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  1. I have a 6IV ditto from EP 18 that I can trade. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to trade a ton of people. So I traded it to a new save file with no passwords and a Torchic starter. (That's what the randomizer gave me.) You can trade yourself for the Ditto. To trade yourself, just open two reborn windows, one with each game in. Log in to trade under two different user names, and trade with yourself. To install the game save file, download the file and put it in the folder named "Pokemon Reborn." The "Pokemon Reborn" folder is not in the game folder itself. Rather it is in the same location as the game folder. On my windows computer they are both in the "Saved Games" folder. Once you have put the game save file in the "Pokemon Reborn" folder, rename it. It is currently named "Game_n". If you only have one save file, rename it "Game_2". If you have multiple saves, rename it to the first number that isn't being used. (If you have 5 saves, rename it "Game_6".) Then you're ready to trade! Here's the link for the file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O_7vLurTit3HGkhpWUMev8T3AQPv7h_t/view?usp=sharing Have fun guys!
  2. Go check out Pokemon Rejuvenation. It's like an unofficial sequel. Brand new story and region, but there are some great shout outs, some of the same people are involved, and it was directly inspired by Reborn. It currently goes up to the 15th Gym, and has mons through gen 8, along with their own regional versions of some mons that are awesome.
  3. I'm just a random player, but if you can wait a bit for your pokemon, I assume someone will get shared box mod up and running pretty quickly. Then you can transfer them from one save to the other.
  4. I love all of these But THANK YOU for the instant spawns with the honey! That is my least favorite part of the game, and those instant spawns are going to save my life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  5. I remember seeing that there was a new location of Pincurchin added in 13.0.3. If I'm not mistaken, it was on Terajuma Shore? I can't find the release notes. The walkthrough says it's also found surfing on Route 9. Good Luck.
  6. Yeah, that's the right den. At least according to the walkthrough. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WK2k73rAsprNvMQmB545d_fLnlP_GYgr/edit#
  7. Only after 8 badges, and only in the one den at the bottom of route 4 where you need surf to reach it after climbing on top of wispy ruins.
  8. The base stats are the same as for regular Ampharos, except the Def. and Sp. Def. are reversed.
  9. Are you talking about Chrysalis Manor and Courtyard? Chrysolia is Reborn ;) I don't know if you can get Gothita there, but I do know you can get it before there. Go back to Sharidan, and enter the southeast house. Gothitelle will battle you with two shields. Be prepared because it's an unusually difficult battle, (at least it was for me). Once you're done with here, you can get the pokeball behind her. It holds a Gothita.
  10. Weast Gearen Sewers. If you want an Aevium-Toxtricity use a Fire Stone. Be aware you currently cannot breed or use TMs/move tutors with the A-Toxtricity due to a bug.
  11. Adding on to your great work, here is the moveset for A-Misdreavus and A-Mismagius. The italic underlined moves are moves A-Mismagius cannot learn, so make sure you teach the ones you want before evolving. This includes the best grass move they can learn by far imho, Power Whip, and you might want Perish Song to cheese battles when needed. 1 - Growl 1 - Vine Whip 5 - Poison Powder 10 - Astonish 14 - Confuse Ray 19 - Snap Trap 23 - Hex 32 - Ingrain 37 - Grudge 41 - Shadow Ball 46 - Perish Song 50 - Power Whip 55 - Power Gem A-Mismagius learns all it's moves at lv 1, along with Hexing Slash which it learns at lv1 and evo. The bold underlined moves are the new moves which A-Misdreavus does not learn. Hex Giga Drain Grudge Poison Jab Power Gem Phantom Force Lucky Chant Magical Leaf Growl Vine Whip Poison Powder Hexing Slash
  12. If you haven't found anything, this walkthrough might help. It gets a few things wrong, but is pretty accurate considering how recent the release of V13 is. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K__mkjw0WIxvOD7FQ9JnTTafmU4IbR0P/edit#
  13. Just get any mon with Run Away as it's ability. There should be at least one somewhere in Terajuma. I mentioned Pachirisu just for people starting a new game.
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