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  1. Man these two are never gonna change
  2. I said research as well and not just start. The interceptor project may have started ages ago, but the MC seems to be like a normal human being physically. Which means that they should be a teenager just like their friends. Maybe Amanda and her "Creators" were there when the latest interceptor(MC) came into being?
  3. I sent u a frnd req on discord. We can do the trade there then
  4. U talking about a rare appearance to me? I know ur here Raion
  5. U need the debug mod for that. There u need to change its form to 1
  6. It works for any mon of the evolution line
  7. Amanda seems to know things about the MC. And even the MC doesn't remember that they are from the region. But Amanda mentions MC's return to the region to Melia. And since she is a robot/android, she could have been made by those scientists who either started the interceptor project, or do research on it.
  8. I was wondering, what if Amanda was made by the same group of people who started the interceptor project
  9. nah Just a mega blaziken which can prove to be even more dangerous I summon starry knight
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