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  1. Yeah.. For me individuality comes in the EVs, Nature, Abilities and Moves, since different combinations of these can create different types of Pokemons, 2 good examples are Nidoking/Queen and Tyranitar, they both can be either P.Attacker or Sp.Attacker depending on the combination you choose, IVs are just a waste of time since you can get everything on 31 anyway while also being impactful on the flow of the battles, I mean, a Pokemon with base 100 speed but with a 31 IV can outspeed a 110 speed with 0 IV (maybe even a 120 speed with 0 IV).. Usually I would roll with the debug mode just to
  2. Oof, you trying a Steel run?! Good luck! *salute* Imma just do a gen8 run
  3. I would highly suggest starting a fresh new save since many things will change in previous areas such as gym leaders having new team compositions but it's up to you. Also, a small request, can the Ditto we capture have, like, 31IVs on everything? Breeding is such a boring process and consume too much time that I could be using making progress in the story.. (Or, I dunno, disregard IVs completely, like, every pokemon either comes with all 0s or 31s)
  4. We managed to get to the "nice" page, guys! Happy Bellsprout!!
  5. AtAnSpecificTimeSomewhereInTheFuture(TM)
  6. I am shacking in my boots! Can't wait to restart for the 7th time! (Or was it 8th?) I gonna make a full gen8 team!
  7. Well, I sure am glad to read Zumi's response to this chronicle.. I reckon Pokemon might end up failing one day because of Game Freak adding too many new gimmicks while scrapping old ones.. I sure dislike they removing megas tho'.. My Mawile is useless now.. And yeah, Crests are good since they tend to be kinda balanced and give chance to weaker Pokemon to become really good, I never used a Skuntank up until I got the Crest, that was nice
  8. I just kinda wonder how Rejuvenation will look in when it's finally finished.. We have Mega-Evoltuions, Z-Moves, Crests, Dynamax (Kinda).. If GameFreak keeps creating new gimmicks and Rejuvenation keeps adding them to the game I feel like this can become quite a mess in the future, I have hope that the devs will just find a work-around it like what they are going to do with Dynamax, depends on the upcoming new gimmicks since they can add a new thing that might become hard to implement or even impossible..
  9. Ugh.. Dynamax.. I am glad Jan and Zumi aren't adding the new mechanic but instead placing them as megas, I still don't get why GameFreak felt it was a good idea to remove the mega evolutions and z-moves to introduce this entirely new mechanic that is just a Frankenstein version of both.. I mean, creating things that gets scrapped in the next gen isn't something new but at least the previous scrapped mechanics weren't that impactful on the battle gameplay (like secret bases and the beauty contest).. Now we have these 2 battle mechanics that went completely useless after gen8.. (I am also bias
  10. It's true since Jan actually got positive for covid in, I believe, the middle of 2020.. At this rate I feel like the game would actually be out if all this crap wasn't happening.. "The new normal".. What a depressing world.. I wanna go back to the 90s where my main concern was grades..
  11. Well I expected v13 to take too long even before I knew the update was going to be the biggest one just because of gen8 as a whole, I mean, you gotta make new sprites, code the new pokemons, add new moves and items, update old trainers and gyms, just by that alone I already knew this would take long anyway and then there's the fact that v13 will be as big as 3 updates.. Either way, can't wait to restart my savefile to check all the changes and new Pokemons! Don't care a lick for Pokemon Arceus or the remakes of Pearl and Diamond, I just want v13 of Rejuv and v19 of Reborn.
  12. I am just here wondering what are the new event pokemon added.. There are still plenty of pokemon in v12 that couldn't be caught because they are going to be event pokemon, some of the starters like Torchic and Chimchar are a good example of this and, well, Magikarp. I am just excited to start catching again!
  13. Oh boy.. Here's the short version.. HL stands for Half-Life, a game made by Valve in 1998 and it was the game that kickstarter the company (the same one who owns Steam), they made Half-Life 2 and following that 2 extra episodes to the game, HL2 Episode1 and HL2 Episode 2, which "ended" with many questions yet to be answered as the series was not yet completed, at first, it was suppose to have a HL2 Episode 3 but it took SO LONG that Valve just came up and said they would make HL3 at that point, alas, to this day, the game is yet not released even tho' it had a massive fanbase and plenty of
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