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  1. Sanity’s rare around here. mafia, can you not kill Lia tonight? I’d like sane people around, thank you.
  2. First off, can we suspect the people who voted Newt even after he claimed he was the cop and indeed did have a visiting role and all that? I’m highly suspicious of the people who voted him off. In other news, I think Drago messaged me last night. Tried to convince me Aldo was the fool... we can see that’s not true, now is it? Thirdly, Nicki was killed? I’m genuinely confused by the mafia. They killed the celebrity, someone who is a vanilla townie, someone who doesn’t have a power role. No night action, no extra voting, just that they were confirmed town. It’s a waste of a kill really. additionally, your vote was hella suspicious, backed by no evidence I saw, and very last minute. Care to explain...? Eliminate EviCrystal
  3. Yeah, I knew that I was getting a little sketchy in my defense of Lia. It’s pretty obvious she’s town, I mean, she’s the loudmouth after all. Hmm, I’m going to have to check, but I have an idea if roles are indicative of alignment. The other cops should visit newt. They can get a judge If Newt is being honest then he’s town. After all, I highly doubt the mafia have a cop. Not impossible, but it’s just implausible. If the mafia has a watcher role, again unlikely but still, it’s best to be careful. Additionally: retaliation. I can’t self vote, so I have to do this. Eliminate Dragoknight
  4. Chaotic evil response: lynch newt so we find out what cop he is. Joking, lets not do that. I don’t think we should lynch Lia today either. There’s four cops, I’m forgetting which is which, but we know Newt is not the naive cop. I’m inclined to think he’s the cop that gives the opposite reads of what they actually are. By that I mean I think newt reads the innocent as guilty and guilty as innocent. Or he could just read everyone as guilty, which would be a very rigged thing for Ali to give him such a fitting role. Or Newt could be the rando cop or even the same cop. We don’t really know. okay, so my argument for not lynching Lia is completely blanking from my mind. I had this argument planned where it was statistically unlikely that Lia was mafia, but stranger things have happened. on an unrelated note, I don’t think we have a doctor in this game. None of the students were medical students or related to that field. It’s more likely to say that the role blocker if there is one got lucky.
  5. Karen is most likely a party crasher. Lia is likely the loudmouth, though I guess there could be a watcher like role for it. newt, you said you found information? You can’t just say that and not tell.
  6. Happy Birthday Amber!!!! 😄, i hope that you will have a wonderful day, you really deserve it ❤️🍰


    1. Candy


      It's also something else but I shall say no more 🤐

  8. 115. One day Corso will be surprise promoted just so he accidently resets the chain.
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