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  1. Anyway Season 3 time boys and girls, sink your teeth in:
  2. Dupes clause is always optional, you can catch another copy of one you've already had. So Belly Jr. should be his actual WTC encounter (and Wonja is doubly fine because Shiny Clause)
  3. Well, Silvally was just temporarily boxed because he didn't have any memories that were particularly helpful against flying / on that field.
  4. We had a pretty good indication just from the fact that E36 was uploaded, since being able to do that meant that the footage had been successfully recovered from the same hard drive that the save would be on. the most recent non-game update video directly confirms that the save has been recovered successfully
  5. There's probably going to be a while of just exploring the city and finding the volunteers for adrienn etc, so I'd estimate more like 3-5 for the end of devon. he could def rush though. There's a chance he'll manage to record a bit with this laptop, but yeah I wouldn't expect it.
  6. at this point it's just "choose someone to kill" tbh
  7. Dreamblitz

    LOL random XD

    The Ol' Caesar cipher razzle dazzle eh? very nice.
  8. I'm pretty certain it becomes available after badge 16. I feel like Pidgeotite is one of the more tame mega stones to get actually, just requires decently exploring a side area with a couple field puzzles. and yes I'll be listing mega stone locations for pokemon he has if he's also got access to the ring and the locations.
  9. To add on, you should probably remove all the ones that don't have a SWM/AMB tag at the front of their name, since they're all old versions and the newer copies with the name tag are already also in the folder anyway, and having the old ones could potentially cause/reintroduce bugs that have otherwise been fixed
  10. If you put up a screenshot of the contents of the mods folder here, I or someone else might be able to pick out the offending file?
  11. Do you still have the old mod that was for picking up eggs with a full party? I seem to remember that causing a crash since that functionality got added to the basegame
  12. So, he's at least been able to retrieve files from his old hard drive, since this was recorded before the issues. So recording it might not be able to start back up immediately, but this should at least confirm that the save file is fine too and it's only a matter of time.
  13. I think he's currently just got a bit of a janky setup with a borrowed laptop that he can use for switch recording and a bit of editing but it's a lot slower. New PC and status of hard drive are still up in the air, quite possibly waiting on deliveries or something?
  14. If you find the folder where your saves are stored (should be C:\Users\[YOU]\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn on Windows) you can copy your saves from here to somewhere else to have a secure backup E18.2 should be able to support multiple saves just fine though, I'm pretty sure when you start a new game, the old ones will just remain there in the folder and then you can swap between them from the main menu of the game.
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