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  1. I believe you'd need to have the PBS files, edit encounters.txt, and then recompile the game with those?
  2. also ame as someone who can see when this happens have you considered like, writing in a word doc and then copy pasting it into the forum editor?
  3. iirc I did an early dark pulse too, but there was very little extra that could actually still be done? don't remember exactly though, I may be thinking of just checking the other side of the cave before the generator quest. either way it shouldn't break anything though?
  4. look I already needed no reason to be nice to my emotional support game friends, but being able to hang out with them in cute cutscenes is a damn good one
  5. If you click on your name in the top right on the link bar and go to "My Attachments" you can clear out some of your old ones to make more space.
  6. It basically means adding a pointless new comment to a thread with the only purpose being to move it up the recency list to try get more attention - this is frowned-upon behaviour btw.
  7. remember gamers, wash your hair.
  8. I feel like the implication with that would be that the person existed before any instance of the pokemon did, and the resulting pokemon was named that after the person it originated from.
  9. Guessing the use of Darkrai for Puppet Master is probably mostly due to the whole Nightmares thing and not sure it's any deeper than that. The Xerneas/Storm-9 thing is probably going to end up being quite significant though. iirc from the garufa labs stuff in V13 as well as the core/interceptor archive room underwater in the coral reef area, we can be pretty sure that there was some kind of situation of people becoming the legendary pokemon as part of archetype research. I think it was confirmed somewhere that the Giratina that we've seen was originally Griselda, but I don't remember where.
  10. dang, I do love me some cool statistics. ty for the hard work smello =)
  11. Just a small note - there is actually an indicator for when a pokemon is using a crest; they'll have this symbol on their status bar:
  12. https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/download/ The second set of download links is the mac ones
  13. Did you make sure to download the mac-specific version and follow the run instructions here? is your osx version new enough?
  14. You can get them from the AP shop where you buy the golden items for 3 AP, or I know there's some scattered around as hidden items
  15. It's not a required story thing. If you complete the "where love lies" side episode (after chapter 12 in the main story) then you can get a password from that that gives you a special gift pokemon
  16. That's a shiny, they all have custom colours in this game. Shinies have roughly 1/100 odds here, so that's pretty lucky for first try!
  17. The best part is that I just coincidentally happened to recognize it from listening to that channel in the past, I didn't even realise it was in the game until listening to the file mentioned by BJ lol
  18. If it is The Lounge_1 you're taking about @Gham, then it's part of insaneintherainmusic's Mt. Coronet Jazz arrangement:
  19. I think it might've been removed from A.Milotics Beta learnset for balance reasons and then I guess they forgot to take it off of Cass's one (or intentionally decided to leave it)?
  20. Munchlax/Snorlax appear to be the only pokemon that learn both Fling and Recycle naturally, so I think waiting for either them or the Fling TM are the only options, since Recycle doesn't work with item swap moves like trick/switcharoo I believe, so Fling is mandatory. (also this is considered a bug/exploit rather than an intended mechanic anyway, so ) Actually scratch that, because Reborn uses generation 7 movesets, pansage/pansear/panpour work as long as you have the thief TM
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