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  1. Try paralyzing it first, one of the things about that statue is that it ALWAYS tries to set up rain, when the rain is out it will set it up again, if you paralyze it so your mons go first the chances of wining become bigger, this is a theme BTW, there will be much MUCH worst pokemons than that Kingdra and just trying to brute force it ain't gonna cut it, you gonna have to exploit status effect to the max
  2. They are different events, Storm9 was when the Nihilegos rampaged through out the continent draining people's life force and turning them into stones, Xenpurgis is yet to happen but all we know about it is that it will be a massive disaster on GDC created by a Rift Stakataka. Now I am not sure if Storm9 will happen again but it all indicates that Nim would be the trigger of such event, at least that's what Damien believes.
  3. I just wanna know for sure what's Nastasia's deal already.. Gotta wait a couple of years for that, I am afraid.. But she was always a character hiding a lot of secrets, secrets that I NEED to know!
  4. You're correct, that is an unpopular opinion alright.. I mean, not being harsh or criticizing your taste but Pokemon is about capturing creatures and battling with them, not doing puzzles.. There are plenty of other games that fit that category better than Pokemon, tho' I guess Jan probably have a couple of new and harder puzzles down the line anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about that, really, it's almost a given at this point with everything we passes through
  5. This late in the game, Snarl would be pretty useless tbh.. I mean, we already got Dark Pulse, no point getting Snarl..
  6. Hopefully Parting Shot but I doubt Jan would grace us with such blessings
  7. I want Protect for my Treevenant too.. Harvest Treevenant holding a Sitrus Berry with Leech Seed and Protect is just lovely!
  8. I still wish all Pokemons found had 31IVs by default and the EV training rooms were open from the start.. Hard to get involved in the story if before every gym/major battle I have to breed new Pokemons for hours.. So I am "forced" to use debug mode to cut the grinding and, frankly, I wish I didn't.. I don't like having debug mode but the alternative is hours and hours of grinding.. If Jan did that I would legit restart my whole save (for the 6th time) just so I can have a "legit" save without debug mode.
  9. @_shabir__s & @LuckyHawk I wasn't the one who posted this and sadly I don't remember who did but here it is. Aevian Forms & G-Max Megas.docx
  10. Warning! Mucho texto ahead! I think I get it.. I also don't like the type of people that keep rubbing on people's faces that they managed to beat a difficult gym leader on Intense, no Item and Battle Style Set when someone comes here asking for help because they are having trouble to beat them but, if I gotta be honest, trashing the mode won't really fix this issue but it's your decision and I myself don't care for the mode anyway, it's just not for me, so do what you think it's best, it's your game in the end, your vision, if you are unsatisfied with it you're free to do whatever you want and if the community really cares they will support your decision like I do. But I agree that leaving the creation of the mode for after the game is finished is a wise choice, it's better to see how the community reacts to each and every important battle in order to create a more suitable difficult mode afterwards, if a leader has a strategy that players can exploit to make it easier you can then change it on intense to make it more difficult (Like how people used to abuse the field change on Souta on v12). As for my opinion of the current Intense Mode, I don't like it.. One thing is losing because your strategy is bad but it's a totally different thing when the enemy's Pokemons have 252EVs on every status and 2 megas (Looking at you, Saki).. Like I said, it isn't for me and I usually stay clear of the mode and play only on Normal..
  11. I actually built my Spiritomb with 252 HP, 129 Def and 129 S.Def.. So he uses both S.Atk and Atk since the values are the same, my moveset on him is Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball and Shadow Sneak but, like I said, the Crest isn't working properly right now.. I tried, he just gets the healing but not the boost in status.
  12. Kingdra is NUBL Quoting smogon: "NUBL (NU Banlist) is the banlist for NU and is not a playable tier. NUBL Pokemons are not RU by usage (i.e., they do not have above 3.41% usage in RU) but cannot be used in NU" So, technically, she is fit for RU but isn't used enough to go to the tier therefore it's categorized as NU but it's too strong for NU therefore it goes to the NU Banlist *shrug*
  13. OK For people thinking to have a Crested Delcatty lead and then a Crested Spiritomb for last, I gotta warn you, it seems Spiritomb Crest isn't working.. It still heals HP just fine but it doesn't get any boosts at all.. Just tried that out..
  14. It's the opposite of the Spiritomb Crest so, yeah, I already predicted it would be this broken.. But that's OK, the Crest has a specific condition to it, same as Spiritomb just the opposite situation, put both of them in your party, I guess? Could be fun..
  15. His Crest suggestion is that Fair-Type takes neutral damage from his Dragon moves so, in this scenario, only Steel.. And all of that while having an ability that increase it's dragon-type damage by 1.5x.. So yeah, that spells disaster.. The worst part is that it's a Pokemon with 200 base Speed so you could just make it with the Modest Nature and literally not spend a single EV on Speed and it would still outspeed the majority of Pokemons out there with good speed stats and fully EV trained.. Heck, you could go 252 EVs on Attack and S.Atk so it would become a terrifying sweeper since it could just use moves according to the lowest defense of the enemy.. Is it stronger in Def? Use Thunderbolt! S.def? Wild Charge it is!
  16. Both Regieleki and Regidraco don't need nor deserve Crests.. The idea of Crests is to make Pokemons that are not competitively viable (or just downright terrible) into something that is, like Phione that goes from being "meh" at everything into being a good staller or Thievul which is just a terrible S.Attacker with bad coverage into a pretty powerful debuffer.. Legendary Pokemon, by definition, don't need Crests because of their base stats total, specially the two you mentioned, the ONLY Legendary I think needs a crest is Celebi because of it's terrible type combination and limited movepool. Regieleki literally has an ability that boosts it's Electric moves by 1.5x, the ONLY counter of that ability (and Regieleki itself) is a ground-type, that crest would totally nullify that weakness making Regieleki a unbeatable sweeper (Specially considering it's ridiculous 200 base Speed). Regidrago would be even more ridiculous since it's ability works on Dragon moves meaning the only type that could resist it is steel so..
  17. OK now those make sense and I like Yeah, why doesn't Masquerain does STAB in Water!? It used to be Water! I agree with that one! The Wormadam is nice, that Pokemon is just total trash.. The only one I kinda disagree is Mothim, I mean, nice changes and all but it does have low defense AND low speed.. So it's very easy to outspeed and OHKO which makes it completely useless in the end.. Either need to make it bulky or speedier to be more competitively viable.
  18. With exception of Belossom, Carracosta and Archeops a big "NO" to the others.. Tortunator can be a very nice sweeper if you set him right with Shell Smash, done it a couple times, dude is a beast! Vikavolt and Wishiwashi are actually pretty strong already.. Wishiwashi even have stupidly OP status, hence why his ability needs to nerf it.. And Swoobat just massive NO in my part.. Swoobat is one of my favorite Psychic-Types, he has the Simple Ability and can learn Calm Mind, that's enough to turn him into a massive sweeper, in fact, my main strategy on gym3 (Normal-type with Marianette) is to just sweep with a Swoobat.. Just Calm Mind x3 > Confusion x6 and you win.. As long as you managed to set up ONE Calm Mind, Swoobat is pretty good.
  19. It's the pink one, to the left of the lab near the bridge of that "troll" was asking for fees to pass in the beginning, the receptionist just stops you and then says you aren't strong enough (Despite we already having Pokemons Lv90)
  20. And there's also that new building near the bridge that the receptionist always tell us we are "not strong enough" to go to but I think that one won't be until v14 since I think it's related to the number of badges.. It might be even post-content I think.. But anyway, just a nice reminder that place exists
  21. Now we are asking the big questions! The name always has been "MIssing Children" but all we got so far about these children is that Nurse Joy that freaks out once she sees Ana saying that was the figure she saw when the kidnapping happened but nothing so far other than bonding time with Ana in various locations..
  22. Well, you can still obtain one in the Alamissa Ruins after doing the Karen sidequest there. Hopefully.. I really am sick and tired of equipping my mons with Plates/Berries because I have nothing better when I could use an Assault Vest, get my Obstagoon with Guts to have a Flame Orb, etc etc e tal
  23. I don't think this will happen because you're kind of a rare case.. Most people do these things as soon as they get to a new place, you're honestly the one and only person I've seem so far that lost the quest and want a way to complete it afterwards..
  24. Well a lot changed since then.. In v12 the common strategy was to turn the Sky Field into a Cave Field by using Smack Down + Dig so you could easily sweep him with a Lycanrok afterwards but Jan keeps catching on to these cheezy strats and changing it.. Now changing the field into Cave Field is impossible and Souta has 3 Pokemons with moves that change the field back to Sky Field anyway so.. Yeah.. v13 Souta is ridiculously more difficult than any other previous version..
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