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  1. "Know how to code, and get along with Cass." Oof, that's a tall order, coding is easy tho' (I am joking, I am joking, don't nuke me)
  2. MhicKy

    Balancing conundrums

    I don't really mind the difficulty being toned down since I re-played this game 6x already and I know that there are some parts that are just huge sudden walls, I always dread having to re-do the Gaera x Zetta fight at Mount Valor since the deck is ridiculously stacked in their favor with their team comp, the field and the fact we can't rely on Melia's AI that much, Souta is another one that is kinda of annoying to get through and, a lot of the times, forces me to completely change my entire team just to beat him, so I get that some people might find this game too difficult to enjoy, specially if they don't understand the IVs/EVs mechanics all that well. All I really want now is the same password system Reborn has so I can use the one that makes all Pokemons have 31IVs so I won't have to force myself to either breed one pokemon for hours or succumb to using debug mode for the convenience.
  3. Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ˜„, i hope that you will have a fun day ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿฐ

    1. MhicKy


      LoL, Didn't expected people to care, thanks, bro!

    2. LykosHand


      Haha i see, i do this everyday basically! And you're welcome ๐Ÿ˜„

  4. Haven't posted here in a while, huh.. A spongebob meme featuring my Mawile And a Rule63 of said Mawile (Don't mind that white square up-top, I don't wanna be banned from the forum so..)
  5. Manage to update the game to 19.0.4 using the updater but now on the 19.0.5 the updater doesn't start because it says it's "unwanted" or a "virus", I went to the windows security and checked the status and set it to be allowed (image bellow) but it STILL stops me from using the updater.. Anyone with Windows11 have a solution for this? (Firewall is also OFF)
  6. This is the best!! Go, Jan!! I gonna re-play AGAIN and this time with 2 savefiles for the good and bad ending!!
  7. "If you design a quest where I need to follow an NPC and they move SLOWER than my running speed but FASTER than my walking speed you are banned from making video-games for one year"
  8. Huh.. Well I never used Hidden Power anyway.. At least this change makes it somewhat usable, tho' I wouldn't bank on it either
  9. Here you go: There's also instructions of how to use it too, be responsible with it tho' and only use it to change a Pokemon IVs, EVs and Nature, don't go too crazy and start spawning items or such because this may break your game, you've been warned (Also don't try to get the pokemon's IV and EVs above the usual as well, this will bug their status and get them into negative numbers, 31IVs on everything and 510p of distribution on EVs is the limit).
  10. I would actually totally disagree with @ArcBolt27 there.. Nature, IVs and EVs are almost a requirement if you are playing in any other difficulty than Casual. Nature increases your main attribute by 10%, IVs can give you up to an extra 31p in an attribute by Lv100 (which is huge BTW) and EVs further increase both of these status as well, you can have a Pokemon with base 100 speed be slower than a Pokemon with base 90 speed just because of Nature alone and these do change the tide of battle pretty heavily.. Specially in late game as gym leaders start having Pokemons with 31IVs in everyting and EV trained and, at some point, even going beyond this limit. Look, I would suggest downloading the debug-mode, it can allow you to change your Pokemons IVs and EVs so you can skip this grind, I don't recommend using it for anything else since it can be quite buggy and basically no one here will look down on you for using it if you're just cutting down the grind but if you don't wanna use it I suggest you either get to grinding or change the difficulty to Casual.
  11. I am also curious about that.. My guess is that it can hit x4 since it's suppose to change to the enemy weakness and if a enemy has a common weakness with their duo-typing I recon it would choose that, I don't think it's always x2 or else the nerf wouldn't be needed, it probably always try to go for the x4 if possible, if not it will choose a type that will do x2, if that's the case then Hidden Power can be a powerful clutch for Pokemons lacking coverage.. I myself never used the old Hidden Power because of the complications of getting it on the right typing and I believe most people who did had it probably cheated (which is understandable since it's so freakin' grindy).
  12. @nonsensei @pizzagod13, they already changed how Hidden Power works, according to Bulbapedia, "Hidden Power's base power is now 50. Hidden Power now changes it's own type to be super effective against the opposing Pokemon", that change was made exactly because they already removed IVs and frankly I prefer it much more than the previous version, it's much more reliable now and less grindy, I mean, try getting a pokemon with 5 IVs on 31 AND the Hidden Power you want, that's PAIN. As for Trick Room, I feel like it's a small price to pay to get rid of this ridiculous grind.. I mean, it's even more work to get your pokemon to have 31IVs on everything and 0 on speed for Trick Room..
  13. I feel like I banged on this drum way too many times but IVs are pointless.. EVs have the whole build-making process to them but IVs are just a complete waste of time.. Legend of Arceus ditched IVs all together and there's a strong possibility gen9 will do the same.. So, is Rejuvenation (and heck, maybe even Reborn) going to ditch IVs? It kinda takes away from the experience when you have to stop the story to breed pokemons or having to use cheats (debug mode).
  14. I voted "Yes" for these reasons: - Freeze was very random, either locking your Pokemon until it faints or disappear right away, RNG ain't fun, yo! - It had no practical usability, most moves that give Freeze only has a 10% anyway so capitalizing on it was near impossible, a status like Paralysis is good for faster pokemon, Burn for strong physical attackers, Toxic for bulky stallers but Freeze had no usability at all and no one EVER relied on it. - It counter balances Burn pretty well, while one lowers Attack the other goes for S.Atk, it was always easy to just burn a strong physical attacker and rend it useless but the same was not true for special attackers. - It just makes sense.. Ice burns.. However there still one major issue and it's the fact that there's no move that has more than a 10% chance of applying Freeze/Frostbite, if we want to cripple a physical attacker a simple Will-o-Wisp will do but there's no move for Freeze/Frostbite so I feel like if you gonna go for the replacement you should also create a move similar to Will-o-Wisp but for Freeze/Frostbite.
  15. @Dark Champion, I sure hope they come back.. It gave chance for pokemons that would NEVER be viable, like Mawile or Kangaskhan, the mechanic was fairly balanced too since it was pretty easy to predict which Pokemon was the mega and that it couldn't hold any items that could take you by surprise like a Focus Sash or a Choice Scarf which made it predictable and easy to counter. @bruhtonium, Yeah, I always wish they implemented the difficulty slider everyone is always asking about, a lot of people grew up with this franchise and keeping it in "gaming journalist" mode forever for the new players (and children) is kind of a bummer.. GameFreak should realize by now that a lot of it's costumers aren't just children but grown adults, specially considering the competitive scene.. So having the choice to pick and choose a difficulty for the story would be nice, I mean, X/Y was a joke.. Gym Leaders had 3 pokemons (The grass type even had a Weepinbell) and the elite 4 only had four pokemons each.. It could go something like this: > Easy - How Pokemon currently is right now. > Normal - Gym Leaders have between 4~5 pokemons (depending of how far in the story) and the Elite Four and Champion always have a full team. > Hard - Gym Leaders have 6 pokemons, their level gets raised to the same as their strongest pokemon and battle mode is locked on "Set". I would LOVE to play a Pokemon game like this, if this get implemented on Violet/Scarlet you can bet your sweet bottom that it would get me excited to it for once!
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