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  1. I'm honestly surprised Darma can be gotten at the point where you can get it. It hits harder than most mega pokemon and I've had it even OHKO pokemon with double resist. Lowkey one of the best pokemon, the you just gotta have support so it actually gets to attack.
  2. Beat Reeve! Cool character and very good looking, tbh I kinda had trouble with him because Oricorio was surprisingly nasty on that field and I had such a hard time setting up webs with galvantula. I actually had to reorganize my lineup(as well as change my golisopod's nature) because we just kept getting wrecked by dancer shenanigans and Oricorio would either OHKO galvanula or set up tailwind to completely screw us over. I realized on my winning attempt I would make a mistake trying to KO Malamar immediately, as Malamar isn't that big a threat compared to Oricorio. By focusing on Oricorio first I  was able to not only stop Oricorio from setting tailwind and allowng delphox to wreck hevoc with dancer sync,, but also keep golisopod alive long enough to take out megakazam. Also rapidash couldn't do much to Golisopod anyway. I ended up with just two pokemon left. 





  3. Celia East is so beautiful and the new music tracks for this episode are great. 



  4. It's a bit of a complex field as it has multiple stages and certain moves add or subtract a stage. photon geyser/dazzling gleam/luster purge/light of ruin/flash/flash cannon all reduce the stage by 1, as does sunny day and light that burns the sky which reduces it by 2 stages. Dark pulse/night daze/ominous wind/astral barrage and moongeist beam add a stage along with dark void which adds 2 stages so you want to use whichever one is gonna make life easier for you. The higher the stage, the more benefit dark types get as they take less damage. Dark surge not only sets it up on level 2 but also increases it one stage if used on an already existing dark field and if it hits level 3 Megamighty gets a nice speed boost(which nearly cost me my fight against aurora). On stage 2 dark/ghost types take 90% damage of attacks,. On stage 3 they take 75% instead. I don't know if the damage reduction stacks for pokemon of both types(like mega mightyena). If it did it'd be 80%/50% respectively. Further adding to the snowballing is that on stage 3 both types lose their weaknesses. And you wonder why dark surge only lasts 3 turns? Darkness level 3 is brutal that's why. Not all dark type moves are buffed because not all dark type moves utilize actual darkness. It's also why several ghost types are buffed on it as well, because shadow ball and such do utilize actual darkness and shadows or such. TBH I personally find false surrender and throat chop's inclusion in the buff list questionable, as I don't feel they fit in with moves that are appropriately buffed on the field, but for gameplay reasons I can accept them benefitting. It's in your field notes too though I forget where you find it.
  5. NOOO glitchcity got hacked!! She made a vid here explaining what happened. Screw the jerks that did this.

  6. I hate losing to Huey, because it always feels like he just gets lucky with moody boosts

  7. I've thought about this before for a normal type leader Gourmet Field Bon Appetit! Description: a field with a smorgasbord of delectable food dishes. Mind your table manners! Abilities Affected Gluttony -additional HP restoration at the end of each turn(same as leftovers) -[pokemon] is chowing down!- Pickup - picks up leftovers if not holding an item Sweet Veil - additionally raises defense and special defense 1 stage Honey Gather - additional HP restoration at end of each turn(same as leftovers) -[pokemon] ate some honey!- Move Buffs Stockpile - raises defense/special defense by 2 stages swallow - additionally increases attack and special attack by one stage for each stockpile amount -TASTY!- stuff cheeks - additionally recovers HP(1/3 max HP), activates even if not holding berry Grav Apple - def is lowered by 2 stages Apple Acid - special def is lowered by 2 stages lick - BP increased to 60 belch - doesn't require berry to be consumed bite - 1.3x damage, additional health draining effect(50% of damage done) - chow time! - crunch -1.3x damage additional health draining effect(50% of damage done) egg bomb - always hits, BP -> 120 softboiled - attack made following turn will be a critical hit - Invigorating! - milk drink -attack made following turn will be a critical hit. Pulverizing Pancake - additionally removes any hazards from Snorlax's side of the field teatime - additionally raises special attack of all pokemon affected by the move - the tea was delectable!- natural gift - BP is always 90 regardless of berry used, typing still depends on the berry special type fire moves - 1.3x power - fresh out the oven! - Bug type attacks - damage 0.75% - there's a fly in the soup!- spit up - stat drop increased by one additional stage. - mind your table manners!- acid - power x0.75 Destroyed by Overheat(x2), Inferno Overdrive, Blast Burn(x2) - the food was burnt to a crisp... sludge wave(x2), Acid Downpour- the meal has gone foul.... camouflage turns user into Normal nature power becomes egg bomb secret power -> health drain effect(50% damage done) artificial seed - sharply raises speed and adds regenerative effect at the end of each turn(1/16th of max HP).
  8. Ryland defeated! I didn't struggle quite as hard against him like I did last time I played though he did force me to change up my teammates a bit. Excadrill is never easy to deal with and his Claydol + Torterra are quite tough to take down. Weirdly his AI was tripping against cinderace and would keep using ground attacks despite libero changing her type to flying. It was kinda odd but I'm not complaining since it allowed me to get claydol out of the way earlier which made the battle much more manageable.


    Isha's gen 8 additions are super fitting for his team, and the Rose battle remix really fits his fight.  Definitely lets you know you're dealing with a madman.

  9. What game is the Garufa Inc. track from Rejuvenation from? The one that plays in the area with the shapes floating in the background? It's a lowkey nice track but it's hard to find the source it's from.

  10. Adam down! Had an easier time dealing with his gym match compared to the last few leaders. His Tyranitar was the hardest to deal with, as it was dealing dumb amounts of damage and bulky, so eventually I settled on using Mudsdale's counter to get him out the way.  Talonflame is great for setting up tailwind which gives you an actual chance to hurt aerodactyl, and while Rampardos' crest is annoying as he's guranteed to damage you, as long as he isn't using head smash you can take a hit from him, still one of adam's most torublesome pokemon. Obstagoon with guts is excellent for this fight and can  OHKO half his team, possibly even gigalith on a good roll if you have hazards set up.

  11. Oh wow, 



    got nerfed  in V13(on normal at least). I'm not sure how I feel about it because while the original fight was *extremely* difficult and frustrating, it's kind of lost what made it memorable and stand out? It doesn't feel that much different from  previous rift fights now(it's become yet another big damage  bruiser behind shields fight) and its ability is at odds with the shield system somewhat, since it only benefits once all the shields are down. I feel like maybe every rift fight shouldn't use the shield system. I know some didn't like the minions but removing them in favor of shields has sort of removed the need for strategies and threat management to circumvent that disadvantage. Some rifts like ferrothorn work with the shield system, but Gardevoir/Carnivine/Galvantula worked better without it.


  12. Souta defeated! I was having trouble at first because despite having multiple strats ready for him,I couldn't get them to work! I wanted to try using court change to give me his tailwind, but cinderace dies to everything on his team in one hit. I wanted to change the wweather, but the field doesn't let you? Kinda lame but whatever. I wanted to change the field, but it takes two smack downs and only one heavenly wings for souta to change it back. So eh. 


    I was going to purify my solosis and raise it up to get trick room but I don't know to purify pokemon at this point, if I even can. So I went through my box and remembered Mawile! Of course! Mawile's intimidate should allow Cinderace to survive sky attack and court change! Even better, while training mawile I found a talonflame! adamant with gale wings? PERFECT.


    I settled on using Mawile, Cinderace, Jolteon, Obstagoon, Talonflame and Mr. Rime. Skarmory leading with stealth rocks made the fight even easier since court change would not only get me a tailwind but set rocks up too. Once my first tailwind ran out I had talonflame set up another so Jolteon could continue to tear through his pokemon. Mawile + Talonflame were able to handle dragonite. Mr. Rime didn't even have to fight, the winning attempt went super well. 

  13. Am I seriously not able to purify shadow pokemon in past sheridan? The spring is RIGHT there.


    Am I able to purify them at all while in GDC? 

  14. Finally fixed my fireplace sound glitch. I had to white out in a battle. Strange bug.


    Speaking of bug, the red heracross puzzle needs a rework because it's a bit unclear what you're supposed to do. You can actually sneak up on him without being noticed on the western part of the map, but you're unable to interact with him while if you do the same on the eastern side of the map(the "proper" solution) you are.  For someone who never played they're not going to understand why the puzzle isn't solved if they catch him on the west part and what the actual objective is. In short there's more than 1 solution  to this puzzle but only one counts which is confusing.

  15. I'm not quite sure when it started happening, sometime around nightmare city or shortly after is when I started noticing it, but after going through a battle and returning to the overworld, the "fireplace" ambient sound will continuously play, and doesn't go away except when I transition into a battle screen or do the undergrounds minigame. Then it continues again once I return to the overworld. If I restart the game it goes away but then it pops up again after going into battle. Anyway to stop this? This hasn't been an issue until recently but i's a bit annoying.
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