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  1. You have to enter the little doorway into the front of the store from the back room that you're currently in. That'll progress the game.
  2. I have already gotten one, but I apreciate the swift response
  3. Going to add a mon: Turtwig: I suck at sliding puzzles. So if anyone has any turtwig to spare, I would be very apreciative.
  4. Having now finished both the Aqua and Magma sides once completely, I can say without question I prefer the Aqua Gang.


    I like Maxwell a bit more than Archer, admittedly, and water remains my least favorite type, but the rest of Aqua just fit more for me.

  5. image.png.7aea8af717ac853a0c40c525462ee05f.png

    Don;t think I was meant to get here.

  6. image.png.1a1a8824056039f77bb27d6d9c390205.pngAnd the team right now

  7. Been a while since I got to pull this one out. Ahem:
  8. Hello, I have recently returned to the game and have once again reached Charlotte. Who is currently my big roadblock. As such, I would like to request a trade. Politoad: having done a few tries, Drizzle is the main thing I need for this fight. If anyone has one (or a decent poliwag/whirl) I would be very apreciative. Ralts: I won't pretend this is about anything other than favoratism. I love gardevoir and while I can definitly wait to get one untill I can get it normally, putting out a request can't hurt. Very much optional and only if someone has one they're not using. Thank you for reading this, if you did.
  9. And back to 7th street. Time to go and rethink a few team members, I think. 

  10. While it has admittedly been a little while, Gardevoir and Magnezone used to be considered the "Champions" of the forums. They combined both together and with almost every other Pokémon extremely well. There's a good reason those two got pushed back, and again. And then again...
  11. image.thumb.png.ab76c9d80fbf83f4644777cee4e7ff7f.png

    Team after the Yureyu events. I call it: A complete Problem.

    1. Aphelli


      This rather looks like a “Problem Solved” team to me. 😅


    2. Wolfox


      No it's a problem, for my opponents.

  12. Restarted my run a few days ago.

    Just re-reached Lapis.

    Team as of yet:


    1. Faustin


      I like the squad you're rocking.

    2. Wolfox
  13. Right, my main save got wiped a while ago. Gonna need to restart.

  14. Haven't posted in ages yet still 5th total? Hope people haven;t forgotten me.

    1. NeoBolt


      Hello, I was never active during the time of ur active state, but welcome back; sorry to hear ur sav file got wiped; 

    2. Wolfox


      Eh, twas the home PC that got hard-fucked so literally nothing could be done.

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