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  1. Welcome to Rejuvenation Intense Mode! We have cookies and soda by the table, enjoy your stay~ But yeah, that's pretty much how it goes.. Fight the first time, get a feel of the leader's team and strategy, create a party to counter that strategy, fight again, try to get the hang of which pokemon should lead and what you should do for each of the enemy's pokemon and, finally, win.. And yeah RNG play a big part too.. There were fights that if I missed one move or got paralyzed and lost the turn that meant the entire battle was now over..
  2. @yeslahrt Go in this thread and download the first 2 files and place them in the Scripts folder, be aware that it might contain some bugs so use it only for light stuff like changing your pokemons IV, nature, EVs and ability @hepengild Yeah I know the feel.. Without debug mode I get stubborn and keep trying a strategy that clearly doesn't work for longer because I dread having to breed another team just for a gym leader since it takes literally DAYS to breed a full team but with debug mode I just adjust the status of pokemon I already caught and level them in the Breeder trainers and easy
  3. So I guess we really are expanding and going big, huh? Looking forward to it, there is so much stuff in Rejuvenation that a wiki really is necessary at this point
  4. Yes, in the main folder of Rejuvenation there's a shortcut to the savefile folder, your main save is named "Game.rxdata" if you want to rollback, pick any of the other files in there that contain information according the time it was saved, how many badges you had and your character name and rename it to "Game.rxdata" and it will rollback
  5. That's why a lot of people go with debug mode.. While """cheating""" would be considered bad in any other game, in Reborn and Rejuvenation that's just a "yeah, I get it" situation.. Using debug mode to make your pokemons have perfect IVs, fully EV trained with the ability you want and the correct nature, at first glance, sounds bad but in reality you're just cutting the grind to get that anyway, as long as you're not creating pokemons you shouldn't have or spawning items, no one condemns the use of debug mode.. I mean, I could either use debug mode to get perfect pokemons and focus on the s
  6. Yeah, the reality is that Ditto with Impostor ends up becoming UBER in Rejuvenation, it's quite ridiculous.. @yeslahrt, the funny thing is that Narcisa used to be harder in v12, her field got nerfed.. It used to weaken dark moves by 50% before so the only thing that could do super effect on her Ghosts were other ghosts but every ghost you capture up to this point are slow (Yamask, Duskull, Shupet) so going Ghost vs Ghost on her was a terrible idea.. The only way I ever managed to beat her on v12 was with MASSIVE STACKS OF CHEESE!! By getting a full team of Normal Types and changing the field
  7. I feel like the difficulty spikes waaay too much by around chapter 9 and beyond.. But the reason isn't because it's hard, it's because the game cheats.. Since the gym leader Erik you already see other leaders using megas, one of the reasons why in v12 many people were asking where the MegaRing at is because of this, many upon many other gym leaders already using mega evolutions (and even some random trainers) and you? Nothing.. At least not until the very end of the game.. That on top of the fact the AI knows when you're attacking, using an item or switching on top of knowing your moveset wh
  8. I think it's a feature, multiple people already pointed that out yet two patches happened and this wasn't "fixed" so..
  9. My main strategy whenever a strong Rift Pokemon appears
  10. Ambipom then and Ambipom now, forever Ambipom with Technician is HIGHLY underrated, start the fight with a Fake Out that is boosted by the ability + STAB and just finish them off with Double Hit ALSO boosted by ability + STAB, he is a very good revenge killer, you can even put Thief on him to deal with those pesky Ghosts, the only way Ambipom would be even stronger is if it could learn Double Kick, sadly it don't, GameFreak probably thought it would be too OP
  11. People already said it but I will going more into specifics You need the Aquamarine Ore that can be obtained in the Aquamarine Cave in the same floor where Amber's Bed is, south of it there will be a mining rock to the right of a fisherman, you need to use Blast Powder to get past that and at the very end get the Aquamarine Ore then you need to go to Kristiline Town in the apartment left of the Help Center and give it to the only NPC there to get the Prism Scale, in order to do this you need to defeat Angie first.
  12. I agree with you in early to mid-game but at end-game it's nearly impossible to win with a pokemon with garbage IVs, wrong nature, no specialized egg moves and EVs all over the place, specially considering that since the very beginning, quoting Benny, "the game was rigged from the start" with every card stacked against you, fields that benefit leaders, their pokemons always perfect IVs, nature and fully EV trained, moves that only the leaders can use that are stronger than the ones available to us, the fact that the AI knows when you're going to heal, switch or attack and they even get access
  13. Ugh, FINALLY! I love this game but the fact that breeding perfect pokemons is a requirement for regular and intense difficulty always annoys me, I waste too much damn time just running back and forth in the daycare, specially now that Ditto is only available after 8 badges
  14. Thanks, will try once the girl on the counter show up, I just got to GDC -EDIT- Yeah, that done the trick, appreciate it!
  15. OK.. This is a bit embarrassing but I lost my code to get Riolu in GDC.. Does anyone still have that? I ain't gonna play Were Love Lies for the 4th time (Since I didn't got the true ending on my first 2 tries) just to get that code again..
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