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  1. Can someone help me? In Terajuma I am stuck on the part where we need to find Nim, like.. Where dahell is she?! -EDIT- Nevermind, found her.. It was in a area I didn't knew you could go since it was well-hidden as a travel point from another map..
  2. Anyone can tell me how to access the secret area on Venam's Gym now? (And remember to reply in spoilers if you know)
  3. MhicKy

    Canyons and Comfort

  4. Does anyone knows where to use the Package Key? Got it from a random NPC on Celia Central that gave it to me but says he doesn't know where it goes so.. Where?
  5. I only have 2 MAJOR complaints about this game 1) It takes too long to get Mawile 2) There's no Mawilite just a wee joke, love the game
  6. Need help in a couple of things that have been puzzling me for a while.. 1) I completed the quest Pieces of Amaria and got all the colored pieces a long time ago, what do I do with them? 2) How do I get into the fight club in Celia? The bouncer just tells me to "Get to know Garret" but I am already in Farmbale and he still says the same thing.. 3) There was that foxes double-agent I sided with during the quest with that detective and I never seem him again.. Do I need to do something else? 4) There's a Gulpin in North Celia looking at the sewer but the sewers are locked, is there a way in? 5) There's this Scrafty in Celia West that just says "It seems to be waiting for something", is there something related to him or he's just there for no reason?
  7. Ffffffffffffffffffffffff- Alright! This will not stop me from beating this with Mawile anyways!! Thanks for the reply
  8. Anyone can tell me if Mawilite is available in the game and, if yes, where is it?
  9. Holy Sh*t, it's happening~ I have a question tho', is Rejuv finally get the same password system as Reborn and Desolation? (I really like those)
  10. Anyone know where can I get the TMs for the fang moves? Yunno, Thunder Fange, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, etc
  11. 1. Thanks! 2. Thanks!! 3. Dammit! Still quite some way then.. Well thanks for the answers!
  12. So I literally just started to play this game, I am having a lot of fun, I specifically love the password system allowing me to ditch IVs and EVs from the game and lessening the grind so I can just enjoy the history and the battles without worrying about these but I need help in a couple of things (Looked around the forum and couldn't find the answers so) 1) In the Weeping Depths there's a quest that you need to pay respect to the dead, how do I do that? 2) Also in the Weeping Depths I need to find a book, I looked everywhere and couldn't find it, there's a locked gate there so I assume I need to open it? Where do I get the key? 3) The Mawiles! WHERE ARE THEY?! WHERE ARE MY BRETHREN?! (I just beat the 3rd gym)
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