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  1. i forgot to mention but my geo is shiny... i dont know if that matters
  2. Hey, with the fact that i am a very bad Pokemon player, i put casual mode on, and still cant beat Venam. Im always getting stuck on Mareanie. i kill nidorina easily, with my geodude, but she still toxic spikes my team. when mareanie comes - i cant do nothing. I let geo stay in the fight but she was faster than him, fomantis too. Frogadier died from the field effect, and fletchinder -- is fletchinder. if you have tips, and startegies tell me them, and if not, just tell me how you beat her please. Well, thats my team: Frogadier - LV.19 - Abillity: Torrent - Moves: Pound, Smokescreen, Water Pulse, Quick Attack Fletchinder - LV.19 - Abillity: Gale Wings - Moves: Peck, Agillity, Ember, Quick Attack Fomantis - LV.19 - Abillity: Leaf Guard - Moves: Fury Cutter, Ingrain, Razor Leaf, Growth Geodude - LV.19 - Abillity: Sand Veil - Moves: Magnitude, Mud Sport, Rock Throw, Smack Down
  3. Hello, i just started rejuvenation, i got my starter, talked and fought every single trainer, went to every place, and the event places - Luck's Hut and The Hotel. I checked in every other place. I started searching on Youtube, and i saw a playthrough - he talked to a girl in the labratory and the girl said that thugs bullied her or something. after that, he was going to fight them, and i am pretty sure this is what you need to do. But... that girl isnt in the labratory for me... i cant find her... Sorry for the long stuff, but if there is any cutscene to trigger it... i dont know.
  4. Im in the part where you fight taka, i know that if i find every policeman something changes... some of my friends say its good so say its bad. So, should i find every policeman, or i should not?
  5. hello, im currently stuck trying to beat the first gym, i dont know strategies for this battle or anything at all. i need a good place to level train my goldeen, and maybe to get new pokemon, but i dont know what pokemon at all! and also, i want moxie but i dont know anything about abillities. lets go was my first game. yeah... so if anyone can help, this is my team: Braixen - level 17 - abillity: Magician - Moves: Scratch, Flame Charge, Ember, Howl Meowth - level 17 - abillity: Unnerve - Moves: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Fury Swipes Poochyena - level 16 - abillity: Run Away - Moves: Tackle, Roar, Sand Attack, Bite Goldeen - level 10 - abillity: Lightning Rod - Moves: Tail Whip, Water Sport, Supersonic, Horn Attack Tell me which pokemon to get rid of, and what to get, and which strategies do, everything you done to win the first gym, tell me!
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