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  1. I can give you a swinub and magnemite if you wish; I'll give one the mons a razor fang so u can use it on the gligar sky gives you later o/ plz message me to discuss trade times thoughh
  2. Ur welcome to share ur save file or message, so I can give you a 6iv ditto, or I can trade with you; it is up to you. Message me to discuss trade times
  3. You will only get one post game unfortunately; so trading is the only way I am aware of; By internal trades, you mean self-trades with old save files?
  4. Yea unfortunately not, as Rendolf stated. I can breed a Tyrunt for you with dragon dance, if you'd like? I can trade as an egg so it is in your OT.
  5. Have you tried to use the backup save file before you debugged?
  6. Get ready for a bumpy epic adventure!
  7. yoo there, plz do message me to discuss trade times; i can assist o/
  8. No problemo haha, enjoyy! I absolutely loved the goomidra quest
  9. Alrighty; and Have you visited Aya in Venam's gym as well?
  10. yoo, by all quests you have completed, does it include neo east gearen quests?
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