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  1. Note that Rare Candies will still work to rise above the cap, but any Pokemon above the cap will no longer obey you (like traded Pokemon in the official games, but applies to all Pokemon in Rejuvenation). You can take advantage of this to get a level-up move or evolved Pokemon before the level cap rises to the needed level, as you can use Reverse Candies to de-level your Pokemon back below the level cap, and then your Pokemon will obey you while keeping the move/evolution obtained at the higher level. I did this to evolve my starter for the very difficult ghost gym battle, where the level cap is 35 but my starter evolved at 36.
  2. @Toothpastefairy for Sunlit Sovereign because sounds awesome both studying physics and optimizing Reborn. Fairies fit Sunlit Sovereign, right? Second the golden trio after their bombshell announcement regarding the revival of Desolation.
  3. I found another. This character in the basement of the Ranger HQ is called Shana here, but in all other dialogue she is named Maybeline. Shana is another character in the virtual league sidequest.
  4. I found a typo when you first enter Kakori Village. "upspet" should be upset
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