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  1. Been a while since I posted here, but I've got a little Arc 3 feature I can show off: Personality Traits! As you may have noticed while playing the game, our protagonist is about as much of a blank slate as any other Pokémon main character. However, in Rainbow, I wanted to play with that idea a little bit. So, the character you play as may start out as someone with no characteristics or quirks, but as you play the game, certain actions may unlock new personality traits that have beneficial effects in our outside of battles. As an example: You may be someone
  2. Ah right, sorry about that. I did that a while ago for testing and forgot to take it out.
  3. Fights in the game have been adjusted so that most trainers use Ayrithian forms instead of the regular ones. Out of the gym leaders, I think Connor, Rosetta and Garret use some of them. The difficulty should be roughly the same as regular Desolation, though.
  4. This is the object you should talk to in the western wildlands. If you've collected 5 souls, it should start the next part of the sidequest.
  5. If you've collected all the souls, there is a yellowish object in the middle of the lake in the western Dreamscape that you can interact with to continue the quest.
  6. On a fateful day at the beach, you meet a man with vibrant blue hair who will turn your life around forever... Have you ever wanted to play a dating sim made by someone who has never played a dating sim in her life, about a character who has like 10 lines of dialogue in the actual game? Then I have the game that suits your weirdly specific tastes. Jarred Dating Sim has the following features: - Take Jarred out on a variety of different dates! - Fight Jarred in Date Battles to win over his heart! - Even if you don't like it, the game is very sh
  7. Thanks for pointing that out, I released a new patch that should fix this issue! You get the ability to use Dream Surge by doing the Lucine sidequest, after meeting her in the Undercity. Dream Surge is activated in battle just like Mega Evolution and uses 1 moon dust whenever you activate it. After it is activated, it will change the terrain to misty terrain (and other terrains if you continue the sidequest) for three turns, after which the field returns to what it was before. You can get moon dust from destroying glowing rocks with the Dream Generator.
  8. I think the general rule of thumb is that evolving early is generally worth it. None of the pre-evolutions get any moves that their evolutions don't.
  9. I was kinda busy making Deso mods the last couple months, but here's a little update, made battle sprites for all the Arc Angels!
  10. Munna, for example, doesn't have an Ayrithian form, but Musharna does. So if you want to evolve your regular Munna into a regular Musharna, you can have it hold the Strange Sand while evolving. Otherwise it's always gonna evolve into Ayrithian Musharna.
  11. Ayrithian Rockruff can only evolve into the two forms listed here, it can't evolve into any of its original forms.
  12. Aurora found a bug where trying to evolve Ayrithian Budew crashes the game, so the download is now updated, with an additional download that contains only the updated Scripts file in case you already have the full download. In that case, simply go into the Data folder and replace the Scripts file with the one you downloaded. Edit: A second patch has been released, which fixes a few additional things. This time, I included the whole Data folder, so just replace the whole thing when you download that.
  13. Pokemon Desolation - R.E.M. Edition Since I'm a big fan of Desolation, I wanted to make a mod that adds more content and offers a few twists to the way a regular Desolation playthrough would go. You might recognize me from masterpieces such as Jarredesolation. Unfortunately, this mod is not quite as ambitious as that. Instead, it simply offers the following features: - Over 20 Pokemon have received Ayrithian forms - regional variants that change their typing, moveset, stats, abilities, and, of course, looks. Some of them even have completely new abilities! - 2 new sideque
  14. Have you ever wanted to play a version of Desolation in which everyone is Jarred? Of course you have. If you want to know which things are Jarred, here's a list: Things that are Jarred: - You - Everyone else - Your starter - The gym leader's ace Pokemon - Some other things Things that are not Jarred: - Irrelevant I recommend starting a new game for the Full Jarred Experience. (also lets you access the debug menu i guess? forgot to take that out before uploading) Anyway heres the Download: Dow
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