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  1. Haven't posted here in a while, huh.. A spongebob meme featuring my Mawile And a Rule63 of said Mawile (Don't mind that white square up-top, I don't wanna be banned from the forum so..)
  2. Manage to update the game to 19.0.4 using the updater but now on the 19.0.5 the updater doesn't start because it says it's "unwanted" or a "virus", I went to the windows security and checked the status and set it to be allowed (image bellow) but it STILL stops me from using the updater.. Anyone with Windows11 have a solution for this? (Firewall is also OFF)
  3. This is the best!! Go, Jan!! I gonna re-play AGAIN and this time with 2 savefiles for the good and bad ending!!
  4. "If you design a quest where I need to follow an NPC and they move SLOWER than my running speed but FASTER than my walking speed you are banned from making video-games for one year"
  5. I voted "Yes" for these reasons: - Freeze was very random, either locking your Pokemon until it faints or disappear right away, RNG ain't fun, yo! - It had no practical usability, most moves that give Freeze only has a 10% anyway so capitalizing on it was near impossible, a status like Paralysis is good for faster pokemon, Burn for strong physical attackers, Toxic for bulky stallers but Freeze had no usability at all and no one EVER relied on it. - It counter balances Burn pretty well, while one lowers Attack the other goes for S.Atk, it was always easy to just burn a strong physical attacker and rend it useless but the same was not true for special attackers. - It just makes sense.. Ice burns.. However there still one major issue and it's the fact that there's no move that has more than a 10% chance of applying Freeze/Frostbite, if we want to cripple a physical attacker a simple Will-o-Wisp will do but there's no move for Freeze/Frostbite so I feel like if you gonna go for the replacement you should also create a move similar to Will-o-Wisp but for Freeze/Frostbite.
  6. @Dark Champion, I sure hope they come back.. It gave chance for pokemons that would NEVER be viable, like Mawile or Kangaskhan, the mechanic was fairly balanced too since it was pretty easy to predict which Pokemon was the mega and that it couldn't hold any items that could take you by surprise like a Focus Sash or a Choice Scarf which made it predictable and easy to counter. @bruhtonium, Yeah, I always wish they implemented the difficulty slider everyone is always asking about, a lot of people grew up with this franchise and keeping it in "gaming journalist" mode forever for the new players (and children) is kind of a bummer.. GameFreak should realize by now that a lot of it's costumers aren't just children but grown adults, specially considering the competitive scene.. So having the choice to pick and choose a difficulty for the story would be nice, I mean, X/Y was a joke.. Gym Leaders had 3 pokemons (The grass type even had a Weepinbell) and the elite 4 only had four pokemons each.. It could go something like this: > Easy - How Pokemon currently is right now. > Normal - Gym Leaders have between 4~5 pokemons (depending of how far in the story) and the Elite Four and Champion always have a full team. > Hard - Gym Leaders have 6 pokemons, their level gets raised to the same as their strongest pokemon and battle mode is locked on "Set". I would LOVE to play a Pokemon game like this, if this get implemented on Violet/Scarlet you can bet your sweet bottom that it would get me excited to it for once!
  7. @Dark Champion and @bruhtonium Sorry, I should had been more clearer in my explanation, when I say I am worried I mean as myself, I know the series is doing well, it always does, but, for me, it isn't, that's why in the end I said that maybe I am just getting old.. It really deviated from me being so excited I would camp near a game store that was in a mall in the next city just to get the game in release day to me not giving a damn anymore and not even caring.. It went from "Wooo! A new pokemon game, YEAH!!" to "Oh.. Another one.." The first Pokemon game I played was Gold, then I went for Yellow, in these days I was a young child living with my poor family so I used emulators to play it, my favorite was, and still is, Ruby and Sapphire, by the time gen4 and 5 came out I alraedy had a job and could buy the games myself, gen6 was when this decline started, it was mixed for me, I really like the megaevolutions but the story and difficulty had a decline, I mean, do anyone even remember the motives of Team Flare? It was so stupid and vague anyway no one cares.. But tho' I liked the megaevolutions that's when Pokemon started to add these gimmicks, gen7 had Z-Moves which I thought it was kinda random, like, OK a super powerful and flashy move looks cool but do I really have to put an item on my Pokemon to use it only ONCE per battle? And the whole "no gyms" thing was weird as hell.. It was here that I kinda stopped giving a damn.. When gen8 released the only reason I played is because my brother-in-law let me borrow the copy, I knew it would be too easy so I put a bunch of handicaps on me, to make it exciting, no grinding, no gygantamax, full Normal-Type team, nuzlock and I still felt, nothing.. Just.. Nothing.. I beat the champion and couldn't care less for the post-game, that's when I gave the game back to my brother-in-law.. And now I am seeing these gimmicks on Arceus, the Hisuan forms, the Agile/Power Style and I am sure none of these will ever come back anyway so why bother?.. And gen9 is already looming at the end of the year and I am sure I have zero expectations for it myself, I am sure it will sell like hotcakes but not for me.. In conclusion, guess I am really getting old.. It's that same feeling when you play an MMO and really love it but over the years it gets so many updates it's totally different from what you fell in love with in the first place, get where I am standing? Damn.. Am I at the point of starting a middle age crisis over POKEMON of all things?? But it makes me feel conscious of my situation.. I really dislike the direction the game is going but everyone else loves it and it's always a best-seller.. Now new gens for me are, like @DemICE said, just to add new pokemons, moves and items to reborn and rejuvenation..
  8. Sword and Shield came out in 2019, the DLCs for gen8 came out in mid 2020, by that time we were already teased of Legends of Arceus, right now we are at the beginning of 2022 and Legends of Arceus is released already, it's not even a month (it will be by tomorrow, February 28) since that game came out and there's already a teaser for gen9, Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, to be released at late 2022, probably around Xmas and I am worried about it's future.. Is Pokemon gonna becoming like Fifa or Maden with yearly releases? I feel like GameFreak is rushing all of this.. There were already plenty of concerns when gen8 came out, mostly the controversia over the pokedex being massively incomplete and Gygantamax being a random mechanic just for the sake of novelty that I am sure won't exist in any other game since the story of Sword/Shield itself says these are only possible in Galar (unless they backstep on that), I myself thought of the mechanic being pointless since we already had MegaEvolutions and Z-Moves anyway (they felt like a fusion between the two tbh) and then these 2 mechanics were totally dropped outta nowhere, gen8 doesn't even mention them, so I was already concerned if Pokemon was going to be creating new gimmicks for each game and abandon them the next, heck, I think Hisuan forms are exclusive only for Legends of Arceus since, canonically, the Hisui region no longer exists.. I am very worried of Pokemon's future.. So far I haven't felt any excitement over the main series and the only releases I look forward to are fan games like Reborn and Rejuvenation.. I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me, and that's fine, maybe I am just getting too old.. Also, up to this point I never cared about graphics but, damn, how does Pokemon still looks like a WiiU game?! There are so many gorgeous looking games on the Switch, why is pokemon the only one who looks weirdly outdated??? There are indie games that look better for Christ sake..
  9. Pretty cool! Legends of Arceus just kinda launched out of nowhere, huh? Well.. Not many mechanics in there can be implemented in the style of Rejuvenation other than the pokemons itself, the moves, abilities and maybe items.
  10. Where do I buy gaming shampoo in other flavours? I can only find Mountain Dew, Doritos and GFuel ones..
  11. Talon's Ace is an Emu.. Not a Pokemon just a regular Emu
  12. Mama bless!! A new devlog!! But DAYUM Terajuma be looking fine! Loved the new look, also, A-Snorunt right on time for Christmas?! (I wish)
  13. Warning! Mucho texto ahead! I think I get it.. I also don't like the type of people that keep rubbing on people's faces that they managed to beat a difficult gym leader on Intense, no Item and Battle Style Set when someone comes here asking for help because they are having trouble to beat them but, if I gotta be honest, trashing the mode won't really fix this issue but it's your decision and I myself don't care for the mode anyway, it's just not for me, so do what you think it's best, it's your game in the end, your vision, if you are unsatisfied with it you're free to do whatever you want and if the community really cares they will support your decision like I do. But I agree that leaving the creation of the mode for after the game is finished is a wise choice, it's better to see how the community reacts to each and every important battle in order to create a more suitable difficult mode afterwards, if a leader has a strategy that players can exploit to make it easier you can then change it on intense to make it more difficult (Like how people used to abuse the field change on Souta on v12). As for my opinion of the current Intense Mode, I don't like it.. One thing is losing because your strategy is bad but it's a totally different thing when the enemy's Pokemons have 252EVs on every status and 2 megas (Looking at you, Saki).. Like I said, it isn't for me and I usually stay clear of the mode and play only on Normal..
  14. Heeey, patch 13.0.3! I drink to that! Thanks Jan! But I didn't saw anything about fixing the Dragonite Letters Quest.. Mine in Terajuma keeps saying there's 4 letteres even tho' I already collected them all..
  15. So I guess we really are expanding and going big, huh? Looking forward to it, there is so much stuff in Rejuvenation that a wiki really is necessary at this point
  16. I love nothing more than the new Aquamarine Cave OST Since I am a fan of Chrono Trigger after all, nice remix
  17. I literally love you, sir! Have my like, take it! TAKE IT!!
  18. Aaaah yeah!! LET'S FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. MhicKy

    v13 and MKXP

    *phew* I should be fine then!
  20. I just wonder if by the end of these charades v13 will be released, GOD, I wonder!
  21. Yeah I am terrible at riddles, good luck to you guys, I am not even touching this.. Wake me up when the riddle is solved [Goes back to bed]
  22. Why must you hype me like this?..
  23. AtAnSpecificTimeSomewhereInTheFuture(TM)
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