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  1. It's been a while, but yeah I'm pretty sure that was the reasoning. didn't want the existing theme to go unused, so it became "his" theme since he should now be the only one using it? don't remember exactly though.
  2. No, it won't say that, so you have to check the summary. the chance is 700/65535, or slightly more than 1%
  3. are you renaming the backup save file that you're wanting to load to be "game.rxdata"? (or just game if you have file extensions hidden)
  4. The online play server might just be down currently, maybe try again tomorrow?
  5. The online play server might just be down currently, maybe try again tomorrow?
  6. I'm pretty sure there's a certain timeframe requirement too. don't remember exactly but try between like, midnight and 4am (you can set your computer clock)
  7. lol you're older now, congrats.




    have a great one ❤️



  8. If you mean the passwords mentioned in a past dev blog post for enabling certain game rules or features, That's a feature in development for Episode 19 - It's not in the current version
  9. iirc, you had to do the teal panther recruiting (bottom right of north Cellia) and then kinda just go back and forth a bit between the teal panther house and the house with the rangers lacking a leader until Clarke joins them and mentions needing a bigger building?
  10. Jinx guild stuff should progress naturally as you get further in the story in Cellia, including the ring quest popping up.
  11. Saved in Odis village after first talking to Tristan and then couldn't resume when I loaded the game back up later: V5.1, Windows, mkxp version. Loading a backup worked fine and I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. Here's the bricked save file to dissect:
  12. @andracass now I'm curious how long it would be on like, 18.1 or even older versions like 15-17 and nice zoom
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