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  1. I mean, I wasn't saying that we need that to play the game, I already beat Reborn and Rejuvenation many times, but it's just to make replaying it much easier since you don't need to worry about anything other than Ability and Move Set But alright then, if you can't do it you can't do it [shrug]
  2. So we all familiar with the passwords we can input in the beginning of the game to add some flavor to our runs, yeah? I came up with this password that I would like to see added in the game, the reason why I am suggesting it is cuz I really like both Reborn and Rejuvenation but it gets really hard to pitch it to other people since, in order to beat, it's almost required to have a full team with good IVs, EV trained, with the correct Nature and Ability so, a lot of times, the story gets halted because you get to a gym battle where your need to change one or two (if not all) members of your team in order to pass it and breeding takes time and requires some know-how, sure you can use debug mode but I am sure a lot of people, like me, feel "dirty" when using it even if it's just to fix IVs, EVs, Nature and Ability and would rather not have to resort to it at all. So what does this password do? These effects combined: ALL Pokemons (Wild, Trainers, Bosses, etc) come with 31IVs in each status. ALL Pokemon have 85 EVs in each status. Nature is set to either Docile, Serious, Bashful or Quirky (Natures that don't increase nor decrease any status). Remove items that either increase or decrease EVs. Remove the "Pokemon Psychologist" NPC (The guy in the underground that can change your Pokemon's Nature). The Move Relearner can now teach Egg Moves. Disables Online (It's a mode just to pass the story without having to worry about the grind anyway). I hope I can see something similar to this in the future, it's just a suggestion tho'
  4. "Know how to code, and get along with Cass." Oof, that's a tall order, coding is easy tho' (I am joking, I am joking, don't nuke me)
  5. MhicKy

    Balancing conundrums

    I don't really mind the difficulty being toned down since I re-played this game 6x already and I know that there are some parts that are just huge sudden walls, I always dread having to re-do the Gaera x Zetta fight at Mount Valor since the deck is ridiculously stacked in their favor with their team comp, the field and the fact we can't rely on Melia's AI that much, Souta is another one that is kinda of annoying to get through and, a lot of the times, forces me to completely change my entire team just to beat him, so I get that some people might find this game too difficult to enjoy, specially if they don't understand the IVs/EVs mechanics all that well. All I really want now is the same password system Reborn has so I can use the one that makes all Pokemons have 31IVs so I won't have to force myself to either breed one pokemon for hours or succumb to using debug mode for the convenience.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. MhicKy


      LoL, Didn't expected people to care, thanks, bro!

    2. LykosHand


      Haha i see, i do this everyday basically! And you're welcome 😄

  7. Haven't posted here in a while, huh.. A spongebob meme featuring my Mawile And a Rule63 of said Mawile (Don't mind that white square up-top, I don't wanna be banned from the forum so..)
  8. Manage to update the game to 19.0.4 using the updater but now on the 19.0.5 the updater doesn't start because it says it's "unwanted" or a "virus", I went to the windows security and checked the status and set it to be allowed (image bellow) but it STILL stops me from using the updater.. Anyone with Windows11 have a solution for this? (Firewall is also OFF)
  9. This is the best!! Go, Jan!! I gonna re-play AGAIN and this time with 2 savefiles for the good and bad ending!!
  10. "If you design a quest where I need to follow an NPC and they move SLOWER than my running speed but FASTER than my walking speed you are banned from making video-games for one year"
  11. Huh.. Well I never used Hidden Power anyway.. At least this change makes it somewhat usable, tho' I wouldn't bank on it either
  12. Here you go: There's also instructions of how to use it too, be responsible with it tho' and only use it to change a Pokemon IVs, EVs and Nature, don't go too crazy and start spawning items or such because this may break your game, you've been warned (Also don't try to get the pokemon's IV and EVs above the usual as well, this will bug their status and get them into negative numbers, 31IVs on everything and 510p of distribution on EVs is the limit).
  13. I would actually totally disagree with @ArcBolt27 there.. Nature, IVs and EVs are almost a requirement if you are playing in any other difficulty than Casual. Nature increases your main attribute by 10%, IVs can give you up to an extra 31p in an attribute by Lv100 (which is huge BTW) and EVs further increase both of these status as well, you can have a Pokemon with base 100 speed be slower than a Pokemon with base 90 speed just because of Nature alone and these do change the tide of battle pretty heavily.. Specially in late game as gym leaders start having Pokemons with 31IVs in everyting and EV trained and, at some point, even going beyond this limit. Look, I would suggest downloading the debug-mode, it can allow you to change your Pokemons IVs and EVs so you can skip this grind, I don't recommend using it for anything else since it can be quite buggy and basically no one here will look down on you for using it if you're just cutting down the grind but if you don't wanna use it I suggest you either get to grinding or change the difficulty to Casual.
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