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  1. Once again many thanks and congratulations on finishing the game. A FINISHED fangame is a triumph in itself but one on the quality level of Reborn is a truly noteworthy accomplishment. Also wow at that wallpaper artwork!!! I do find it a bit funny everyone is so happy considering Reborn is kinda dark lol. But it's nice to see them in full, especially since it's a bit hard to see the outfit details in the game sprites. But wasn't there a Radomus one where he had the pyramid hat? I certainly remember that being a header...
  2. Jeez I hate Samson's Hawlucha. super difficult to outspeed normally and it hits stupidly hard. He was destroying me and forced me to bring back Hypno who I had benched long ago so it was like 20 levels underlevelled. But I realized by leading with galvantula and using electro web to slow down hariyama, Hypno could outspeed it to set up psychic terrain. Then I had gothitelle KO hariyama  who samson would always follow up with Lucario.  lLucario would spend a turn setting up swords dance, which was the perfect opportunity to use trick room. I then switch to Emboar to absorb the boosted meteor mash and push Lucario into red, then let Gothitelle sweep the rest of the team. This strat only took 2 tries and I only lost the first attempt using it because Blaziken barely survived a psychic for some reason. 


    But yeah I spent at least 8-10 attempts on him before that. But on the plus side, it did make me ring Hypno out of the PC for more action(I had benched her before for Gothitelle)

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Really? Samson is usually on the easier side of Leaders, for me at least. 

    2. Monochrome_Complex


      He either gives me a tough time or he doesn't. So far this playthrough the gym leaders that usually give me difficulty I manage to deal with in 1-3 attempts(shade/corey/aya/serra) but the ones I usually don't struggle on have actually given me the most trouble(Julia/radomus/luna/samson) though in Luna's case it was mainly Jubjub bird causing grief since I didn't have anything that could 1v1 it and come out on top.. 


      How well I do against samson always comes down to whether my team is equipped for field- boosted Hawlucha.. Honestly his field is maddening and you're just better off removing it entirely by changing it something not obnoxious lol. 

    3. MangoJush


      yeah that seed + unburden combo is mad. throughout my two recent runs i used either trick room or gale wings acrobatics talonflame to f him up

  3. Jeez Radomus was kicking my butt, he's much harder now due to the chess field changes. So far he's been the hardest leader by far, I barely won with just a gothitelle left by gambling on mirror coat. She managed to survive Gardevoir's +3 moonblast just barely. Priority Metagross was a big pain too. but it was certainly an interesting fight. 

  4. I was on fire yesterday, took down 4 gym leaders and 3 of them first attempt. Noel took me 3 tries. My battle with Aya went especially well, everything just came together right that fight. 

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      I've always hated Aya.

  5. Kiki down, she might have been the easiest leader yet this playthrough tbh. Partly due to the weather being sunny which let Emboar go hog wild on her team. He OHKO'd medicham, toxicroak, lucario and took out hitmonlee too. If you can work around his speed  Emboar turns into a force of destruction. 

  6. Did Shade last night...and beat him first try!  I only had one pokemon left at the end, but the fight went really well for the most part. Had galvantula lead off with sticky webs, then had Zangoose(who was excellent for this fight with night slash) and Emboar(who runs over half of Shade's team) pull much of the weight. Mimikyu was the biggest issue as usual, but the speed drop + using Arbok(who is an excellent debuffer early game) to paralyze/debuff Mimikyu let the rest of my team defeat it, only leaving Banette left who Zangoose was able to defeat.

  7. Yeah it stuck out to me that scene was removed. There's a LOT of changes so far(just beat shelly last night), ep 19 effectively feels to Reborn what 3rd versions are in official games. In general, it feels like things that were told to us or implied before now actually happen during the game.
  8. Just had an epic fight with Shelly. Both down to our last two mons(her volbeat and illumise, me Pignite and Joltik), and I managed to knock out her volbeat..


    .which triggers BOTH of my pokemon to evolve in the same turn. Poor illumise is so fear stricken she can't move(she was already paralyzed and it happened to trigger) letting my Emboar and Galvantula demolish her for the win.

    Probably my coolest win yet this playthrough. 2nd attempt too, usually shelly gives me a hard time and it takes me a fair amount of tries to beat her. A mon with swift swim turns her rain against her, especially if you can remove the forest field too.

  9. It's so wild playing ep 19 and seeing all the story changes. Gives more context on certain behaviors for certain characters, though one in particular  is a bit jarring for me due to how different they seem first impression compared to past episodes.

  10. Thank goodness, I was going to explode in 12 dimensions if Rejuv like nuked itself out of existence for whatever reason.
  11. I'm still in progress of an ep 18 playthrough but barely reach torumaline desert. Wondering if I should just download 19 and continue off there or does 19 change so much that a fresh playthrough is recommended?

    1. shibe


      I highly recommend starting a fresh save. A lot of the early game content and character arcs have been reworked plus the appearance of a new character added to the mix whom you have probably missed relationship points for if you're already at Tourmaline. I nuked my 300 hour file just to see what was up and it was well worth it.

    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Yeah I'm reading ame's notes and I've decided to start fresh. Thanks, very excited for this.

    3. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Yeah, my new run through the game has been amazing so far.

  12. Soo I just found out ep 19 finished...thank you. Just thank you for sticking with this, high points and low, never giving up on it like the fate of so many fanworks. Ame, marcello, and everyone who worked on this game, even in the smallest of ways, you guys have made something to be proud of. I know Reborn isn't a game for *everyone* but that's fine, those of us who do enjoy it and appreciate all the love and tears put over this past decade plus can't thank you enough for giving us this wonderful experience. Truly, thank you all.
  13. Tfw  you're waiting until midnight so you can play Arceus

  14. Okay this regional Marill line for pokemon infinity is pretty cool. Rock/fighting with pure power? Sick.

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    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      I i'm not playing that much as I'm finishing up all sidequests in Uranium, Insurgence, and Rejuvenation.

      But here is my Team:


      Egho Charizard Lv. 49

      Draconeon Lv. 45

      Egho Fearow Lv. 41

      Oozma Lv. 46


    3. Monochrome_Complex


      Ooof jelly you were able to get the dragon eeveelution already. Mine is still an eevee in the box. 


      Also despite what I said earlier I ended up getting Tangrowth lol.  It's funny because I clearly remember that Tagrowth/tangela being posted on Reddit some while back by an artist who I want to believe was one of the devs on the game in retrospect. In fact I think I commented on how its design was great but I felt like its stat changes were a bit awkward...which they still kinda are lol. Satwise it's worse than vanilla Tangrowth. Like sure it's a lot faster but at the loss of bulk and power, I don't feel it was worth it.

    4. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      I should stop doing Nuzlockes; I always lose. Poor me and Pokemon Infinity.

  15. I feel like Pulse Arc would be its own fight, not just another mon on Lin's team.
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