about it is that it will be a massive disaster on GDC created by a Rift Stakataka. Now I am not sure if Storm9 will happen again but it all indicates that Nim would be the trigger of such event, at least that's what Damien believes.
  10. I just wanna know for sure what's Nastasia's deal already.. Gotta wait a couple of years for that, I am afraid.. But she was always a character hiding a lot of secrets, secrets that I NEED to know!
  11. You're correct, that is an unpopular opinion alright.. I mean, not being harsh or criticizing your taste but Pokemon is about capturing creatures and battling with them, not doing puzzles.. There are plenty of other games that fit that category better than Pokemon, tho' I guess Jan probably have a couple of new and harder puzzles down the line anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about that, really, it's almost a given at this point with everything we passes through
  12. This late in the game, Snarl would be pretty useless tbh.. I mean, we already got Dark Pulse, no point getting Snarl..
  13. Hopefully Parting Shot but I doubt Jan would grace us with such blessings
  14. I want Protect for my Treevenant too.. Harvest Treevenant holding a Sitrus Berry with Leech Seed and Protect is just lovely!
  15. I still wish all Pokemons found had 31IVs by default and the EV training rooms were open from the start.. Hard to get involved in the story if before every gym/major battle I have to breed new Pokemons for hours.. So I am "forced" to use debug mode to cut the grinding and, frankly, I wish I didn't.. I don't like having debug mode but the alternative is hours and hours of grinding.. If Jan did that I would legit restart my whole save (for the 6th time) just so I can have a "legit" save without debug mode.
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