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  1. some context about my last post:


  2. I would like to Rage, please. 

  3. Almost forgot to share here!

  4. I made a dumb meme

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      them beans do be kinda strong, tho

  5. Last Stardust

    1. Rising Emperor

      Rising Emperor

      Hey. That's hell you're walking into.

  6. Got my first shot yetserday, arm's definitly feeling it

  7. Comissioned some art from a friend of mine. Once it's done, I'll ask permission to share a link to it

  8. I've made a LOT of DND characters in the last 2 days

  9. in 13 days, it'll be my 7th year active on here. How the time flies.

  10. I love Dragon Age. I love Mass Effect. Even with their missteps, I love Bioware games. Same with Bathesda for the most part.

  11. this would be why: it's how the ability works, and always has worked. Thus I very much doubt the Devs will change anything about it.
  12. I would recommend waiting with evolving the Graveler, as after beating shelly you are able to obtain Link Stones, which allow you to evolve trade evolution Pokémon without trading.
  13. Assuming you're talking about thr trainer card, this would most likely be what you're looking for: https://pokecharms.com/trainer-card-maker/
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