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  1. hello yes i have a question for posty am i still allowed to play this game while drinking microwaved tea ALSO,,,, Ruby, the white haired protag is perfection??? I simp??? Mayhaps?? do you plan on drawing the Celia trio at some point? i need gar bear art omg
  2. I just finished Deso, but still have another 6 days of mandatory quarantine, so I was wondering what i was gonna do looks like i found it :3
  3. I just finished the game, and I really enjoyed it! Already excited for E6!
  4. Ah yes, my favorite pokemon, diagonal line EDIT: found some more lil things. I can't step on the white square in front of me, it just acts as ice Same with the tile Tristian is standing on, I can't step on that either, it just works as ice. I can't tell if I'm completely stuck here, either, cause i haaaate ice puzzles and i can't get to the exit on the right LMAO.
  5. i just started playing Desolation and. i'm psure Shiv is gonna ruin my life and i will let him

    1. lilyawaka


      i dont need this, i already have taka and fern ruining my life

    2. Dreamy


      this is basically how I felt midway through deso




    3. lilyawaka


      @Dreamblitz wow, where did you find that image of me LMAO

  6. real image of me, finally leaving the desert and entering the castleDwfTPGrWsAAscJz.thumb.jpg.a079778bb02cc1090fbb3c7b0491710a.jpg

  7. am i rly about to redo the entire desert bc i missed a relationship point with taka? ...yes i am. i want the Soft Dialogue (tm) :<

    1. Ikaru


      never ever miss taka points, you made the right choice

    2. lilyawaka


      @Ikaru He is worth it!!!

  8. me, explaining to my friend who doesn't play reborn, why i can never leave the desert in reshiram route fetchimage.jpeg.5726c0c12ecadca6b276314220954d2e.jpeg

  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  10. I took one python class in grad school, and withdrew after 4 weeks. you are strong. Stronger than I will ever be. Everything in these posts hurt my brain
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