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  1. Yo, I understand that the music played in Obelisk Area is Pokémon Black and White - Relic Castle Remix v.II, but it is pitched down and got a slower pace in the Obelisk area (which is awesome). Is a Youtube link to the slower/low pitched version available?
  2. Message me to discuss trade times
  3. Would u like an omanyte egg with egg moves or jus helix fossil is fine?
  4. I can give u my ditto, plz message me to discuss trade times
  5. Yo, if u still need a turtwig and if ur on now, message me o/
  6. Yooo, i got a good one for ya, message me to discuss trade times
  7. Hello, please use the link below if you want to make trades with others in future: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/68-online-play/ Also, always start with greeting others, and then politely request for a trade, instead of purely stating your demands. Remember, people are helping with trades out of their own courtesy, no one is obligated to trade to assist, so be polite always.
  8. Hi there, i got one for u, message me to discuss trade times
  9. Psyduck it is; you can give me anything u dnt want. Plz message me to discuss trade times
  10. I can give you a free mon of ur choice while it holds a link stone
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