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  1. Rapidash with high horsepower helped me a lot against Aya.
  2. Well, Unown is kinda harder because it can learn only one move. What about Furret, Spinda, Chimecho, Basculin, Relicanth, Sunflora and Skitty? Does anyone use them?
  3. Hello, everyone. So, we live in difficult and very negative times. Because of that I through of (copied idea I saw on web) a way to improve our mood. It is simple, just name at least one thing that made you happy today. It does not have to be anything special, any little thing is fine. Do not forget to read what made other people happy and feel free to post what made you happy tomorrow as well. I will start with two things that made me happy today: 1. It finally snowed here for the first time this winter. 2. The train I took to Prague was almost empty so my trip was very
  4. It was probably because of field effects. In Cave field "Ground type attacks can hit airborne Pokemon".
  5. I think that this the only place where you can find Drilbur before Adrienn but if I remember correctly, the encounter rate is very low (1 %?).
  6. Thank you, this seems like a nice challenge. What about another mod in the future where enemies also do not have IVs (not as a challenge run, but because I do not like the concept of IV )?
  7. Sorry, I cannot help with rain lock. But to raise affection, there is a grooming service in a house on Route 1. And if you have the manor, you can also get friendship berries.
  8. Well, that might work but what about Team Meteor?
  9. Somehow, I do not know how to use Ludicolo. Everyone says it is a great pokemon so I tried it in both Reborn and Desolation and, for some reason, it was completely useless. I must be doing something wrong.
  10. I like how everyone has different experiences with gym leaders in these games. For me, the electric type gym leader was the easiest of all gym leaders in desolation so far. I also used Bewear so I had no problem with Lopunny. However the Exploud with boomburst destroyed almost anything I tried to use against it. And Pyroar also gave me hard time. However, I think that the biggest problem with Tristan is the limited options you have at that point in game: you can not breed, relearn moves, EV train etc.
  11. If I had to choose from the available Pokemon, I would probably choose Ferrothorn. By changing its EV spread, nature and moves, it can be both a very good defensive and a very good offensive Pokemon. Also, it can learn Nature Power, which is amazing in Reborn. Also, it could fight the fast Pokemon with gyro ball. If I could choose any Pokemon, I would choose Victini, because the trainer with Victini always wins, right? Or not...
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