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  1. You have to breed all of the different starters and hand in the eggs you get from that There's a couple of great guides over in On the Hunt that can help you find the various starters https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/38-on-the-hunt/
  2. I actually just found it really peaceful wandering around the underwater until I ran into her eventually
  3. just look at this goddamn lil punk. Rift Aelita looks freakin incredible, and it's really nice to get a proper look at mosely too (since I'm pretty sure we've just had overworld sprite for her so far?)
  4. guys stop making me feel like I need to scatter some off-topic warning in here
  5. Let's add @Caz to the Ember King pool to make this like lord of the rings part 3 or something, and I will pit @Amethyst and @andracass against eachother in a deadly boop war battle for Midsummer Queen
  6. I'd think of a clever and witty comment but my brain is now running slower that the latest version reborn because it's late at night so you're out of luck fast good. cass good.
  7. When breeding, it'll pick 5 random stats (since you have a parent holding destiny knot, otherwise it's 3), and for those stats, it'll randomly take the IV of one parent. For the remaining stats, the IV will be totally random. So in your current setup, There's a 5/6 chance it takes the sp.def IV of a parent (which from both would be 30) and then the other 1/6 times, it'll be random, and so have a 1/32 chance of being 31.
  8. While I don't have full recommendations for you, I can let you know that HM moves are freely removable in Reborn, you can just overwrite them directly. Also, a stealth rocker might be handy, and sturdy can guarantee getting them set, especially if lampent isn't doing much right now
  9. It's also giving the creator time to put more work into the ending/postgame, so the break might be a bit longer than the DLC (especially as the DLC probably won't take that long)
  10. @Zumi deserves all of the biggest hugs. And so do you!
  11. thanks essentials very cool maybe it should reflect on its actions for a bit
  12. Dreamblitz


    It feels nice when one line can do so much it also tends to make you feel like an idiot for the fact that it wasn't there before
  13. is it really you playing though or is it your little brother while blindfolded?
  14. No backsprite/vulpix or anything, but I decided to give it a go for you!
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