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  1. It's finally time, folks! Arc 4 is here and waiting to be explored by you! Download it here!
  2. Hey everyone, I've been making some good progress for Arc 4, so I thought I'd do a little sneak peek at the things that are happening in the next version. New Routes! New Towns! Minigames! ...Other Things! And that's it! See you (hopefully) soon!
  3. Hey everyone, got a ton of great feedback a bit ago, so the game is now updated with a lot less bugs, some updated dialogue and graphics and a few changes to rainbow abilities. It's probably a good idea to download it (again)!
  4. Hey everyone, it's been a bit but I had a recent surge of motivation, so here's a semi-significant update to the mod! No patch for this one, just download the whole thing This update includes: - Mega evolutions for all eight Ayrithian starters! - Ayrithian forms now have TM and move tutor compatibility that makes sense for their new types! - That one area on Route 3 is actually accessible now so you can get all the modules! - Changed Ayrithian Gogoat's look to be more distinct from its regular variant The Mega Stone locations:
  5. Since the next Reborn Episode is still a bit away, here's a little collection of challenge mods to provide a new, generally more difficult experience while playing what we already have! Some of these are inspired by challenges that are already out there and were simply adapted to Reborn, while others were just random ideas I had. I can't guarantee that combining multiple ones of these is going to work flawlessly or at all, since I haven't tested the combinations. Download: Reborn Challenge Pack If you have other ideas for challenges, feel free to tell me! If they're sufficiently different from the ones already here and not too much work to implement, I'll probably do so! 6Mon: AfterBattleRandomizer: AllBudew: LevelDown: TeamThief: TypeRand:
  6. Sorry about that, that's actually the result of a previous bug I fixed. Here's a patch that should fix it.
  7. Hey friends, it's been slightly over a year but Arc 3 is finally finished! Travel through windy routes, icy fields and fight Arc Angel Neel to obtain the Cyan Arc! You can download the new version here! (I recommend starting from the beginning if you've played the previous version,since there's been a few important changes in the earlier parts of the game. A Game-Z application is included, which will probably run a lot smoother for most people. Unfortunately, it was prone to random crashes in testing and some graphics will not be displayed correctly. Only use it if you're okay with that. )
  8. If you check the first post, there's a Download section where you can find the download link!
  9. Thank you very much for your feedback! The critiques are all very valid and I'm already working on improving these aspects, so thank you for pointing them out. It's really nice to hear that some of the things I was going for worked well for you! I'll admit that I wasn't even aware that Pokémon continued to obey you past the level cap, but if it's appreciated, I'll definitely keep it as it currently is.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I don't check the forums that often. In case you still need the answer, the soul in the forest labyrinth is only available after the Jinx Guild building is destroyed. The soul should appear after you talk to the door. The one in the tournament building appears after Rosetta has been defeated, and you can find it at the north end of the room, to the right.
  11. Thank you! I've chosen not to include field effects at this point, since it would slow down development even more and I do hope to finish this at some point.
  12. Strongly depends on how much you explore all of the little optional side areas, but if you're thorough you can probably get something close to ten hours.
  13. Been a while since I posted here, but I've got a little Arc 3 feature I can show off: Personality Traits! As you may have noticed while playing the game, our protagonist is about as much of a blank slate as any other Pokémon main character. However, in Rainbow, I wanted to play with that idea a little bit. So, the character you play as may start out as someone with no characteristics or quirks, but as you play the game, certain actions may unlock new personality traits that have beneficial effects in our outside of battles. As an example: You may be someone who enjoys Rainbow Pokémon a lot and wants to collect as many of them as you can. As soon as you've put together an entire party with nothing but Rainbow Pokémon, you will unlock the personality trait Colorful. This personality trait represents your character's love for Rainbow-type Pokémon and will cause them to gain friendship much faster while they're in your party. Additionally, certain NPCs might take note of your newly developed personality and offer you access to new areas or sidequests that might be unavailable to you otherwise. (You can view your current PTs on your Trainer Card) You can have up to two of these personality traits at the same time. If you unlock another one after that, you'll have to choose which one you want to discard. In total, there's probably going to be about 10 of them in Arc 3, depending on how many ideas I have.
  14. Ah right, sorry about that. I did that a while ago for testing and forgot to take it out.
  15. Fights in the game have been adjusted so that most trainers use Ayrithian forms instead of the regular ones. Out of the gym leaders, I think Connor, Rosetta and Garret use some of them. The difficulty should be roughly the same as regular Desolation, though.
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