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  1. I have a feeling that it will be melia who will betray us. Madame X said that her light will be hers. Could it mean that somehow melia will be blackmailed or controlled by madame x into betraying us?
  2. That decisive battle for the future will take place in the other castle near blacksteeple of course
  3. Maybe its the opposite Absol warns us from danger and Gardevoir brings danger Also I wonder what happened to Indriad's Gardevoir when we met him in present time in the sewers
  4. I can give you on after 10 hrs or so If you don't find anyone else by then, then I will be happy to help
  5. 1. You need the Enigmatic key, so story from V12 needs to be finished. 2. Go into the shrine underneath Aquamarine Cave (where Amber fell down), and dive in the little diving spot to the left. Save beforehand!! You have to dive at a specific point in that area, best would be as far down as possible, because when you get down you'll be inside of currents. Get onto the bottom tile so the current pushes you down to a spot behind a rock where you can't access otherwise. Go to the left and just follow the corridor until you get out of the ruin. Now there's gonna be a little building/tower in front of you, interact with it, it will say that a door somewhere opened. 3. Now go to the hidden area behind Aquamarine Cave. Enter the diving spot to the far right to reach the building which you can enter now. Thanks
  6. How do we get inside that ruin? Also good point. Does this mean that the springs created by garufans?
  7. Did you turn on the "notify me of replies" button down here
  8. Go to Account> Account Settings> Notifications Settings. Then choose ur preferred ones Do u still need the poipole? I completed my pokedex today. And I got the poipole. Idk if we can breed it though. So if u want I can give it to you.
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