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  1. It probably can't happen, but I've just had a really cool idea. Imagine if the Wonder Mail codes that you can use to rescue your friends in Rescue Team worked between the original red/blue rescue team and DX.

    ...idk maybe this doesn't appeal to anyone else but something about it would just feel so neat to me.

    1. Chrixai


      I wouldn’t oppose the idea. I’m with you on that.

    2. SilverAngelus


      That would be neat-o-rific! 

      Although, DX is a much more updated version and different platform, so that probably won't happen.

  2. Reborn has no plans to add generation 8 since it's so late in development already. However, it's sister game Pokemon Rejuvenation, which can also be found on these forums, will have generation 8 added in the upcoming Version 13.
  3. If I remember correctly, The AI actually has a bit of a 'mercy' mechanic where they'll give higher priority to moves that have a chance to leave you on like 1-10 HP. For the PP saving mechanic I think they still pick ones that will definitely KO, though it tends to put them in a bad spot of you heal when they're doing so. Sometimes this makes them look fairly silly, so I'm kind of hoping that this'll be disabled at least for dark mode in E19 (@andracass )
  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure it's after 13 or 14?
  5. It's accessed much later from a different entrance, at least as far as I can remember. PULSE notes are black&red though for what it's worth, silver should be for megastones/z-crystals
  6. For what it's worth, I think multi-hit moves only check accuracy once, not per hit. Also, Consider that it's also dedicating it's ability slot to get that power. By comparison, a Sheer Force pokemon is effectively turning 90BP moves into 117BP, and with greater variety than skill link moves, most of which also have 100% accuracy. (I'm thinking Nidoking with things like earth power, sludge bomb, ice beam, thunderbolt). Finally, despite it's high BP, Zap Cannon would generally be considered kind of a bad move, at least in my opinion. So it's probably not the best thing to compare to. Then again, if you consider move+ability as above, Imagine Zap Cannon + No Guard. suddenly you've got a perfectly accurate 120 power move that has 100% chance to paralyze, which overall would probably be considered stronger than skill link rock blast.
  7. Levels are a bit higher, EVs are quite a lot better, IVs are better in the earlygame (later everything is max regardless) and some pokemon and movesets are changed to be stronger. It gets pretty rough lategame when significant battle pokemon have overcapped EVs, sometimes over twice the legal total.
  8. nice. (now actually on the version of this post that isn't the hidden deleted one) hey babe wanna see my cool rainbow chart
  9. but when are you going to add the hardmode option that does nothing except disable the bit where the AI intentionally uses a weaker move to leave you on a few HP or save PP?
  10. Yes, Indra has now been specifically screenshotted and given a red circle since I didn't realise he was apparently hard to find
  11. Gotta admit, the crash was my fault. Tried to make a funny little change for him but didn't account for an extra reference in the actual map file (which I can't edit with my limited methods) It's fixed now and was also a good excuse for him to get updated to E18.2 which is a plus. As for the friendship evolutions, from what I can tell that's not the fault of a mod or anything, it's actually a bug (or possibly design decision) in Reborn itself Pokemon don't gain the friendship they're supposed to from levelling up if it's in battle and they aren't the active pokemon. This applies to both switch training and vanilla or modded xp share. Wonja is actually what caused me to test/report it.
  12. So this may just be intentional Reborn meanness, but from what I can tell from research it doesn't work this way in the main games. When a Pokemon levels up, it's supposed to gain +3-5 happiness depending on it's current happiness. However, currently it seems that this only applies when the pokemon is active in battle. With my faithful testing dummy Budew, I found that it gained no happiness when leveled up both via EXP. Share, and through switch-training. When leveling up as the active pokemon or through a rare candy, it gained +5 as normal. Sidenote: this makes common candies giving a corresponding drop in happiness for going down a level extra brutal.
  14. oof, the physical ghost moves while at +6 special attack...
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