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  1. New version, new tracks, new battle fields, new pokemons LES GO!!
  2. Dammit, Zumi! Stop hyping me!! I think one of the changes I've been excited for as well is the engine change like what they did on Reborn, finally will be able to play with animations on!
  3. There were going to be minor changes, yes, but how "minor" we don't know so I just said what I know for sure, which are the new gen and changes on the composition of the gyms to fit them. I was already prepared to restart my whole game anyways just for then new gen alone so every new thing is sure welcoming.
  4. Mostly the trainer/gym/grass pokemon composition to add the new gen but probably also some new event Pokemon here and there, I assume
  5. Well if the dev himself see no issue then so be it. Also good work Jan
  6. Look.. If the Audinos with Regenerator are being a problem to you then it's safe for me to assume you take 3-4 shots to kill one with whatever Dark Type you're using, right? If that's the case why not just stick a Fighting Type up-front with a EXP Share All? Route 9 is pretty far in the game already so you should have one by now and it's much faster to do this method even if the EXP is divided by two since you're saving in time, a Medichan is usually my main pick for leveling with Audino trainers since she can OHKO the Audinos anyway so in 3 turns the fight is over.. Like I said, diverting
  7. Just don't use a Dark Type then.. I am sorry but it seems like unnecessary extra work for the dev team since you can just use something else like a Fighting Type which is way more suitable to defeat those Audinos anyway.
  8. Old meme but still fitting for the ocasion
  9. I think the fact he can't learn Drain Punch was on purpose or else he would had been too OP.. You could make a decent off-tank out of him if he could and if you don't OHKO him he would just heal himself.. I personally don't use the Crest but I believe it's effective if you decide to go for a Nasty Plot kind of build by making him a speedy-tank you can probably pop 1 or 2 Nasty Plots before going bananas with him, that's no monkey business for sure.
  10. Well, Scorbunny is literally Fire Type Greninja with it's ability being basically the same anyway, the main difference is that Cinderace has better Atk stat than Greninja's S.Atk and have that OP signature move Pyro Ball which is just a physical version of Fire Blast with WAY better accuracy. I would go as far as to say that Cinderace is better than Blaziken in that regard by just having that ability on it's own, I mean, Blaziken can't do a supper effect on Cinderace due to it being a pure Fire but Cinderace can learn moves like Zen Headbutt and Acrobatics while doing STAB with those, if we
  11. If we are counting megas, MegaBlaziken, no doubt here.. A pretty OP sweeper with a pretty OP ability, one of the main points of the anti-megaevolution crowd, he's ridiculously strong and being a Fire Type means immunity to burn so you can't even mess with his attack (which is massive).. An annoying enemy to deal with for sure.. But if we remove megas off the table I think I am more leaning on Greninja, tho' Blaziken takes a close second in my opinion, solely because of Greninja's ability to STAB any move so even if his S.Atk isn't all that high the fact he always STAB gives a massive advant
  12. Try using a Vivillon with Coumpound Eyes for it's ability and the moveset Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance and Hurricane 1. Put enemy to sleep 2. Quiver Dance once or twice (depends of how confident you are) 3. Hurricane 4. Hurricane 5. Hurricane 6. Bug Buzz(?) 7. Hurricane 8. Hurricane 9. Win
  13. He's in the water, he's "shadowy", his field boost dark-type moves so Water/Dark makes more sense. Psychic isn't good since the field would go against his own typing unless it's changed into a psychic-field which won't make much sense, otherwise he would be pretty easy to beat.. Use Bite, it will be boosted by the field and then he takes Super Effective and bye-bye, OHKO
  14. I think Water/Dark makes more sense tbh
  15. Yeah.. For me individuality comes in the EVs, Nature, Abilities and Moves, since different combinations of these can create different types of Pokemons, 2 good examples are Nidoking/Queen and Tyranitar, they both can be either P.Attacker or Sp.Attacker depending on the combination you choose, IVs are just a waste of time since you can get everything on 31 anyway while also being impactful on the flow of the battles, I mean, a Pokemon with base 100 speed but with a 31 IV can outspeed a 110 speed with 0 IV (maybe even a 120 speed with 0 IV).. Usually I would roll with the debug mode just to
  16. Oof, you trying a Steel run?! Good luck! *salute* Imma just do a gen8 run
  17. I would highly suggest starting a fresh new save since many things will change in previous areas such as gym leaders having new team compositions but it's up to you. Also, a small request, can the Ditto we capture have, like, 31IVs on everything? Breeding is such a boring process and consume too much time that I could be using making progress in the story.. (Or, I dunno, disregard IVs completely, like, every pokemon either comes with all 0s or 31s)
  18. We managed to get to the "nice" page, guys! Happy Bellsprout!!
  19. AtAnSpecificTimeSomewhereInTheFuture(TM)
  20. I am shacking in my boots! Can't wait to restart for the 7th time! (Or was it 8th?) I gonna make a full gen8 team!
  21. Well, I sure am glad to read Zumi's response to this chronicle.. I reckon Pokemon might end up failing one day because of Game Freak adding too many new gimmicks while scrapping old ones.. I sure dislike they removing megas tho'.. My Mawile is useless now.. And yeah, Crests are good since they tend to be kinda balanced and give chance to weaker Pokemon to become really good, I never used a Skuntank up until I got the Crest, that was nice
  22. I just kinda wonder how Rejuvenation will look in when it's finally finished.. We have Mega-Evoltuions, Z-Moves, Crests, Dynamax (Kinda).. If GameFreak keeps creating new gimmicks and Rejuvenation keeps adding them to the game I feel like this can become quite a mess in the future, I have hope that the devs will just find a work-around it like what they are going to do with Dynamax, depends on the upcoming new gimmicks since they can add a new thing that might become hard to implement or even impossible..
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