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  1. So, the cindered Shadows DLC is good

  2. I spend about 2 hours calling and playing Oras with Moon yesterday. Best valentines I've had in years

  3. So I went 15 km on my bike with a nasty headwind today

  4. I had more trouble with Illusory Waterblight than with Illu Thunderblight... Not even kidding 

  5. Is it me, or is Illusory Thunderblight Ganon an absolute joke? Like, you'd thi k something called THUNDERblight would be resistant to Urbosa's fury. But it's not? Makes me wonder, how did Urbosa get killed by it if it get destroyed by her signature power? 

  6. So, if we take the strongest form of Link, and set them up in a One on One sword fight with Geralt of Rivia, does link even stand a ghost of a chance?

    1. LeoYT


      If Link lands mortal draw then he wins other than that nope

    2. Wolfox


      Good point, though I doubt he'd even get the chance, given that Geralt is faster than any think Link has faced (bar Thunderight, maybe) 

  7. Here's a fun little anecdote 

  8. Spoiler

    Okay so compared to Fria, Cinder and Raven are absolutely nothing with their powers. 

    RWBY spoiler 

    1. LeoYT


      best part of the finale was we got another scroll meme



      on the down side Tyrian still hasn't killed a remotely important character

    2. Luke




  9. So. Byleth is a lot of fun in smash. Nice range on certain attacks, not as slow as I expected, feels similar to Ike to me, and most attacks pack quite the punch. 

  10. I've been noticeably happy this whole afternoon. Why? Moon and I said the first I Love You's to each other today 

  11. Did a little thing 

  12. I just Summoned 3 Hector in a row... 

  13. Wait, a MHA Episode that doesn;t rip my heart out? What is this?

  14. And done with the Bloodgulch Chronicles. Soon Moon will be introduced to the best boy

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