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  1. Maybe there's some kind of problem with the animation or effect of the move. Because naga should have taken 25% of max hp damage after using the move
  2. Is it some kind of powder move? Like sleep powder, poison powder, etc
  3. Also, what move did that vivillon use?
  4. Hmm strange tho. Can u specify which part of the forest is it?
  5. I am in no mood to show rage today I am looking for a mew
  6. The gyarados is certainly my fav of them
  7. I have got all of the types Can u specify which mon(s) u want?
  8. Now that I think, my reborn game too crashes sometimes when I go to online play for the first time after starting my pc
  9. Anyone up for some battles?

  10. You can try going back a few save files
  11. Looks like the zorua is too naughty to listen. Maybe I am the zorua itself I want to see a blonde next
  12. I will be available once I return home which is in like 5 hrs. So if ur still up for battle then pls PM me
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