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  1. NeoBolt


    Hi there, I dnt mind whichever, message me for a time for a trade
  2. I implied credits to him for posting the sheet, I wadnt sure who made it. Besides, I didnt see your name there, else woulda stated that, my apologies and thanks for creating the sheet :) I have edited my previous post.
  3. NeoBolt


    Alrightt, message me to discuss for a time to trade
  4. NeoBolt


    Hi there, I can breed those pokemon for you with decent IVS, but are you fine with their baby forms and for you to level them up?
  5. Hi there, you will find all mega stone locations here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19hUjDm4aXWl2kzk_jUJ5tdHvQl2KUdYKIY1vr79jCSU/edit#gid=1512599998 Credits to: Aboodie for posting. Made and maintained by: nguyengiangoc Original post:
  6. So on your pokegear, you click -> Online Play-> Register (since it is ur first time), then u let me know what ur trade name is then u log in and find the trade option after registering and click 'wait for request" soon after. (also im available now)
  7. Hi there, I got em, message me when to discuss a trade time
  8. Hi there, if you are on, we can do the trade, else message me to discuss for a time to trade
  9. Hello there, You will find data chips scoured around the region, but as per the guide, not as many are found other than buying from 7th street. Data chip locations + passwords are in this spreadsheet made by the devs (I believe). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NmNBklcSI_OqWKMAaJ_WyqjBJ5J7lo3IuwTftIaJlIw/edit#gid=186408502 or you can go here too:
  10. Special thanks to you and devs Ame. its been a very awesome time playing it :) Def better than the original stuff imo. Take goood rest, you guys did a lot :)
  11. Hi there, message me to discuss for a time to trade Edit: whooops, jus saw u bred one. My badd, niiice o/
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