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  1. Is that being constantly updated tho'? I am seeing that the main post was in 2015 and for that long to be only on the 5th gym seems a bit too slow, don't you thing? Frankly I tried a bunch of these fan-made games but none compared to Rejuvenation and Reborn and even between the two I prefer Rejuvenation by a long shot..
  2. I think it was pretty good, it can be used as a critic against radicalism / extremism, even good causes (like dethroning a dictator) can go too far if you apply the "For the greater good" / "The end justify the means" argument, so yeah, maybe in the end everything would had worked out as Flora wanted (or not) but the people she killed on the bombings will still be dead forever and the fact that they were innocent is even worst.. And in the end she got blinded by her goal so much she even against her own family and friends and was willing to sacrifice her underlings (while she stays cozy and sa
  3. One of the many things to look forward to in v13, also this has to be done
  4. They're looking very sharp and, sorry but I gotta say it, "Oww, the edge!" I like how you perfectly managed to get a "I am a tiny lil piece of shtty c*nt" from Gaera's new design, fit him well, too well in fact, now I hate him even more, the prick. Good work there!
  5. I know, hence why I was asking if anyone could make a mod to disregard IVs (or place every pokemon's IV to 31 by default) because I know Jan doesn't like people using debug mode, I myself feel uncomfortable using it but I do so I don't need to spend hours running back and forth in front of the daycare.. If all I needed to worry about was Nature and Ability that would cut a massive amoiunt of time.. I am not putting this on the shoulder of Jan, I know he doesn't want people using debug mode and I am not going to demand one from him, if I could I would make this mod myself but I no idea how
  6. Either way.. There's also the issue if the debug mode will even work on v13.. In Reborn they changed the engine already in order to fix battle animations and compatibility with MAC and such so I assume Jan will do the same for v13 which means that the v11 debug mode might not work anymore anyways.. In this topic, I also don't like how the other EV training rooms are locked via keycards with the AP system.. Usually I spend a good chunk of time in the beginning just running around to completed Tired Feet achievement and battling Pokemons that give the EV I need to farm the Tall Grass Battl
  7. Hmm.. Maybe I was looking at EV calculations then.. It still is a pointless thing tho'.. And a 31 points difference is still a big thing..
  8. Well I said there that I feel uncomfortable using debug mode so yeah.. I usually play like that so I don't waste my time grinding eggs.. Also the debug mode is still kinda outdated.. I can only find the ones for V11 and it has some problems and crashes at some points, picking the Seviper Egg on Venam's Gym is an example of those.. IVs are irrelevant to begin with.. Since you can get ur Pokemon to have all of them on 31 without penalties or limits then it's just a massive waste of time.. Also, try getting through with a team with 0 IVs and see how irrelevant they are.. They do gi
  9. Yeah I think that's how they will do it, Gen8 is "meh" at best not only on movepools so..
  10. You need cheese tactics my boi Here's how I done it: Curse + Burn, it was just a matter of stalling for time.
  11. Here's how I did it 1. Sableye with Trickster used Toxic, then died 2. Treevenant went on, he has full EV on S.Def and HP, got hit, almost died, ate Sitrus Berry and regenerated it with Harvest Ability then Leech Seeded her 3. Protect 4. Got it again, almost died again, ate Sitrus Berry again, used Horn Leech to heal a bit more 5. Protect 6. Loop
  12. Maybe it was change OR maybe he played in a different difficulty, some trainers have different pokemons depending on which difficulty you choose
  13. TL;DR - Lots of content, new gen and 2020. It's fine, dud, just because of the new gen alone I expected this version to take a lot of time to be done with since there's all the sprites, moves, abilities to add and some trainers need to be update with the newest ones and then there's 2020, the whole year, fuck 2020 and I hope 2021 isn't 2020v2..
  14. I wouldn't put this in the same category as difficulty since I just wish there was an option to disregard IVs.. Like I said above, I think they are a dumb waste of time.. Like, you could play whichever difficulty you want with or without the "balance setting" (THe name I used it) and I can guarantee you most people would use that setting if it was a thing, no one likes to waste hours to get that perfect IV pokemon just to have a shot at a gym and never use that pokemon ever again.. I had a couple like that, I said as a joke "*cof cof* Steelix *cof cof*" because I just used him ONCE at the F
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