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  1. I like Amanda tho' Even tho' she's a [redacted] and a [redated], Red and Black is such a great combination Venam really be embracing the "flannel style" look, I was expecting her to revert back to her original look after a while but she just didn't, I guess it's a good metaphor for her changing into a more responsible person, man, I will never forget that GOLDEN SCENE with her on the suites talking to her Seviper it's just a GODAMN MASTERPIECE of character development
  2. GOnna drop some hints Maman was sick and Mosely wanted to cure here, where do you go looking for a cure for an illness?
  3. I literally gave you a easy way to win with just 2 pokemons and I am being shrugged, I am offended! The audacity! The horror! You're going to be cancelled on Twitter! But being serious now, just do what I told you.. A cave field also allows Ground Types to hit Flying Types for super effect so it's very likely the Steelix will end up killing his lead Skarmory since Dig will hit 4x, there are TMs scattered for all of these moves (except Stealth Rocks) that you can get on the guide
  4. Here's how you win with 2 Pokemons 1. Get a Steelix that knows Smack Down, Dig and Stealth Rock at least 2. Lycanroc Make the Steelix go first, use Smack Down to turn the Sky Field into a Mountain Top Field then use Dig to turn the Mountain Top Field into a Cave Field, boom, Flying types are immediately crippled while Rock Types are stronger, finish it up with Stealth Rocks just to put salt in the wound and Lycanroc can easily sweep his team, that's how I done it anyways
  5. It's what we call "banter", chill Like Magus said, I don't mean it maliciously, I myself never indulged in annoying you guys directly on purpose just to make you people mad and, if I ever did, I didn't meant it, closing the thread is not something I think was a bad idea or decision, it was actually the correct thing to do EXACTLY to stop these kind of situations, I am sorry to say, but creating that kind of thread where anyone could post anything and it would be directly seem, and sometimes answered, by the devs themselves was a dumpster fire, that's why I made this thread congratulation you all for deciding to close that one and create a development blog so we can just focus on what's important without being drowned by thousands of comments from randoms, now there's really NO EXCUSE for anyone to ask the same question over and over when all they need to do is just read. You people are still young anyways and I get that creating a game that suddenly gathered a massive cult-following can be stressful specially because of the loud minority that will come and annoy you with stupid questions or whatever else, my advice is to simply shrug it off or, like Jan do on occasion, reply with a meme, don't take these things very seriously OR just get a person to moderate the forum and reply to those people while you work on the game in peace without needing to bother reading things that annoy you, I still have respect for you devs and I still love that game anyway to the point I recommend it to my friends citing it being "the best Pokemon game I ever played" and will continue to do so even if all the devs grow to despise me. Anyway I hope you guys are staying safe, specially Jan.
  6. @Magus543 Most questions were things that were already asked and answered before or was "that dude" with the mega-mewtwo pic asking for something stupid again.. And I will admit, I LOVED seeing Jan getting peeved by those questions, heh
  7. You better feel guilty, alright! There are plenty of times you went there with theories and shiiiiet Jokes aside, yeah, that thread was just pure madness at some point.. Better that way
  8. Oh das nice! Didn't knew there was something more to the logo but I wonder how cool it will look by the end!
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

    1. MhicKy


      OMG, haha

      Wasn't expecting anyone to post here let alone wish me Happy Birthday, thanks dude ❤️

    2. LykosHand


      Hehe i'm glad you liked the surprise 😉


      You're welcome 😄

  10. "If it isn't 100% accuracy then it's 50%" - Some guy in a comment section about a Pokemon video I watched on Youtube once
  11. Both Elekid and Magby are available at the Gaeren Laboratory Go to the Professor's Office and there will be a teacher doing lessons to your left to new trainers, he will ask you to have a certain number of pokemon on your Pokedex, after you check this requirement he will bring you to a room with 2 eggs, Elekid and Magby, choose one, then later you can get the second one but he will ask for even more pokemon in your Pokedex, if I am not mistaken.. I think the requirement for the first one is 150 and the seccond one is 650(?) but I am not sure, I don't remember well..
  12. And even with the theory crafting thread there were still many people posting theories there :X And "Hectic" is a nice way to put it
  13. Have you guys seen it? Jan posted in the V13 Status Thread a link to the new development blog they decided to create and I just wanna say that it was an amazing idea! The V13 Status Thread had become waaay to big to newcomer to check each and every page for all the teasers of the new version, not to mention the amount of times the thread went in many directions that had nothing to do with the topic (theory crafting, people asking for help, etc) and I gotta admit I've done it myself too.. Ops.. Which was the reason Jan closed it and I don't blame him for it. So having a blog where only the content that will be in V13 will be posted without having to scroll to the mountains of people posting along is just a great idea! Good on the team! I wish you guys much health in these trying times! (Also the completion went from 41% to 47%)
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