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  1. This is going to be a password mod in E19 right?
  2. hi dreamblitz,


    my gf and me are both playing rejuvenation. but unlike reborn(which we played before) we have no way to share pokemon. not through online, nor through the slightly more complicated way of shared box. ive been scouring the interwebs for a solution. it seems hard to find. ive seen someone mention that your "dreamblitz modpack 2" would be able to do this.

    alas, i cant find this elusive modpack anywhere.

    could you help us out?



    1. Dreamblitz


      The pack being referred to is this one:

      It's a port of a similar pack for Reborn, but unfortunately the Shared Box mod doesn't work in Rejuvenation, and as such isn't included. So sorry, but it probably won't be able to help you

    2. ZekeX


      thanks for the quick response. i have that modpack, i just didnt realise it was the one i was looking for.

      could i make it work using the debug?


      thanks alot for your efforts into this game!

  3. real bugsnax hours in status bar today

  4. You can find the latest progress update for V13 (which will include the engine upgrades) over here: Other than that, it's mostly just a matter of being patient.
  5. Dreamblitz

    hi again

    yes ummy is a very good and so is cuss. much love to you two and all the dev team for both games, we'll be here by your side for a long time yet F for bars tho
  6. It should actually work again in V12, iirc it was the custom menu in V11 that prevented it from being compatible but that's been removed. I just did a quick test of the Reborn version with just the version check removed and it seemed to work pretty well, so try adding these three to your mods folder SWM - Mouse.rb
  7. here's the secret extra-cursed version of the schedule
  8. Happy birthday Dream 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day 🙂🎂

    1. Dreamblitz


      thanks lykos uwu

      not even the removal of the birthdays box can weaken your unlimited birthday power

    2. LykosHand


      Lol that's true 😤 and you're welcome dream 😉

    3. SilverAngelus


      so its still the 25th in the States


      Happy [belated] Birthday Dream! I hope you had something yummy 😺 🎊

  9. For the texture smoothing, I think it might be having issues because it's expecting backslashes ( \ ) in the filepath instead of forwardslashes ( / ) because it was just made for windows before Reborn even worked on other platforms. Not sure if knowing that will actually help you with working around it though.
  10. TBH that just sounds like a PBS formatting error to me (i.e a bug). False was probably supposed to be for one of the other fields like shininess with nickname left blank, but some of the values probably got shifted from a missing/extra comma or something.
  11. LiEat was pretty nice.

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