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  1. I would say that Rejuv fares quite well in comparison to Reborn. Canonically, Rejuv is in the same continuity as Reborn, but the links and references to Reborn are quite minor and tangential to the main story from what I've seen. Jan was inspired by Reborn to make Rejuvenation, and I think it lives up to its inspiration. The V13 update last year revamped and improved many early-game areas, and there will be some more areas improved whenever V13.5 comes out, supposedly sometime later this year. Would highly recommend you play Rejuvenation if you like Reborn. Thanks, Shadow Angel
  2. I know it'll be great once I finally get to it, after I beat Rejuvenation. Still got a bit to go, have been busy
  3. B for Best run ever (also you missed ADQ but it doesn't matter now)
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