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  1. Thanks so much! I love the idea of "quirks". Great way to deal with them! Thanks again, and try to stay healthy!
  2. I just found a Revive in Blacksteam Factory. It's on the second floor, in the small lower left room. It's hiding on the left stack of books on the table.
  3. It turns out someone else had this same bug, but isn't using the mod. The bug is unrelated.
  4. Found a bug. Bug turned out to be unconnected. Can't figure out how to delete post.
  5. You said you're not adding Gen 8, but what about 9 & 10 when they come out? /s Seriously though, THANK YOU for all the incredibly hard/tedious work you and the rest of the dev team are putting into this phenomenal game. We all appreciate the hell out of it!
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