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  1. J̸͖̼͈͎̣̃̃͜a̷̢̨̠͐͒̂̌̚r̴͙̣͍͔̖͓̄r̸̺̆͆͑͋ȩ̶̡̝̼̝͚̑̿d̵̢͇̘̜̃͂̾͝
  2. the circled tiles are not passable, making it impossible to go into the next room
  3. Here's another round of these. - Corrosive Mist Seed gives an error (opponent.canPoison instead of battler.canPoison) - Defiant activates twice on swamp (Competitive too, presumably) (Applies both online and offline) - Regular Burn damage is 1/8 of total hp instead of 1/16 in online battles - Inferno Overdrive burns fields like Grassy Terrain and Flower Garden, even during Rain / Water Sport - Ice Body does not activate on Snowy Mountain
  4. what if you are the instance of owo
  5. Here's some more bugs we discovered during battling. Some of these might also apply to offline battling, but most of them should be limited to online. - Volt Switch and U-Turn cause desyncs, the Pokemon that is sent out seems to be picked at random on the opponent's side - The Mountain and Snowy Mountain seeds raise Accuracy instead of dropping it. (both online and offline) - Due to a "=" instead of "==" in the scripts, using Petal Dance and similar moves seems to set the Flower Garden to stage 2 no matter when they are used. - In the scripts section that defines unlosable items for online battles, Heracronite is spelled as Heracrossite, which probably means the actual Heracronite can be knocked off - Certain items like Quick Claw and Lagging Tail aren't affected by Klutz in online battles - Baneful Bunker only protects against moves that deal damage
  6. alright, then ill just throw all the stuff we find in here and hope some of its helpful
  7. are these fixes in 18.3 already, or is there some other way to check all the fixes that have been done so far? wouldnt want to flood you with errors that have already been fixed anyway, since ill probably make more posts like this at some point
  8. Ah right, specifying Hidden Power type does not currently work with the importer. I'll add a note for that in the description, sorry.
  9. Your game folder should look more or less like this (at least if you have 18.3).
  10. The folder in which the game icon is located, yeah.
  11. The only thing I can imagine for this error is that you put the file in the wrong place or made a typo in the name. Did you put the import.txt into the main folder of the game?
  12. Turns out one of the newer fixes broke how Alolan forms work, the current download should now import them properly again. Unfortunately I can't tell much from that screenshot alone, could you give me the file you're trying to import?
  13. After co-running an online league for a while now, we've discovered (and fixed) various bugs that I haven't seen noted here yet: - Damage-dealing Z-Moves ignore Focus Sashes and Focus Bands, KOing despite the opponent mon wearing one. - Using an Elemental Seed on the Murkwater Field gives an error message and does not use up the seed after applying the effect. (just a typo in the code for the seed activation) - The Speed-lowering effect of the Swamp Field does not activate Competitive / Defiant and is not inverted by Contrary (that part wasnt copied over from the offline battle section) - Not sure if this part is intentional or not, but the Seeds that make the user recharge (Inverse, New World) do not make the user skip a turn if they were switched in through effects like Parting Shot and Ally Switch or if they were manually switched in - Moves that force the user to switch out all maintain stat boosts and other effects similar to Baton Pass. (Parting Shot, Ally Switch, etc. ) (all of them have batonpass set to true in the move effects section) - Battling online does not set a field backup, which means that after a field was overwritten by moves like Psychic Terrain, the field will return not to the field it was before, but rather the field that the character's in-game location has. - Stealth Rock is not actually affected by the inverted type chart on Inverse. Again, not sure if this was intended, but since it was noted like that in the wiki, I'm just gonna include it. - After activating Unburden, the Speed boost applies even after switching the Pokemon out. - Wonder Skin does not work at all on Rainbow Field, instead of blocking all moves (just a typo in the code)
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