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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. @phoenixknight545 Okay, thanks. You're approved. I'll add you to the list of roleplayers as part of this project. @Filthy Casual Your profile's pretty good. Approved. I'll add you to the list too. Thanks! Join the Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/BrfbTnD Now in case we get more members, I'll write a premise for the story here. Setting: Ayumu’s Church of Yveltal Faith (In Capital City of Abstract) Introduction: After the establishment of Ayumu’s church with a newly built religion based on Yveltal, she has the title of being the ‘Angel’ of Yveltal, letting out her messages that she wants to spread Yveltal’s message of harbinging and omens. The tragedies of the future is spoken a lot in Ayumu’s church, but with the attitude and grace that comes with it--Ayumu herself wants to create miracles. In the church of Yveltal, a number of motivated, unique individuals were invited to partake in living in the dorms of Yveltal’s church. Ayumu, with the main characters of the story, have all come together to learn and teach one another about themselves. Even though not all of them have the faith of Yveltal, Ayumu wants to prove herself. So as Ayumu gives out her sermon of an incoming tragedy, Yveltal’s church has to face the conviction of those who don’t believe in the unorthodox faith of Yveltal. Most in the capital city believes that church is an evil and sinful work. Ayumu, however, expects that she could perform miracles in other mon’s lives. With her team of friends--they do work of miracles and help better themselves where the future of Abstract becomes acknowledged. Does this setting sounds good enough? I'm open for questions and comments. And, I finished Ayumu's profile:
  3. ~ Pokémon Abstract ‘Faraway Myth’ ~ [Interest Check] Hey everyone, I've decided to open up a new roleplaying topic that's similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, where your roleplaying chars are Pokemon. Well, I had one run of the Pokemon RP back then, which was called 'Pokemon Catharsis', but sadly I couldn't complete it because I had to struggle with health related issues. Now that I'm better and healthy, I'm motivated to opening a new roleplaying topic where it's similar to the universe of Catharsis, but it's a non-official RP where it's mainly for side character interactions and character development rather than a plot-centered story. So there's no particular need for posting to always advance the story in this one, other than the fact that I'll set the playground and settings for us if this roleplaying idea is popular in interest check. The new region this roleplaying topic takes place in is called 'Abstract' and I'll release the story once I see that it gets enough attention from Reborn community. If there's not much of anyone that's interested, then I might as well not start it. It's not really a plot-driven story because I want to hone my roleplaying GM abilities and give everyone good experience. I made a lot of mistakes in my old RP of Catharsis, but in this one I'm making it better and allowing everyone the chance to make changes and new ideas to the story. It'll be a great practice, because I've been theory-crafting a lot about Abstract region and it's possibly a lot better than Catharsis. Also, you probably won't have to worry about the pacing of this topic either. So, who's up for the roleplaying topic? I'm excited to share you guys a lot what Abstract can offer, but mostly, I'd love to see new connections being made in-character and out-of-character. Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/BrfbTnD ~~~ Here's my character for the story, Ayumu the Angel of Yveltal ~~~ ~~~ Here's the outline of the character bios ~~~ Name: Pokémon: (You can have Alters/Deltas/Alolan types too.) Gender: Type: (Holy-type is possible, if you're an Alter.) Ability: Personality: Moveset: (Can have up to ten moves.) Font Color: Theme: Spirituality: (Make up your own.) Story: Details: ~~~ Interested Roleplayers ~~~ Ayumu the Meowstic-♀ (Spi) Danté the Lopunny (PhoenixKnight545) Sergei the Beartic (Filthy Casual)
  4. Heartbroken Ayumu lives a life where she had to challenge against the hatred of society and peers, from her ex-best friend betraying her. And through her own choice, she decides to call herself… Ayumu (Alter Meowstic-Female). As she grows up, she moves to rich cities of Xainying and Qinzou, two steampunk cities in Abstract--she then learns how to control the hatred that exists in secrecy, through her team ‘Heartbreakers’. She learned how to write realities, and change the lives of others by controlling hatred--and thus learning how to change everything… by the heart of it all. Ayumu and her accomplice Geno (Albino Chesnaught), eventually orchestrated hatred to challenge hatred. What becomes of their story, caught in the unleashed fury that is being a Writer of realities? Crime, religion, government, friendship, and choices… all become realized in Ayumu’s story… of being heartbroken. Read the completed story here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tmROVIXyZqg1HfWkdB051S7OtKmawc-9A2-CKM89bXY/edit?usp=sharing ~I'd like some feedback on the art and story! The story's pretty easy to read because it's bolded in the important parts of the timeline.~
  5. Around a century later after Event #7 (Avalon's Presence) of the original Catharsis story, the world has drastically changed after what had happened. Back then, there was a time where Avalon was missing and the region was suffering from chaos. However, later on, a new government has been established in Catharsis to bring everything together. Now, Catharsis face a historic breakthrough of evolving technology and alchemy. Everything about Catharsis is advanced now... however, the business corporations, are overruling Catharsis with competition and money. Strict procedures developed underway and the society is heavily controlled by a mysterious hand of the shadows. Catharsis is now under heavy control, rather than chaos. Everyone is living in fear of life, rather than fear of death. In response to this, the mons of Catharsis are trying their best to form together a movement, to revolt against the government and corporations. Everyone is building themselves around the powers of alchemy, legendaries and refinery mega-evolution, for what purpose? To create an Excalibur Revolution, the breakthrough of a civil war happening right at the heart of Catharsis. My main roleplaying character, Ayumu: Outline for Character Submission: Pokémon: Name: Gender: Personality: Moveset: (Have up to 10) Potential Unlocked Move: (Can only start with 1) Mega Evolution: (Optional) Font Color: Story: Details: Concepts: 1. Alter Pokemon - Sort of like Delta Pokemon in Insurgence. Pokemon with different typings and themes. 2. Holy Type - The special known typing for only some Alters that can have. 3 Unlocked Potential Moves - Moves that can't be normally learn by the Pokemon, but known through special means. 4. Legendary/Mythical Powers - Innate powers that comes from the source of legendary or mythical Pokemon. 5. Alchemic Pendants - Alchemic tools that have a unique function. ~ Okay, the reason why I made this topic is because I've recovered from an event in my life. The original Pokemon Catharsis isn't going to continue for now because most of the roleplayers there are busy with real life now. But I'm creating this topic for the sake of finding new members who are willingly to roleplay in the future of Catharsis, which takes place around 100 years after Event #7 of Neo-Catharsis. But I'll continue to update this topic frequently to add more and more ideas to Neo-Catharsis, as it's a lot richer than the previous Catharsis. It's magically futuristic with a lot of arcane stuff in it, and the fact that we're all planning to become businessmons who are part of a corporation (Fallen Fae) to seize control and take advantage of other corporations and rule Catharsis! Yeah, it would be definitely fun to hear if anyone's interested. Ayumu is my main character, who is ironically the main antagonist in the original Catharsis. I'll try to simplify this roleplaying topic so people can understand what it's about. But for now, please post here if you're interested or have questions! Old Catharsis Roleplaying OOC (to get some background info): Join Pokemon Neo-Catharsis Discord if you want to chat about it: https://discord.gg/N29b2Vx
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  7. Event #4 has now started! Registration is still open for Event #5.
  8. One-Shot Scene of Minish’s Exploits in Trading ~ During for these two weeks, Providence is busy with their own business in getting ready for the Misty Eclipse that is foreseen during Full Moon, there was one Pokémon who was busy making her own advances in the community of Eien City… this girl was no other than Minish. She is currently in the café Autumn Spirit, sitting down having her cold Liechi Berry Tea served with some Figy Rice. Ever since the Hermetic Sky Castle and Avalon’s Core, Elysian has given her a raise in her pay for the week—but she wasn’t simply content, she had a goal and a plot in mind… It’s been a few days since I’ve started my little self-contribution… Thanks to Elysian, I can not only soar in the skies, but the fact that I can soar within my own profits to reach new heights… hm, yes, indeed. I currently have 5 crystal coins and 10 gold coins, with a few items that I traded back a few days ago… since I’m at Autumn Spirit, now, I think it’s best for me to make notice to them. Cinnamon, who was now a Combusken, walks by and pours more tea for Minish. He looks at Minish and starts chatting with her, “So, you’ve been here a few times and we’ve chatted before, Minish. I know you’re quite an interesting person~ I know you’re not interested in small talk. But—I’m wondering—anything happening with Providence lately in your adventures?” “I’m afraid any news I’m going to tell you will only shock you, or that you won’t believe me and you’d consider me as a total fool for saying so. You trust me that I would not partake in small talk, but you realize that question is awfully loaded, hm?” “It’s those damn Fae’s Light people again, isn’t it?” “Basically. You’re not really in the position to hear what I have to say.” “Come on, Minish. You can tell me. I’ll keep it a secret~ ;D” Cinnamon says as he was cleaning a glass cup with a towel. Minish didn’t like the overly sweet tone of Cinnamon, because she didn’t like how he was treating her like he wasn’t serious, so she decides to crush his mood: “Well, if you must know… Avalon’s Core is destroyed, and thousands of lives were killed in a genocidal bomb.” Completely stunned and shocked by what Minish had said, Cinnamon then drops the glass, shattering on the floor and everyone in the bar shoots a look at him. “…Way to address more attention to us, Cinnamon.” Minish squeezed her voice quietly, but leeringly to Cinnamon. “Right. Shit. I’m sorry. How about you talk to Wasabi about it? I think she would love to hear all about your amazing sex story~” “…What is sex?” “Come on, I’ll show you to Wasabi.” Cinnamon opens the counter table door, and Minish walks through. He then leads Minish to the occult meeting room, and no one was inside of the room at the time. Wasabi must’ve been in her office, Cinnamon thought. So Cinnamon knocks on her office door, and then she slides her door open. Wasabi makes her entrance. “What is it, Cinnamon?” “I’ll leave you here with Minish for her report on her adventures with Providence.” “Very well then; Minish, please have a seat.” Minish then sits down and Wasabi sits at the main throne by the round table. She looks at Wasabi in the eye and Wasabi makes eye contact with her back. “Minish, I hope you’ve made yourself comfortable here at Autumn Spirit. It’s hard to see you as often here when you’re out busy on missions with Providence. But you should know you have my admiration and respect, because Providence is a team that I can truly appreciate, especially for saving my life back there in Empyrean Forest. Tell me—why did Cinnamon bring you back here with me?” “It’s nothing important.” “Right, you’re probably under oath of Elysian to not reveal what goes on with Providence. I’m sure it’s a matter that you are keeping your mouth quite sealed about it. But what made you tell Cinnamon?” “Like I said, it’s nothing important…” Minish then looks away, “I just came back from nearly dying several times.” “I do not appreciate Fae’s Light. Even though I am a witness case of the Empyrean Forest being burned down, I had to keep my identity quiet about it because I know that Fae’s Light would try to manipulate the shadows in dealing with me if I were to expose them to the authorities. That’s why I’ve stayed quiet and passed down rumors instead of confronting them with the authorities. Rumors are enough to keep people away from Fae’s Light, and establish a wary mentality. But I honestly can not do much about Fae’s Light… because I know they’re in charge of the Mystic Trail.” Minish was quiet, Wasabi looks at her closely in the eye and then feels the compulsion to help Minish, “But then again, Minish, there is no reason for me to refrain from helping you in any way. How about I strike you a deal? You’re probably wealthy enough from Elysian’s contribution to your wealth; you must be looking for something.” “Yes… there is indeed something you can help me with… how about we trade? And I’m looking for a high end trading, not just simply trading.” “Trade? Wow, I haven’t done that in a while. Very well then; allow me to be right back.” Wasabi walks into her closet, and unlocks the safe by an occult pendant, and after a few minutes, then pulls out a wagon full of her items for trading. She then places the items on the table, and Minish looks at what she has to offer. “Here are my items, Minish.” Minish analyzes the items in front of her. She then makes eye contact, giving a questioning face wondering what Wasabi is trying to offer. “Tropiusite, Relearner Knowledge Necklace, Eviolite, Firenium Z, and finally… Sacred Ash. And the Knowledge Necklace is rechargeable, not one-time use.” “Wow, you actually have Sacred Ash? I’ve heard from someone that was a very rare item made from the soot of Ho-Oh.” “Please. While you are captivated in awe; please do not share any of this information with anyone. I can get into a whole lot of trouble for having Sacred Ash.” “What is it exactly? What does it do?” “Bring back the dead.” “Hmm… I’m interested in that Sacred Ash. But I know I can’t afford it; so I’d rather go for lesser items on the showcase.” “What do you have?” “Hm, first, what are you looking for?” “Grassium Z.” “Hmph, seems like you’re in luck. I have a Grass Quartz.” “…Really? What are you interested in? Besides the Sacred Ash.” “…What else do you have?” “I’m afraid this is all I could trade at the moment. I know you’re curious and you want to see more than just what I currently have, but I’m showing you the best items I’ve got.” “I’ll offer Grass Quartz for either the Knowledge Necklace or that Firenium Z.” “…You do realize that Firenium Z is very expensive, right? It wouldn’t go for a raw material like that. But I’d trade it directly for Grassium Z.” “Okay, 1 Crystal Coin added to Grass Quartz for Firenium Z.” “You’re not showing me everything you have. So I can’t say I trust in trading with you unless you show me what you’re trading. I may offer Tropiusite and Firenium Z for more of your items if you want to show them.” “…You’re not winning me that easily.” “You’re hiding something. I know it.” “Hm… I don’t want the Tropiusite. Something in scarce demand like that wouldn’t prove to be beneficial to me. I know you want the Grass Quartz, and that the Grass Quartz is quite rare… but I can make it a better deal for you, I have an extra crystal coin to spare… but if you don’t want it, then I can just keep it for myself until you decide otherwise.” I’m doing exactly what Athrun would do in this very moment. He taught me how to trade, and I must make sure I do this right. I’m pretty sure this is what he would say during these types of moments. He would obviously sweeten the deal, but not offer too much that it seems like an overpay. “Okay, I’ll offer Firenium Z for Grass Quartz and 2 Crystal Coins. 1 Crystal Coin is enough needed to make the Grassium Z with the quartz, and the extra crystal coin could come in handy.” “Good. I’ll offer another crystal coin for that Knowledge Necklace.” “Are you sure you don’t have an item for the Knowledge Necklace?” “What are you looking for?” “Just Grassium Z at the moment.” “Then just have a crystal coin so you can buy whatever else in replace of the necklace.” Minish then exchanges 3 Crystal Coins and Grass Quartz from her pouch to Wasabi, who trades back the Firenium Z and Relearning Knowledge Necklace. “Thank you, Minish.” “Thanks Wasabi.” “I hope you’ll do well in your endeavors, Minish.” Minish then stuffs the Knowledge Necklace and Firenium Z into her black-violet pouch. I have the Firenium Z now… which means that I wield a lot of power, and I can use it because of me knowing Flamethrower. But this item will holster me into greater levels of trading… I currently have Steel Quartz, Relearning Knowledge Necklace, and Firenium Z. ~ End ~
  9. Event #3 is finished, registration is still opened. If you're planning to join Pokemon Catharsis, then make your profile and post it here. It may not become validated by me, and I will PM you whether or not that submission is validated. You can PM me the profile, or post it here. Remember to give me your Discord. Event #4 will start after I complete the planned events for Event #4, which could take up to a week. If you want to join for Event #4 (The Misty Eclipse) then post your profile. You can PM me more than one character, just that only one of your characters will get passed through. I'm not sure how many spots will be filled by the end of the Events, but we'll see. Also, a fair warning, the role-playing is really fast and it can depend on what timezone you're in that is best for the activity. It's best that you're not in the Asian/Australian timezones, unless you are a nightowl.
  10. Elysian suddenly becomes red, and had a mischievous look on his face, he replies back to Shirou’s words in the telepathy knot, ‘Well, dear kiddo, if you must insist in becoming one with me… I’ll be happy to replace all of your feelings with my love, I’ll soak you up in all of my love until you’re completely pleased… I’ll please you up real good, and make you feel absolutely good… And don’t you dare tell anybody about this, because it’s our little secret… and Shirou. I’m glad you’re still alive. You don’t know how much it means to me that you’re still here with me to this very day… and that we could become one with each other. I completely accept your request.’ Elysian was looking at Shirou at this point. He then picks up Shirou in a bridal position, holding him in his arms. “Well then, I think that’s enough for now. ^^ Two weeks from now, we’ll go to Misty Eclipse. The lake is bound by a portal that works only on Full Moon. I hope you guys are ready once that happens. Because I’ll be ready.” ~ Current Soundtrack (Crossbow’s Colors): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rshVYYgpCA ~ Crossbow looks at the sky, feeling his heart blackened, and thinks to himself… Here I am. I’ve been through everything up to this point, and many sacrifices were made for the sake of my life. It’s my turn to truly live up to my new life. I’m riddled with feelings of pain and hatred, but I know if I continue to live, I may find something that I don’t expect. Perhaps, I shouldn’t narrow my future with what I expect, but to be open to the unknowing possibilities… My future is with Providence now and I’m in their hands. It’s up to me to fully realize my path. And take away… “Colors...” ~ END OF EVENT #3 ~
  11. “Elysian, let me ask you this: should we really go through with something like this? Not only that we’re up against a high-class threat to Catharsis society, but they’re willingly to sacrifice the lives of others needlessly just to destroy us. We can expect them to hold others hostage just to corner our decisions again.” “I think it’s best we should go to the Misty Eclipse to get more answers, rather than just to seek in bringing them to justice. We can hold a lot against them if we have proof of what they were doing and how they’re operating in the shadows. Even though it’s not likely they can be arrested, we can inform the people in power to take action in dealing with Fae’s Light in a non-violent, but decisive way. We should avoid in confronting Fae’s Light directly.” “That’s actually the smart decision. :\ I don’t want to kill anybody, but I believe revenge can be served in another way—and that’s by making them give up. Their plans would be ruined once they’re exposed by the government of Misty Eclipse.” “What about Insom? Does he have proof of Fae’s Light’s transgressions?” “>< Ugh…I was never able to see the proof he has because it’s destroyed along with Helios. We simply communicated to each other through the Telepathy Pendant… but he was with Helios!” “Goddamn it.” “He simply looked into his resources, and found the intel of Fae’s Light… but… so far, that’s all ruined now. ;;” “Well, thank you Crossbow for sharing your information. It’s good to know that we have information on Fae’s Light, even though it was a sacrifice of your best friend by having something like this. It’s a damn tragedy. But I want to know this: do you know anything about 333 and the God Slayer?” “:\ Dunno about 333… but the God Slayer is supposed to be a myth, I think, most terrorists organization use the title God Slayer in order to invoke a sense of leverage of power. They use God Slayer as a way to threaten other people. I’m not surprised if Fae’s Light would be one of those organizations that uses the title ‘God Slayer’ to invoke fear in others.”
  12. “We’ll need information about them first…” Minish said quietly to herself, seemingly that she’s ready to hear what Crossbow has to say. “Okay, Crossbow. You can tell everyone about the information you researched. It’d be important to hear what you have to say.” Elysian says as he came over to Crossbow. Crossbow gave a single nod and starts standing in front of everyone. He looks at them with a determined look in his eye, ready to give out important intel about Fae’s Light to everyone. “My colleague Insom is an occult group private investigator, and he’s also an alchemist that knows around the ropes of the occult network relating to occult groups such as Fae’s Light. During my time away from the battle, I communicated with him through the Telepathy Pendant, long-distant communication on what information he has found about Fae’s Light. He used his resources to gather information, and he conclude that Fae’s Light is much more than just an occult organization meant to progress the evolution of Fairy-types. Fae’s Light is also an information-related organization, meant to be portrayed as a source of control or influence on the stream of knowledge and historical recordings of Catharsis. They’ve been working behind the scenes for many years, influencing the knowledge of public psychic libraries for one purpose: to rewrite history, and to publicize themselves to Catharsis in order to take control of the perspectives of other people, to be portrayed as saints and knowledge givers.” “The reason why they have gangs and mercenaries under their control is because they want to orchestrate the suffering in Catharsis so they can someday save the people from it. They want to be considered as heroes, and they want to use gangs and cults to their advantage. That’s why they pull strings in the shadows, using their power to change the structures of society, with libraries twisted in knowledge in one hand, and gangs tormenting other daily lives in other hand. Both hands full with confusion and strife, they can someday use that to their advantage in hopefully coming out one day in light and save people from it. That is why they are called Fae’s Light, because their name is about fairies shedding light or truth onto Catharsis.” “I know a place where Fae’s Light is hiding. Insom told me everything. He told me that their leader is hiding in the Misty Eclipse. Their HQ is at a separate occult city bounded by a lake’s portal. I can take you all there, but two weeks from now on the full moon. Hmm… :\ I suppose that’s all!”
  13. “Indeed, it’s rather pitiful that so many lives had to be sacrificed so needlessly… we haven’t found any information on Fae’s Light themselves. We’ve been at in trying to meddle with Fae’s Light’s affairs, but we didn’t learn anything about them. Just what are we trying to do anyways, is what I’m trying to wonder. We’ve gained a lot of power and experienced new sights, but for what purpose are we trying to get ourselves involved in Fae’s Light? It makes me wonder… and it would be good if Elysian finally realizes that we may die before we realize what they’re up to. Should we talk with Elysian?” Crossbow joins in with the conversation, “That’s not necessary, Minish. >.>; I know a lot about Fae’s Light, from my best friend Insom, the Alakazam. You’ll be served with the truth of who and what Fae’s Light are soon enough.” “Hmph.” Minish looks away from Crossbow, not wanting to notice him. She continued her conversation with Shirone: “By now, we should’ve known a lot about Fae’s Light, but instead, we’ve come here for answers, and all we’ve gotten was a taste of a similar power they wield. But considering everything, we’ve learned nothing and meddling in their affairs has caused the deaths of so many people. It may not just us that’s in danger, but about the people that are involved in the crossfire. We’re indirectly responsible for the deaths of so many lives, because Fae’s Light wouldn’t have brought the death of others if we weren’t involved. We’re quite inconsiderate; if we consider the consequences of our actions, we would probably would’ve avoided this entire mess to begin with. A lot of lives have been sacrificed for our sake. Let’s try to make the most of it, or otherwise we can end up just like Helios.”
  14. “I’ve thought a bit about it, actually, Shirone. It’s… more than just ‘thrill’ honestly. Hm, how should I put it? My thoughts on flying… Well, it feels like I belong in the sky, like it’s something really fits along with how I feel free as who I am and what I want to do. I doubt I can’t ever get tired of it, because unlike other Mawiles, I’m able to freely roam across the skies without the need of an Altaria partner. Having the innate ability of being an Altaria in essence is something I certainly did not expect, and seeing how it makes me different from the rest… I personally believe that flying is my purpose. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long, and I’ve finally found it. It does more than just make me happy, it makes me want to fulfill myself even more by venturing the skies. Flying is my purpose. That’s what I believe. What about you? How do you feel about what had happened so far?”
  15. “Hey Shirone. Hm, how do I feel about Casper…? Well, most deaths I’ve put onto other Pokemon, they didn’t had any future for them after that. And when I think about it, I felt a little bit sad… and couldn’t help but to pity them. However, with Casper… when I put him to death… you’d think I’d be satisfied considering what he has done to me, but to think I would’ve never achieved Mega Mawile Sky form if it weren’t for his little ‘contribution’. So I ‘contributed’ to him by blazing his steel jaws apart… I don’t feel like I could’ve done much more than that, because what I feel about his death is that I feel a little… hmm, envious that he had to die like that? Because he had such a meaningful death, for what he’s done to me, and how he ended in such a beautiful way… I believe I won’t deserve a similar end like him. So yes, I feel rather jealous that Casper died like that, even though I was the one who convicted him to that death. He deserved it all the way too much.” Minish said, so sweetly.
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