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  1. @Pyrolusite Do you have older versions of your files still available? I'm looking for battle menu and trainer card stuff. I like some design aspects of the older versions and I'm looking to incorporate those into the latest and personalize the UI.
  2. Hey Devs, there's a slight error I just noticed that is triggered when an opposing pokemon faints in battle to weather damage, status damage, or trapping move damage. In both single and double formats, when an opponent faints due to any of those mentioned, they register as KO, but the exp rewarded and "next pokemon" or "battle end" will not registered until the end of the next turn. If I remember my coding (years ago), I think it's caused by the order which the events occur in battle. For context, in my battle against Shelly (doubles), she was down 3 and I stacked hail, toxic, and infestation on araquanid. It fainted on turn 1 to infestation, leaving her with yanmega in the field and volbeat in reserve. Turn 2, her yanmega is still out and there's an empty spot where araquanid used to be. After everyone moves in turn 2 does the experience from the araquanid get rewarded and volbeat comes out. Turn 3, I take out both volbeat and yanmega. I also recreated the scenario on a wild graveler. Turn 1 stacked hail, burn, infestation. Turn 2, it dies from burn. Turn 3, I used a move, got the no target message, and then got the experience. I took a screenshot before selecting my move on wild battle turn 3 for reference. Not sure if you guys can do anything about it, but this doesn't really bother me. Just something I'll use to gain an unfair advantage over the NPC. I'm pretty sure someone else will have an issue as it's a mechanical flaw. Anyhow, just wanted to let you guys know. Have a very Merry Christmas.
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