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  1. No spoiler from me... The Dance by Garth Brooks.... Go ahead Judge me for listing to 90s Country. I fucking grew up on that stuff.
  2. Megalovania for Charlotte I'm already laughing bu Erza's theme for Tania? Yeah I can see that. Good work
  3. Might I make a suggestion for one thing, for Cards Against Humanity. We use the other CaH azala.info is the better version of CaH due to the fact it enable US to us Pictures.
  4. Pardon me for asking but what are these other clothing the main protags have? And I noticed a Scarecrow saying boo which I assume is a Pumpkaboo but it hasn't spawned in a hour.
  5. I keep getting a decryption error when trying to download. Please provide a download on Mediafire if possible.
  6. Oh Truth and Dare games.... Never have I ever.... MUSIC..... Oh yeah!
  7. I'd like to make a request and hopefully it isn't too complex.... And Overworld sprite for it as well and maybe VS Trainer sprite as well? (I need it for a MC for Pokemon Reborn and Rejuvenation)
  8. Can you do Overworld sprites as well?
  9. What kind of sprites can you do?
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