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  1. Is Venam ever going to get back her purple hair?

  2. If I had to rate them from most to least difficult: Ferrothorn > Gardevoir > Chandelure > Garbador > Aelita > Carnivine > Volcanion > Galvantula > Gyrados I haven't done dufaux yet since I don't know how to get to him atm.
  3. Thanks I had no idea there was a patch. How on earth did I miss that.
  4. *gasp* there was a patch? Hmm weird because I downloaded it from here but it's 12.1 I think?
  5. If you proceed as the MC too far without the others during the color switch puzzle, it'll give you the "wait for the others" message and then won't let you switch between them anymore, preventing you from progressing any further.
  6. I just did this one for the first time and beat it first attempt. I had originally planned on using skuntank to poison it with toxic but I wasn't expecting a doubles battle nor was I expecting it to be poison type lol. Instead I had dusknoir us curse on one then wait it out with krookadile and for the other it went with pain split from mismagius + passive burn damage from ren's arcanine. Honestly it was one of the easier rift battles I thought. And unlike Ferrothorn hippowdon is quite slow.
  7. You're missing the point. The audino trainers are there mainly to help your pokemon catch up levels but this one particularly so as the audino don't even have attacking moves, they just spam healing wish. Since healing wish is a psychic move, the AI believes audino can't harm the opponent and thus switches into...another audino with only healing wish. So now you end up with the AI stuck in a switch loop between the two. This is just mildly annoying but combined with regenerator it makes the battle drag out quite a bit to where it's pretty annoying, especially if your pokemon can't
  8. Hey suggestion but can you set the ability of the audino used by phillip on route 9 to NOT be regenerator? If you use a dark type he does nothing but switch between audino over and over which combined with regenerator can drag out the fight and actually sap all your PP even. It's rather annoying.
  9. Natural cure can be useful for this fight, since you'll spend half of it asleep lol. If you have the TM for roar, someone in another thread said they used that to make gardevoir bugger off allowing them to take out her helpers first, making it easier to focus on her. I know there's a move relearner in GCD's shopping district. If you can use the crystal to get back to the present, you can use the claydol at the oasis to teleport you back to GCD IIRC. I could be wrong though as I never tried it myself. But I think the claydol is supposed to be able to teleport you back in
  10. Okay I don't blame you not wanting to grind axew up lol. Hooo boy, I can see why you're sweating this fight. Is there any way you can get super fang back on your higher levelled Noivern? I feel like that can help with softening up the pokemon especially since they're fairly bulky. You could also just grind up the other one that already knows it but that's a lot of grinding. The audino trainer on route 9 is the fastest since they just spam healing wish but I'm not sure if you can go there at that point. Does sky have cloud nine or natural cure? Also how come sceptile is
  11. Yeah that fight is...hard. Being fairy messes up your offensive power and even then she's quite bulky. However I don't think she uses any actual fairy moves, since the field weakens them. She has dark pulse, sacred sword, dream eater and lovely kiss I believe. Hmm who is your current lineup? Like levels and moves and such? I'd recommend getting some chesto berries which I believe you can buy from someone in the past era, I remember I got like 20 of them. Sleep is super annoying in this fight and half the difficulty in itself. In fact being able to deal with sleep someh
  12. I suspect Nim is like, an ultra beast or pokemon trapped in human form.
  13. TBH Charles is kinda ridiculous. Of Reborn/Rejuv/Deso this one has the worst case of early game hell. He's maybe top 5 hardest leader in the game though not unbeatable.
  14. V12? Maybe Greninja with protean? Only thing is Greninja requires good moves to make good use of protean and due to the early game struggle you don't really have access to a good amount of moves for a while so he won't be *that* great at first. I never used him in Rejuv but I did in Reborn and he was great by lategame there but early on suffered from his moveset. I think his strength is his versality and being able to adapt to a lot of gyms. In rejuv I only used Primarina, Infernape, Incineroar and Blaziken. I like Incineroar because of intimidate which is useful for all the doubl
  15. I still think people overrate Blaziken somewhat. There's certain fights where this works well(Adam provided you've taken away the field) but he's at a disadvantage for a lot of tougher battles, and his bulk is honestly not amazing which makes switching him in unreliable since he can get KO'd before gaining momentum. Plus until he gets his speed boost he's merely average speed wise, and against fast-late game optimized mons can still lose out even with a +1 boost stacked unless you've fully invested in speed yourself. Another thing is his best moves all have some sort of drawback via recoil(fla
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