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  1. I am the bone of my sword.__archer_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_lain__e5963dba17c03d5ec5036f46d7124c8a.thumb.jpg.d8472e095262440e2973a68461646671.jpg

    1. Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Cerulean Azure Brawler

      Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

    2. Wolfox



  2. Erza Scarlet 

  3. I am the bone of my sword

  4. Spoiler

    Just when I thought there wasn't gonna be a Grimm that could evacuate my bowels faster than the Nucklavee and the Apathy, Sandor fucking Cleganr shows up


  5. It's really fucking foggy

    1. Seal


      It looked like a PS1 game out there a couple of hours ago

  6. I've caught the Swords of Justice. Now to get their apprentice... Once the switch is recharged

  7. I like the Max lair. it's not too hard, but fuck if it can't fuck you sideways

  8. I found a Shiny in the max Lair! 

    1. Dreamblitz


      Looks like the rates are pretty decent (1/100 with shiny charm) so seems like a fairly fun way of hunting, even if not the fastest

      here's me talking like I've played the last two gens of official games

    2. Wolfox


      yeah, it is quite common, basically 1/25 chance per run though it.

  9. Crown Tundra's good

  10. Idk how good or bad Perun is objectively in Xenoblade 2, but I honestly fucking love her

  11. been playing a lot of Xenoblade 2. it's so good

  12. Welp. Wifi is completely fuck, and I'm out of data. the good news, a repairman is coming. the bad news? that'll be thursday. so... yeah. it's Fuck Wolfy time again. I've missed my bad luck

  13. Ffs Poppi is a damn savage. 

  14. Heracross

    1. Wolfox


      Wait fuck. 

    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      man its been a long while since ive seen someone mistake the status bar for the search bar. good old meme.

    3. Wolfox


      Yeah, funnier even is that I've done it at least twice now. 

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