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  1. hello yes i have a question for posty am i still allowed to play this game while drinking microwaved tea ALSO,,,, Ruby, the white haired protag is perfection??? I simp??? Mayhaps?? do you plan on drawing the Celia trio at some point? i need gar bear art omg
  2. So i'm trying to run this on a Mac through Wine, I've tried both the Wine settings I use for Reborn/Rejuv and the settings I used for Uranium, but neither seem to work for this game? It always crashes in the prologue the second Willow walks in. When it saves cause the script is taking too long and autosaves, I get frozen in place, tried the F12 thing, has anyone else tried it in Wine?
  3. I just finished Deso, but still have another 6 days of mandatory quarantine, so I was wondering what i was gonna do looks like i found it :3
  4. I just finished the game, and I really enjoyed it! Already excited for E6!
  5. @Luke112 a user Punch on Discord helped me find the backup saves for mac: ´´If you've booted the mac version up at least once there should be a folder in Library/Application Support called "Pokemon Desolation" ´
  6. I'm wondering this too, hoping someone knows how to find this...
  7. Ah yes, my favorite pokemon, diagonal line EDIT: found some more lil things. I can't step on the white square in front of me, it just acts as ice Same with the tile Tristian is standing on, I can't step on that either, it just works as ice. I can't tell if I'm completely stuck here, either, cause i haaaate ice puzzles and i can't get to the exit on the right LMAO.
  8. i just started playing Desolation and. i'm psure Shiv is gonna ruin my life and i will let him

    1. lilyawaka


      i dont need this, i already have taka and fern ruining my life

    2. Dreamy


      this is basically how I felt midway through deso




    3. lilyawaka


      @Dreamblitz wow, where did you find that image of me LMAO

  9. real image of me, finally leaving the desert and entering the castleDwfTPGrWsAAscJz.thumb.jpg.a079778bb02cc1090fbb3c7b0491710a.jpg

  10. am i rly about to redo the entire desert bc i missed a relationship point with taka? ...yes i am. i want the Soft Dialogue (tm) :<

    1. Ikaru


      never ever miss taka points, you made the right choice

    2. lilyawaka


      @Ikaru He is worth it!!!

  11. me, explaining to my friend who doesn't play reborn, why i can never leave the desert in reshiram route fetchimage.jpeg.5726c0c12ecadca6b276314220954d2e.jpeg

  12. They don't want to release the e19 main and continue working on the postgame, because they're (rightfully) concerned they'll get a C&D the second they release the end of the main story...and then they won't legally be able to continue working on postgame...
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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